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Guest Blog by Geoffrey Edwardstone – The Riches of the Silk Road

Another fabulous guest blog by Geoffrey Edwardstone, originally blogged [HERE]
Greetings from the Orient, all you deal-seekers.  The Silk Road Hunt (hunt website here) organized by Historical Hunts is running until June 30, and has some fabulous gifts that are completely free.  There are 102 stops on this hunt, each one having a male and female or a unisex free gift. The theme this year is “Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves”, so you will find the gifts focusing on the Middle East and Arabia. No blog post can do justice to the many beautiful things you can find traveling the Silk Road this year, but let me give you a taste of what you will find.

This hunt is features many buildings, furniture and other decor items, but there are also a few clothing items.  First off let me show you a combination of two clothing gifts.  The Ali Baba headdress, vest, sword, and leather wrist cuffs in this picture come from Goddess Fantasies (#05 SRH5), while the pants and belt are the gift at Rag Dollz (#032 SRH5).  There are some pretty nice women’s clothing gifts at both of these stores too.



Shown above:

Headress, vest, sword, wrist cuffs:  Goddess Fantasies – Ali Baba (#05 Silk Road Hunt 5 gift/free)

Pants, belt:  Rag Dollz – Thieves Quest (#032 SSRH5 gift/free)

Now let me pan back my camera a bit and show you the gorgeous building I’m standing in front of.  It’s the Ali Baba Tower, the Silk Road Hunt gift from Salome Designs (#09 SRH5).  It’s a gorgeous two story hexagonal Arabian-style building with a hanging fire pot and a balcony walkway around the second story inside.  And remember – it’s absolutely free!


You can furnish your building with the room divider with plants, a chair and table from Hearth & Home (#012 SRH5) shown on the left below, or with the burl tables, dressing screen and plant stand, all gifts from An Lema (#018 SRH5) shown on the right.


Shown above:

Ali Baba Tower: Salome Designs (#09 SRH5 gift/free)

Room Divider with plants, chair, table: Hearth & Home  (#012 SRH5 gift/free)

Secret of the Thieves Burl tables, Thieves Dressing Screen, Riches of Persia Plant Stand: An Lema (#018 SRH5 gift/free)

Another of the buildings available as gifts on the Silk Road Hunt is the  Arabian Temple found at Dragon Magick Wares (#020 SRH5).  It has lovely carved wood windows and the interior textures are amazing.


You can see more of the interior of this building here because I’ve furnished it with the Scroll Floor Lamp, the gift from Kismet (#035 SRH5) and the Thieves Rest Bench, floor pillows, lamp, plant from Dreamscape Wedding Designs (#051 SRH5) in the top picture, and Salman’s Rug 4two from Sweet Sorrows (#041 SRH5).  This is mighty sweet decor whether your furnishing a Middle Eastern building or just a beachside house.

Shown above:

Arabian Temple: Dragon Magick Wares (#020 SRH5 gift/free)

Scroll Floor Lamp (3 sizes including table):  Kismet (#035 SRH5 gift/free)

Thieves Rest Bench, floor pillows, lamp, plant:  Dreamscape Wedding Designs (#051 SRH5 gift/free)

Salman’s Rug 4two (M/F/Cuddles):  Sweet Sorrows (#041 SRH5 gift/free)


There are quite a few fun gifts on this hunt as well.  Two of my favorites are the Relaxing Magic Carpet made by Potpourri Designs (#039 SRH5) and the Hide n’ Peek Jars, the hunt gift at Sheds n Shacks (#079 SRH5).  It may not be clear from the picture below, but the Relaxing Magic Carpet hovers up and down (but doesn’t actually fly and can’t be steered).  The Hide n’ Peek Jars allow three people to hide in or between the various jars in the set.  Very handy if you are one of the 40 thieves.



Shown above:

Relaxing Magic Carpet (it hovers):  Potpourri Designs (#039 SRH5 gift/free)

Hide n’ Peek Jars (seats 3):  Sheds n Shacks (#079 SRH5 gift/free)

If all you want for your desert oasis is some water and an elegant spot to rest, you can’t beat the tile oasis with water pool from Pierre Ceriano (#022 SRH5).  After refreshing yourself at the pool, you can rest on the cushions that surround this lovely low table from Park Place Home Decor (#027 SRH5).  The cushions and table come with the plate and table lamp shown in the picture.


