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Trick or Treating in Kauna and UW.St.


It’s almost time to go trick or treating and Kauna wants to make sure your dressed warm for the chilly night ahead. They have two Halloween knit sweaters as free gifts at their store near their other sweaters. Above I am wearing the skeleton and below I have on the pumpkin. If you haven’t had a chance yet, I highly reccommend the Ghost of Halloween hunt that I told Xiu about. My sexy orange hairstyles in both pictures are GOH hunt gifts from UW.St. The adorable pumpkin bucket above and pumpkin bag below are GOH hunt gifts from SEY.


I was looking for the perfect mesh pants to go with this outfit and came across them from B&T on the Fashion Boulevard Halloween Hunt! You can pickup the Mesh Black Spiderweb Jeans once you locate the skull and buy it for just 10L. Men’s gifts are hidden in silver skulls. Speaking of skulls…you can get my Skull N Crossbones shoes for just 5L on a very short hunt from the Halloween sim exploring their haunted house. The cute bracelet of skulls in my mouth is a freebie from (-Atypical-).


The handsome skin I am in is another version of the current group gift from ~Tableau Vivant~. It is the Marilyn skin which comes in the light tone I am wearing, but also the darker tone I blogged before. The Tableau Vivant group costs 50L to join and has great new gifts every month. My sparkling mesh eyes are Pearl- Clear Pond from Poetic Colors which are free for joining their subscribe kiosk.

Don’t delay, Halloween is almost here and soon these offers will be history!

Kyle is Wearing…

*Kauna- Halloween Sweaters
– Skeleton Jumper (0L Gift)
– Pumpkin Jumper (0L Gift)

*UW.St.- Orange Hairstyles
– Halloween 2 Hair (0L Hunt Gift) (GOH Hunt: Ghost #7/13)
– Halloween 3 Hair (0L Hunt Gift) (GOH Hunt: Ghost #5/13)

*SEY – Pumpkin Bucket and Bag
– Halloween Pumpkin Bucket (0L Hunt Gift) (GOH Hunt: Any SEY ghost)
– Pumpkin Bag- Black (0L Hunt Gift) (Ghost #5/7)

*B&T- Mesh Black Spiderweb Jeans (10L Hunt Item) (FBH Hunt: Skull #9/20)

*Halloween- Skull N Crossbones Shoes (5L Hunt Item) (Haunted House Hunt)

*(-Atypical-)- Skully Mouth Bracelet (0L Freebie)

*~Tableau Vivant~- Marilyn Skin (0L Group Gift) (50L to Join)

*Poetic Colors- Pearl- Clear Pond Mesh Eyes (0L Subscriber Gift)

*STAKEY- Men’s Poses (not free)

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Mobile Living

PeKaS - Wolfenstein Outfit, G.O.T.H. - Destroyer Boots

I wonder how long I can park here before the police make me move again? There are new Midnight Mania items on the boards at PeKaS. One of the gifts available to be won is the Wolfenstein Outfit. Is outfit includes a brown leather jacket, a ripped t-shirt and brown pants. I picked up the Destroyer Boots, one of the many group gifts at G.O.T.H.

I’m still rockin’ the Mohawk I found on the MOOLTO Sisters Hunt at CaTwA. The hair comes in three shades. One of the other gifts I found at :sey is the Edokin Necklace. The gift room is worth checking out. Oh great, here comes a squad car. I better hook the trailer back up.  -sigh-

sey - Edokin Necklace,  CaTwA - Mohawk


* PeKaS – Wolfenstein Outfit ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board

* :sey – Edokin Necklace ($0L)

* G.O.T.H. – Destroyer Boots ($0L)
Group Gift

* CaTwA – Mohawk ($0L)
Moolto Sisters Hunt

* Poses – !bang
-Not Free-


:sey hey!

Sey - Silver - balck Leather Jacket, Union Cross Jeans, Onyx Sandals

Did you know that in the depths of :sey there is a room full of free gifts for both men and women? I put together an outfit from all the great gifts that can be found there. I picked out the Silver/Black Leather Jacket, the Union Cross Jeans and the Onyx Sandals.

I found the Mohawk at CaTwA on the MOOLTO Sisters Hunt. You need the MOOLTO Glasses to see the gift. If you need a pair, go here. My outfit was still lacking something so I ventured back to :sey and picked out the Cuffs Necklace/Earring Set.

sey - Cuffs Necklace-Earring Set, Catwa - Mohawk

Thanks Paco for the great tip!


* :sey – Silver/Black Leather Jacket ($0L)
* :sey – Union Cross Jeans ($0L)
* :sey – Onyx Sandals ($0L)
* :sey – Cuffs Necklace/Earring Set ($0L)

*CaTwA – Mohawk   ($0L)
MOOLTO Sisters Hunt

* Poses – !bang
-Not Free-



:sey WHAT?!

Hey guys,

Sorry it’s been a few days since my last post, I’ve been on the sick side. Bleh! I’ve found a few goodies though that brightened my mood and so I thought I’d share. 😀

I was playing around with a face emoter, and this expression just made me giggle. Reminds me of the face I use to always give my mother when she’d serve pork chops. (I hate pork chops, in case you didn’t realize)

This top can be found at Graffitiwear in the lucky…or I should say, UNlucky dip. Have you seen those things? A tub of goo with wiggling tentacles…ick. Still, two rotten apples and a shower later, I won the fatpack of these Exotic Tops which come in blue, green, purple (shown) and red. Well worth the wait and effort as long as you don’t mind a little monster lovin’ once in awhile from that tentacled guy!

