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Dress me in Nomine

I have several things to show you so get comfy and ready to tp!  + ezura + has a new group gift for February.  The Red Li Xiu Qipao outfit is a dollarbie only for + ezura + members.

The black and white Brise dress is a new gift at Sin & Secrets to celebrate their new location.

Paris Metro has a new candy apple Dotted Amour gown on the third floor desk.  If you haven’t picked up the diamond necklace and earring set they are in a gift on the ground floor.

The Papillon skin is from one of the lucky chairs at Nomine.  There are many different skins in these chairs including male skins, which is a great excuse to get your man to wait with you at the chairs!  I also won the Babylon outfit in the middle lucky chair.  This outfit includes hair, boots, and many different bodysuit styles.  BTW, all the pictures were taken on the Nomine sim as well.

LVS & Co has added the beautiful Cassandra gown to the FabFree Station.  The poses are a gift from Gesticulate! at the new FabFree Station.

.::Puddle Jumpers Inc.:: also added the red sequin dress to the FabFree Station.  There is also a sweater for men in the gift.  The Damaris boots are a new release from Purrfect 10.  The boots are not free, but there is a VIP group gift that I will show soon!

Seldom Blue has the black Isabella gown as a permanent freebie on the marketplace.  The gift also includes matching lingerie for when your date goes private.




*+ ezura +: Red Li Xiu Qipao Outfit (Group – L$1)

*Sin & Secrets: 075 Brise Dress (Group – L$1)

*Paris Metro: Dotted Amour Gown (L$0)

*LVS & Co: Cassandra Gown (FabFree – L$0)

*.::Puddle Jumpers Inc.::: Red Sequin Dress (FabFree – L$0)

*Seldom Blue: Isabella Gown (Marketplace – L$0)

*Purrfect 10: Damaris Boots (Not Free)

*Nomine: Papillon Skins (Lucky – L$0)

*EMO-tions: Celeste Hair (Not Free/Coming Soon!)

*Gesticulate!: Poses (FabFree – L$0)



Exiled at Cilian’gel

Cilian'gel boutique - shopping bag 'The Nightmare 1' Cilian'gel

The mysterious ‘The Nightmare’ gown is from the Midnight Mania board at Cilian’gel Boutique.  The prize includes this somber black gown, gloves, and veiled top hat.

There are some nice group gifts for members of the Cilian’gel’s Fashion Designs update group.  The classy maroon Victorian gown is gift #13 in the Cilian’gel’s Fashion Designs group notices.  The pretty Limited Edition skin is from Sin & Secrets.  This FabFree exclusive skin is free at our FabFree Headquarters.  The Exile candy pink Emmanuelle aristocrat hair is the monthly Exile group gift for the ladies.  There’s a pick reward gift for the ladies and a group gift style for the men too!

Cilian'gel - shopping bag - The Gift [number 13]

Gift #12 in the Cilian’gel’s Fashion Designs group notices is great for all the summer lovers.  The gift includes an aqua string bikini, Pareo polka dot cover up, and matching bangles!  There is a fee of L$2 to join the Cilian’gel’s Fashion Designs update group.  There is still one day left of the discount sale at Cilian’gel Boutique.  Everything is priced L$250 or less!

Cilian'gel - shopping bag - The Gift [number 12]


*Cilian’gel: Gift 12 & 13 (Group – L$0), Nightmare (Midnight Mania – L$0)
Valefar ( 42/198/292 )

*Exile: Hair (Group – L$0)
Covet ( 185/62/32 )

*Sin & Secrets: FabFree Skin (FabFree – L$0)
Car Wash ( 92/225/24 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0 – L$50)
Harlow ( 79/205/34 )