Shown above:

Tile Oasis:  Pierre Ceriano (#022 SRH5 gift/free)

Low table with cushions, plate, lamp:  Park Place Home Decor (#027 SRH5 gift/free)

And for the more nomadically-minded you can find the blue and gold satin tent on the left in the picture below at Botanica (#093 SRH5), and the elaborate furnished tent with pillows on the right at ~XM~ Designs (#30 SRH5). Both come with elegant working lanterns.


Shown above:

On the left: Blue gypsy tent – Botanica (#093 SRH5 gift/free)

On the left: Arabian tent – ~XM~ Designs (#30 SRH5 gift/free)

Finally, so that you don’t think there are just two men’s clothing gifts on the Silk Road Hunt, I must show you several of the many, many gifts available at stop #085, the Mountain Rose Shops.  This single stop on the main hunt offers a “mini hunt” among the several stores at that location, and you can pick up a total of nineteen prizes there.  Some are furnishings and buildings, and others are clothing.  Each of the clothing gifts includes men’s, boy’s, ladies, girls, and child versions.  As you’ll see from my pictures, the Mountain Rose Shops did not just limit themselves to an Arabian theme, but rather created clothing gifts from across the entire Silk Road route.  In several of these pictures I am wearing the red Ali shoes, the men’s hunt gift from Lindy Modern Shoes (#082).  But here are the clothing gifts from the Mountain Rose Shops:


Shown above (all prizes from the mini-hunt at the Mountain Rose Shops):

#1  Arab Prince:  Mountain Rose Shops (19 gift minihunt)  (#085 SRH5 minihunt gift/free)

#2  Beggar:  Mountain Rose Shops (19 gift minihunt)  (#085 SRH5 minihunt gift/free)

#3:  Indian Prince – Mountain Rose Shops (19 gift minihunt)  (#085 SRH5 minihunt gift/free)

#4:  Mongolian Prince (with boots) – Mountain Rose Shops (19 gift minihunt)  (#085 SRH5 minihunt gift/free)

#5:  Venetian Nobleman – Mountain Rose Shops (19 gift minihunt)  (#085 SRH5 minihunt gift/free)

Shoes: Ali Red – Lindy Modern Shoes (#082 SRH5 gift/free)

Geoffrey is also wearing:

Skin:  Belleza – Shawn Deep Tan (group gift/$350L to join)

Eyes:  [dirty.little.secret] Black eyes (former group gift)


Guest Blog by Geoffrey Edwardstone – The Men Only Hunt

A Guest Blog by Geoffrey Edwardstone – The Men Only Hunt, originally blogged [HERE]

The 4th edition of Men Only Hunt is running through 7AM on June 15 with 58 stores offering completely free prizes if you can find the hidden beer glass hunt object.  A list of participating stores, their SLURLs and hints can be found at the hunt website.  The theme this time is “Summer” and hunters will find plenty of casual clothing, accessories, shoes and tattoos.  There’s not room here to show you all of the MOH4 hunt prizes, but I can show you plenty of examples of the kinds of things you’ll find along the way.

First off, quite a number of the participating stores are offering tattoos.  While all of these tattoo prizes come in tattoo layer form, several also come in clothing layer versions, and an increasing number of them also have SLINK mesh hand appliers as well.  That’s right — the mesh hand/foot craze is starting to hit male fashion too, which means that fashion-conscious men will soon have to start worrying about whether they have the correct hands and feet on when they go out in public.  Obviously I’m still wearing the hands and feet the Linden gods gave me at birth.

Image(Note: Hair in these pictures is Lucifer by A&A Hair and is not included in the hunt)

top row:  Clemm (MOH4 # 49), Tabou Irresistible (MOH4 # 10), Reckless (MOH4 # 19), -Dappa- (MOH4 # 45) and Pekka body piercings (MOH4 # 53)

bottom row:  Sourires (MOH4 # 26), Zentro Body (MOH4 # 32), Speakeasy Tatoo (MOH4 # 38), Taox Tatoo (MOH4 # 42)

In keeping with the summertime theme, several of the MOH4 participating stores are giving glasses and sunglasses as prizes.  Here are the seven I found.