Also newly released from Graffitiwear are these brightly colored art jeans, which can be found on the lucky board. I went to a sixties party wearing these jeans paired with one of the exotic tops, an I won 300L! Any of the tops pair perfectly with the pants and there you go! A perfect themed party outfit for a grand total of 0L! Of course, you don’t HAVE to wear these to a party; they’re great if you feel like wearing a splash of color while prancing around the grid. 😀 Be sure to slap the midnight mania board, which I saw is loaded with a new gift. Only 40 slaps needed to snag the cute “Urbanita” outfit, which includes a blue twisted tube top, cute mini jean skirt, and two-toned slouch boots. At the time of this post, the board was at 14 out of 40 so hurry!

Being the social butterfly that I am, *coughs* I attended another delightful little soiree with a good DJ pal of mine. We were chatting in local about stores we liked around the grid and she mentioned how much she loved :sey. Well, I’d never heard of this store. I checked past blogs and found Whisper had mentioned them before for some shoes. Turns out, there are a boatload of fabulous goodies for group members of that store. The group is free to enter, and I snapped a few pictures to display them for you!

Here we have a cute shirt. This :sey v-neck knit smile shirt is group gift 26, and also includes the top in blue.

What is a cute top without a pair of cute pants to go with it? Keep your tush toasty and stylish with these fun detailed Union Cross Jeans, which is group gift #14 from :sey. They pair nicely with several of the group gifts, as well as the Graffitiwear tops mentioned above.

Tired of those girly girl purses with glitter and tassles and all that…well, girly girlish stuff? Change things up a bit with this trunk set. I walked around wearing short shorts, a pretty pink top, and carrying this trunk and was pleased not only to get compliments and requests on where to find this trunk, but to find that it goes great with a contrasting casual look. :sey’s group gift number 8 will surely give you a grungy edge to your wardrobes. 🙂

For my final trick… er, I mean pic, I present to you this pretty Juno Golden Beryl Necklace, group gift number 16. Included with the necklace are three sets of earrings, not shown. There are a few other colors available as other gifts. Heck, there are SEVERAL other gifts at the store that I didn’t even get to. They are all set out under a glass countertop, waiting to be taken home. Make sure you are both in the group (again, free to join) and wearing the group tag to obtain these goodies. Happy shopping! 😀

:sey Mainstore – http://slurl.com/secondlife/GREED/173/164/26

Graffitiwear Mainstore – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sheol/119/221/130


Water Shows the Hidden Heart

Paris Metro have set out a gorgeous new free gift out at their Fifth Avenue location. Found in the hall of their store on an easel. Called the Elemental Iris Gown, it reminds me so much of flowing water..

Isnt it stunning? You can almost hear the waterfalls… Get it while you can!

AQUA have moved to their new location at Second Style Island and while the store isnt technically finished, they have this beautiful and summery True Romance free gift out!

Glam Affair have this cute summery dress called Malaika on their Lucky Board in the VIP lounge area of the store. You get two version of the skirt in the set too. You will need to join their group for 50L to be able to play the boards so make sure to do that before getting excited that your letter is called up.

This adorable fairy outfit is the dollarbie group special at Marinoco Fashion. Join the group and tap the board while wearing your tag to pay 1L to recieve. The Ballet Slippers are the Ashia Slippers from SLink but arent free.

[ID]entity have this bodysuit called “Why Dun U ❤ Me” as their June group gift and according to the notecard that came with it, it is inspired by Beyonce’s new video.. a little bit of trivia for you there. You can get it by visiting the store and slapping the subscribo or joining the group and searching the notices.

Nothing like a fun floaty Peasant shirt to scream summer, and this one is free from Laces & Steel. You also get a creamy coloured version in the pack. If you search around the area there are a few free dresses too but SL won’t let me show them to you today thanks to the asset server not letting me put some things on.

Renee showed you all the new goodies at OoEas! for the month, but I couldnt help but revisiting this gorgeous Velvet Embrace corset top that is available for free at the store.

:Sey has always been a favourite store of mine and they have an awesome freebies section that you should take a look at. There are so many things there including this fun safety pin necklace. You need to join the group to be able to get all of the gifts.. they are found on the counter under the glass lid. Touch the lid to open it, then touch the gift you want.

Other Info
+ SjOrs skin by Dutch Touch ( not free – 1000L )
+ Get Forward hair by Bishwear ( not free )
+ Frozen eyes by Umedama ( freebies on the table in the opposite room to where you tp in )
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

*love u…., guys*

Farah for FabFree


CS Fandango – white gloves and hat “tribute to Michael Jackson” – oL (on a black pilar in front of the shop)

cheap love song – popstar shirt – oL (limited time)

Fishy Strawberry – Daphne skin – all colors – oL (subscribogift)

KS2cool – Michael jackson poses – 1L

other items shown : cheap love song – silver leggings at FabFree HQ; I love rien tatoo at FabFree HQ; verve pumps black from Maitreya; hair from Maitreya

Farah for FabFree

 sf designs – MENS outfit green with shoes – oL (free in June only, soo you have limited time to grab it!)

sey @ primitive  AND sey @ takaraduka – limited edition gift bags – oL(groupgifts; activate grouptag to get the gifts)

man wearing: Exstreme reality men skins @ FabFree HQ; Aiden shape from Doppelganger Inc. @ FabFree HQ; richard cuffs from chuculet – 1L;  poses from Izumiya


xxx Farah