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Def Luv fashion show

Today Def Luv are holding a fashion show featuring a few designers such as W&Y and Sascha’s Designs. These designers have put out a few free gifts for the duration of the show, so they are only there for a limited time. Unfortunately some of you might miss out on it, so I am sorry if you don’t get the chance to grab these gifts. Please do deprim and de-hud BEFORE you tp into the area.. makes things quicker and easier for everyone around you.

The items are only available at the fashion show SLURL above and not at the mainstore SLURL’s that follow..

W&Y have set out this gorgeous hair as their limited freebie for the show.

The necklace worn in this picture is a gift from Fairy Tale and come with matching earrings which I am wearing but you might not be able to see.

This outfit is the gift from House of fox. The skirt is a poofy system skirt, not a prim but these can work quite well. I find system skirts work better with a more slender shape around the hips, so to get the most out of it, you may have to slim your bottom down a few! Its a really cute dress.

And you also get the gift of a pair of silver leggings as seen below which I am wearing with the bra top from the first outfit.

And lastly is this Emerald Green sequin gown from Sascha Designs. The texturing on the dress I think is really pretty.


*SAS: Sascha’s Designs*

Sascha Designs offers gorgeous gowns for everyone! I had the honour to meet her, Sascha Frangilli and she is great! She is Dutch, which makes me also a little bitty proud cause I am too.. ;). There is a special gown for groupmembers every month! How about that! At the moment there are also other gifts, like a dollarbie dress and gifts under the christmas tree! I’ll be showing you last years dresses…. Enjoy xxx ^^

*SAS moonlight shadow – little black dress – 1L (straight accross main entrance)*


*SAS – january dress (groupgift in store)*

*SAS – february dress (groupgift in store)*

*SAS – march dress (groupgift in store)*

*SAS – april dress (groupgift in store)*

*SAS – may dress (groupgift in store)*

*SAS – june dress (groupgift in store)*

*SAS – july dress (groupgift in store)*

*SAS – august dress (groupgift in store)*

*SAS –  september dress (groupgift in store)*

*SAS –  october dress (groupgift in store)*

*SAS –  november dress (groupgift in store)*

*SAS –  december dress (groupgift in store)*

Sascha Designs  – all gowns shown above are groupgifts in store! A whole year  of dresses!

other items shown: ETD – vivian updo hair – 20L (discount area, click pay not buy); Romi Juliesse – rose skin – smokey eyes nude beige light tan (not free); chuculet – bella earrings – 1L; Kalnins – Orchid heels (not free); poses by Maldita Animations.


xxx Farah

*lady in red*

I usually never wear gowns, cause I have have no where to wear them too…. but this gown is just amazingly beautiful! Red is definately a gorgeous color… I ❤ anything red… and loohoovee this dress, with 3 skirt options it’s perfect for any occasion. Think of those warm night to come, with the holidays in December you already have yourself a perfect gown! The perfect jewelry to wear with this gown is definetaly from Alienbar Desigsn, not free though, but absolutely stunning!!

Farah for FabFree

*skirt option: battleship*

sascha 2
*skirt option: big sucker*

sachas 1
*skirt option: sleek skirt*

Sascha Designs – Red Gown  – (3 gown skirt options) – 0L (5000 members – groupgift in store; right from entrance; also check the groupgift in notices! (not shown here))

Laydee hair from Fuel at Savoir Hair – oL

other items shown: ; Cupcakes – Daydream – pewter; Beautiful Jewelry from Alienbear Design – Sivar Dark Necklace (Red) – (not free)


xxx Farah