TOP ROW:  [Geek..] (MOH4 #52), Aesthetica (MOH4 #50), UtopiaH (MOH4 #35), [Body Factory] (MOH4 #25)

Bottom ROW:  [sYs] (MOH4 #9), [Zoom] (MOH4 #4), Adjunct (MOH4 #2)

Pretty much all of the clothing prizes in the MOH4 hunt are casual.  Most prizes are shirts or shorts, allowing you to mix and match tops and bottoms to suit your mood, while a few stores are offering complete outfits. I went down to Bondi Beach in the Sydney City region to take some pictures of the outfits I put together from the various shirts and shorts I found in the hunt.


The lowdown on where to find the parts of these outfits is as follows.

Outfit 1: Low Waist Shirt (with 6 color HUD) by [GIOMEN] – MOH#55;  Sum shorts by .ARISE. – MOH#46; Men’s FlipFlops – American Bazaar – MOH#01

Outfit 2:  Summer Flip Flops by Aitui – MOH#16; Anchor Tee V.1 by {Fe Style} – MOH#18; Sum shorts by .ARISE. – MOH#46

Outfit 3:  Saturday Shorts (black) by [tomboi] – MOH#33; Check Summer Shirt by REBELL – MOH#24; Supra Kicks by Razor/// – MOH#27

If you’re looking for a full summer outfit, you’ll find these three lurking among the MOH4 hunt prizes.


The particulars on these full outfits are:

Outfit 4:  Tommy outfit by zanze – MOH#15; Denim Slipons by Anchor & Co. – MOH#7

Outfit 5:  Top, pants & shoes (Marcario) by Shey – MOH#17

Outfit 6:  Donned (Shirt, tie & pants) by SwaggedOut – MOH#54; Zanotti sneakers by Sabotage – MOH#56

Well, after a hard day of hunting I decided to put on two more hunt gifts, a hunt prize shape by Surrogates and another hunt prize skin by T.Bare and catch some rays.  The swim trunks in this picture are not a hunt prize but is one of a set of six James Bond swimsuits by sf Designs.


Shape:  Clint by Surrogates – MOH#44

Skin: Apollon Deep Tan-Eyebrow Cut by T.Bare – MOH#21

Swimsuit:  James Bond swimsuit by sf Designs (not free)

But if you’re going to get a tan, best to do it without getting a tan line.  Fortunately Grafica Poses (MOH#6) is giving out the bain de soleil pose complete with a wearable straw hat strategically positioned in just the right place.  Aaahhhhhh…..


In all but the last two pictures Geoffrey is wearing:

Skin:  Xen_tan_bald_shaved by Prodigal (not free)

Eyes: Deep Honey Hazel mesh eyes by MayFly (not free)

Hair:  Steve by A&A Hair (not free)

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Guest Blog By Geoffrey Edwardstone – Group Gifts & Sales Room Finds For Men

A Guest Blog by Geoffrey Edwardstone – Group Gifts and Sales Room Finds for Men, originally blogged [HERE]

There are some terrific men’s clothes out on the grid for a limited time right now so I’d advise you to get right down to both the Cosmopolitan Sales Room and 69 Park Ave GQ to get ‘em while they’re there.  This round of the  Cosmopolitan Sales Room has a couple of super-cool men’s jackets for sale for just $70L until June 8th.  The one I’m showing here is the Binboa jacket in copper with shirt and tie from GioMen on sale for just $70L.  It’s all one mesh piece but comes with a HUD which allows you to change the color of the shirt and the tie separately to any one of 5 colors.  That means you’ve got 25 color combination options with your copper colored jacket.  You can wear this with just about any pants you have in your wardrobe, but don’t forget the free stuff that the Lindens gave you in your inventory Library.  The black Musician Male jeans are one of my library favorites even though they’ve got a little rip in them.  



The slip-on black leather shoes are the current group gift at sf Designs.  There’s a small group joining fee but it’s worth every penny  because the group gifts change monthly and everything owner Swafette Firefly makes is high quality.

sfDesign Shoes

69 Park Ave GQ always has great group gifts and the group costs just $50L to join.  Group gifts change over on Fridays, and this week there are two free men’s gifts plus a $100L gift certificate available through June 5.  That’s right, you get twice the group joining fee back as a gift certificate which is a fabulous deal – just look for the information board near the back of the store.  This week’s Red Pearl tuxedo is actually several outfits in one because you get both a short and a long tuxedo jacket, or can wear the vest and shirt without a jacket as I’m showing you in the pictures here.  And this is the perfect time to pick up formal wear with a red tie and vest – you’ll need it next winter for the holidays and Valentine’s day.

