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Make Him Over Hunt 4 #41 – 50

This post completes the first 50 gifts in the Make Him Over Hunt 4. /me takes a deep breath.

MHOH4 # 41 - Santero Cool Black Outfit and Mamba Shine Half Boots

#41 Santero Cool Black Outfit and Mamba Shine Half Boots


M H O H 4  # 4 2 -  R ob bi s h  Dog Tags

#42 Robbish Dog Tags


#43 Vamp Equip Co.Razor Blade Necklace-MHO4

#43 Vamp Equip Co. Razor Blade Necklace


MHOH4 # 44 - []pole[] Brown Cardigan and Red Striped Tee

#44 []pole[] Brown Cardigan and Red Striped Tee


MHOH4 # 45 - IC DESIGN & BOE T-Shirt, Jacket and Cap

#45 IC Design & BOE T-Shirt, Jacket and Cap


MHOH4 # 46 - ~~Moonlight Shapes~~ Victor Shape

#46 Moonlight Shapes Victor Shape


MHOH4 # 47 - =-momomuller  3M-= mens pose Sit Poses

#47 momomuller/3M Chair Poses


# 48 MHOH4  -VENUS Hunt Gift - My Guy Outfit

#48 Venus Fashions My Guy Outfit


MHOH4 #49 - HAVANA Pants T-Shirt  and Vest

#49 Havana Pants, T-Shirt and Vest

#50 Bescene Poses Pose Set – used in this post

*Make Him Over Hunt 4 Gifts 41 -50 ($0L)


Channeling Your Inner Ken

I believe one of the hardest choices to make when making an avatar is picking the shape. No matter what skin you put on your avi, it still has the same form and facial features. The skin/shape combination defines the avatar. I found a few free shapes and skins on the Make Him Over Hunt.

Santero offered the hunters the Angelo Shape and Skin. The skin comes in both Smooth and with a Goatee. This is a modifiable shape so you can adjust to your liking.

Santero Angelo Smooth full

Santero Angelo Go Tee Full

At Adlerblick’s I found the Cortez Shape (still using Santero’s Angelo skin). This shape is also modifiable so play around to get the look you desire.

Adlerblick Cortez Shape Full

Curvy Silhouettes put in their hunt pack the Tristan Shape. This shape is not mod, but it looks good enough not to change a thing.

Curvy Silhouttes Tristan Shape full

From Aska Asian Shapes I found te Hideki Shape and Skin. This modifiable shape comes in both average and tall shapes.

ASKA Hideki Shape and skin full

Just remember, the shape and skin you chose to wear is your personal choice. As long as you feel comfortable in the skin (and shape) you’re in is what matters.

*Santero Angelo Shape #122 MHOH ($0L)
*Santero Angelo Skin Smooth #122 MHOH ($0L)
*Santero Angelo Skin Goatee #122 MHOH ($0L)
Santero, Moonlit Horizon (119, 132, 4001)

*Alderblick Shapes Cortez Shape #138 MHOH ($0L)
Alderblick Shapes, Esta Noche (161, 198, 21)

*Curvy Silhouettes Tristan Shape #148 MHOH ($0L)
Curvy Silhouettes by Xa, Chocolate Pie (250, 97, 26)

Aska Asian Shapes HIdeki Shape #160 MHOH ($0L)
Aska Asian Shapes HIdeki Skin #160 MHOH ($0L)
Aska Asian Shapes, Shiki (159, 209, 21)