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Thank God, it`s Friday evening! Well, for me it is evening but at least it`s Friday 🙂

And we are pleased with new group gifts! But before I show off the pretty gifts I want to bring Second Rezzday Hunt at IMAGEN to your mind which ends on Oct 6th. I`ve sent out a group notice, too. To celebrate her 2nd Rezday Rack Brautigam is having a hunt. Look for 15 small, black boxes, and look hard! The boxes are 1 Linden each, and you get 12 wonderful skins from the upcoming skin line Eva 2.0,  as well as jeans, earrings and black Bertha Dress. Shown in my pics is one of my favorites Eva 2.0 – Norte  Fiesta.  And here is your tp to IMAGEN Mainstore as well as IMAGEN @MichaMi Square.

This adorable dress is called “Poise” – just in case you have lost your poise … wear this dress, and immediately your poise will be recovered 🙂 Who do you have to thank for this? Constanza Volare, designer and owner of ALCHEMY 🙂 “Poise” is the October subscrib-o-matic group gift by ALCHEMY, and it comes in black, red and navy. The texture is absulutely stunning as well ast he cute little collar! “Poise” fits my avi like a glove! You get glitch pants, shirt (comes with belt), skirt, prim skirt and collar. Want it? Touch the subscribe-o-matic on the easel (there are big  pumkins in front of it), touch it again, go to “History” and choose the 1st notice. In a few minutes you will receive your pretty “Poise dress in 3 colors”. Here´s your TP to ALCHEMY, Miladies 🙂

I matched “Poise” with the versatile“Almost Free Boots” . This pair of dollarbie boots are great, it goes with almost everything. You can get “Almost Free Boots” at (=Cats of a Feather=). Check out this store, there are more freebies like poses, a pair of heels and more.

The cute hairstyle – worn “glitter QOOP lightgold as well as in ashbrown” – comes with cap, and is a Lucky Board prize from GLITTER Hair.  There are 6 Lucky Boards, each board gives away a different color.  If you want to try your luck tp over to GLITTER Hair !



FIREFLIES wearing ADA shoes

FIREFLIES Boutique gave out another cute dress through the Subscribe-o-Matic. BREANNE comes with top, short pants, 2 skirts and shrugs in brown, pink and white. I like the shrugs very much, and the skirt swings beautiful.

Fireflies free dress subscribe-o-matic BreanneTouch the subscribe-o-matic (it is on the easel) inside Fireflies Boutique. Click the sign. It will tell you that you are now a member. Click the sign again. You will get a blue pop up. Click the button that says History. You will get a new pop up with a notice archive. Click the number that corresponds with Jan 31, 08: Group Gift – Breanne… right now that is the #1. You will get the same archive notice. Click Ignore. Behind that is your offer for the free gift. You are now the proud owner of box that contains an outfit from Fireflies. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your box. This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives. So hurry!

If you don`t necessarily want to wear high heels as me tp over to ADA Store. Here you will find lots of sculpted shoes and pumps. I wear the ADA shoes No 1 in white with the Breanne Dress and they are not only comfortable but look good, too. There are also boots, eyes, skins and a sweet little sculpted dog (and his … uhm … look yourself, I mention this only for completeness*g*). All items are for free, and pictured on the wall.

PUNK BY PROXY Discontinued Hair for 1 L is still available as well as the other dollarbies and the Pbp-Another Skin-Mods for 10 Linden (located on the wall next the Lucky Chair). All hair is reduced to 25 Linden – take a look.

ADA shoes snake
Hair: PBB – Discontinued Hair Alla 2 in blonde (1 L)

PUNK BY PROXY, Francois 26/141/496

FF Breanne Dress (group gift subscribe-o-matic, 0 L)

FIREFLIES BOUTIQUE, La Reina 176/196/24

ADA Shoes No 1 white, No 3 snake, No 4 black, No 2 cheetah (0 L)

ADA STORE, Fontaine 39/104/50

ADA shoes Ada shoes cheeta

Fab Hazel