69 Park Ave GQ Tuxedo

The second group gift this week at 69 Park Ave GQ is a set of four board shorts just in time for the summer beach season.  These shorts are mesh and come with a color change HUD.  Hud controlled mesh is one of the great recent improvements on SL because now you can change your outfit without having to actually swap clothing layers or prim parts while worrying about showing … erm … anything private.

Board Shorts-69

And before I finish, let me mention the dreamy blue eyes I’m wearing in these pictures.  They are the Deep Sky mesh eyes from Mayfly available for free at the FabFree Station.  The package there contains both mesh and regular eyes in four different sizes.

Mayfly Fabree Deep Sky Eyes



Geoffrey is wearing:

Outfit #1

Jacket, tie, & shirt:  Bilboa by GioMen – $70L at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room (until June 8)

Jeans:  Musician Male jeans – free to everyone in the LL Library


Outfit #2

Tuxedo: Red-Pearl Tuxedo by 69 Park Ave GQ – free weekly group gift/0L/$50L to join


All Outifts

Shoes: formal slipons by sf Designs – free May group gift/0L/$50L to join

Hair:  Joe (Coffee) by  A&A Hair – former group gift

Eyes:  Deep Sky by Mayflyfree at FabFree Station

Skin:  Buck (Bronze) by Filthy – former group gift (no longer available)

Dress Up Your Waist

sf design elysium waistcoats blue

The November free gift at sf designs is a pack of two colorful waistcoats. The vests come in a beautiful blue and an eye-popping pink. The waistcoats should work with most formal tuxes and comes in various layers to suit suit your needs. This will be great for the formal gatherings during the holiday season.

sf design elysium waistcoats pink

* sf Designs – elysium waistcoat 2 pack ($0L)

* Poses – OoO Studio
Not Free


Butterflies are Free

Wilson's Designs - Black Jeans and Dragon Shirt

Someone released the butterflies at Four Season’s Plaza and you can help collect them all in the Butterflies are Free Hunt. Wilson’s Designs gift for the guys is Black Jeans and Dragon Shirt. The sleeveless shirt has a dragon graphic on both the front and back.

Wilson's back

There is also a male gift at sf design. The Red Chenile  Sweater will keep you warm as the temperatures start to drop as the leaves change color.

sf design  - red chenile sweater

Perhaps Renee or Love will show some of the ladies gifts soon.

* Wilson’s Designs – Black Jeans and Dragon Shirt ($0L)
Butterflies are Free Hunt

* sf design – Red Chenile Sweater ($0L)
Butterflies are Free Hunt

* Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free

Fab Carson

Don’t I Look Yummy?

I do look yummy in the Denim Shorts from sf designs. These shorts come in three lengths for whatever style you desire. I am also wearing the Don’t I Look Yummeh Orange Tank I received from the Lucky Board at Bait. I think there are also other colors of this on the board, I’ll have to go back for more.

sfd - Denim Shorts  Bait - Don't I look Yummeh  Orange  LB

The July group gift is also available at Bait. Pick up your own Grunge Jeans and Cyan Hoodie if you are group member, and if not, join.

Bait - Grunge Jeans and Cyan Hoodie  GG

I also found the hunt gift in the That One Time At The Fair Hunt. Bait’s gift is a mood ring with changeable colors. Looks like I’m grey today.

Bait - Mood Ring TOTATFH

*sf designs – Denim Shorts ($0L)

*Bait – Don’t I look Yummeh Orange ($0L)
Lucky Board
*Bait – Grunge Jeans and Cyan Hoodie ($0L)
Group Gift
*Bait – Mood Ring ($0L)
That One Time At The Fair Hunt

*Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free


Meet Me In the Lounge

Stop by the Menstuff Lounge and take a look at the board filled with loads of free gifts for guys. The gifts are free to Menstuff group members. Here are just some of the great gifts I picked up there.

sf designs - Shawl Tuxedo

sf designs – Shawl Tuxedo


Wilson's Designs - Ivory V- Neck Tee and Tan Jeans

Wilson’s Designs – Ivory V-Neck Tee and Tan Jeans


StarChild Designs - Hunter Outfit   Timber Boot by [Urban Bohemian]

StarChild Designs – Hunter Outfit
Urban Bohemian – Timber Boots


Simple Designs - Tan Open Shirt and Brown Pants

Simple Designs – Tan Open Shirt and Brown Pants


RFyre - Immortal T-Shirt and Durante Pants

RFyre – Immortal T-Shirt and Durante Pants


Graffitiwear - Torn Jeans and Sneakers  Hardig and Dobbs Green Rugby Shirt

Graffitiwear – Torn Jeans and Sneakers
Harding and Dobbs – Green Rugby Shirt


Dark Water Designs - Lucky 13 Shirt and Double Dyed Black Jeans

Dark Water Designs – Lucky 13 Shirt and Double Dyed Black Jeans

There are many more gifts than I had time to show. Stop by the lounge and also the stores that made these gifts possible.


*sf designs – Shawl Tuxedo ($0L)
*Wilson’s Designs – Ivory V-Neck Tee and Tan Jeans ($0L)
*StarChild Designs – Hunter Outfit ($0L)
*Urban Bohemian – Timber Boots ($0L)
*Simple Designs – Tan Open Shirt and Brown Pants ($0L)
*RFyre – Immortal T-Shirt and Durante Pants ($0L)
*Graffitiwear – Torn Jeans and Sneakers ($0L)
*Harding and Dobbs – Green Rugby Shirt ($0L)
*Dark Water Designs – Lucky 13 Shirt & Double Dyed Black Jeans ($0L)
Menstuff Lounge

*Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses ($0L)
Not Free


January Blues

sf design snowsuit mens - blue

Fight off the January blues by getting outside in the latest gift from sf design . The Blue Snowsuit will keep you warm on those frigid winter days. There is also a women’s style too.

sfd january

In keeping with my blue mood, stop by Wilson’s Designs and pick up the January group gift. The 3 Button Navy Polo should brighten up any blue mood… even mine.

Wilson's - 3 Button Polo Navy and white collar

*sf design – Blue Snowsuit ($0L)
sf design , Penryn (88, 103, 36)

*Wilson’s – 3 Button Navy Polo -Group Gift- ($0L)
Wilson’s Designs for Men, Banquo (40, 200, 21)

*Poses – Glitterati -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)



Blue Christmas

sfd Blue Bathrobe and slippers  sub-o ($0L)

Be blue on Christmas morning wearing the Blue Bathrobe and Slippers that were sent to sub-o members of sf design. Perfect for lounging around and opening up the gifts Santa left, or just enjoying your special someone over a cup of morning coffee. There is also a ladies robe, so be a matched set.

Here’s hoping one and all will has a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.


♬ ♬ And when the bIue snowflakes start falling
That’s when those blue memories start calling
You’ll be doing alright with your
Christmas of white,
But I’ll have a b
Iue blue Christmas. ♬ ♬


*sfd – Blue Bathrobe and Slippers -sub-o- ($0L)
sf design , Penryn (88, 103, 36)


Naughty and Nice

Naughty or nice…why do I have to choose? Be both in the Naughty and Nice T-Shirt I found under the Christmas tree at terri.tees. Get the newest gift at sf design. The Duffle Coat will keep you warm while working or playing. It also works well for the ladies. On the advent calendar at 22769 is the Green Scarf. The scarf is only available today, December 5th. Hurry down to get it.

sf design duffle coat terri.tees Naughty or Nice t-shirt 22769 green scarf advent (2)

Wilson’s Designs is taking part in another holiday hunt this month. Their hunt gift for the Holiday Fantasy Hunt is the Red Sheer Shirt and Black Pants. This outfit is perfect for a romantic night by the fireplace. Happy Hunting.

Wilson's Holiday Fantasy Hunt


*sf Design – Duffle Coat ($0L)
sf design , Penryn (88, 103, 36)

*terri.tees – Naughty and Nice T-Shirt ($0L)
terri.tees, twilight (125, 120, 25)

*22769 – Greeen Scarf -Advent Calendar- ($0L)
22769 Casual Couture , Sunny Island (110, 31, 22)

*Wilson’s – Red Sheer Shirt & Black Pants – HFH- ($0L)
Wilson’s Designs for Men, Banquo (40, 200, 21)

*Poses – Glitterati -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)