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The Snowbunny hunt began New Year’s eve and ends January 14th.  The ‘theme’ of the hunt is “Snowbunny” which means anything white or anything associated with keeping warm.  Find the bunnies hidden around the Azrael sim and buy each one for L$5 each.  There are bunnies to find from :ONYX Wear:, Pink !nc, Virtual Insanity, KIM Bodysuits, sn@tch, IrEn, Liar Liar, LOULOU & CO, M-Style, Rock Me Amadeus, RezIpsa Loc, aja, Insanya!, The Plastik, Phoebe, De3or, Digital Bath, and many more!  Here are some of the goodies I found.

ANCAYI – Knit Hood Dress

Liar Liar – Black Fur Black Plaid & Purple Weave Snow Boots

Digital Bath – Snow Bunny Bra, Panties, Garter, and Socks

VIRTUAL/INSANITY – Ear Muffs, Arm Warmers, Nails & Rings

+ Samsara + -Onyx/Pearl  Triptych Earrings & Necklace

Me, Myself and I – New Generation Jihaa Skin

irEn – Black/Red Faded Snow Bunny Hair

KIM Bodysuits – Teal Mini Dress

De3oR – Wine High-Dress

Pink !nc – White & Silver Cuffs

M-Style – Moon Nails

:ONYX Wear: – Black Cardigan

Insanya! – Onyx Hair

AJA – Snowbunny Girl Sweater

Rock Me Amadeus – Cream Aspen Sweater

RezIpsa Loc – White Eliza Hair

Sn@tch – Fuzzles Bunny (There is also a male gift)


*Cool Beans: Black Jeans (Group – L$0)
Cite des Ases ( 74/155/23 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 100/154/21 )




Stolen?!? I am out!

You are probably hearing a lot about Copybot and content theft, but what the hell are those things? If you understand what we are talking about, it will be easier to take a conscious attitude.
Copybot is a program that copies, that clones other’s creations. Besides being respect lack with the creator, because they waste time creating, researching, spend lindens to upload things (if they stop creating or even if they never started, we would all be noobies forever, oh no!!!), it is a crime. Yes, we are talking about a crime.  Everyone that create in SL, have rights over their creations, just like it happens in rl. Even being a virtual world, Second Life is made of real people and there are laws to play! When we all join in SL, we need to make an agreement called TOS. Some of the foreign people say: it is too long and I don’t know English. But do you really think it is an excuse?

Let’s talk about principles, life principles.  We are talking about stealing someone’s creation. Would you steal someone in rl? Did you know that when you use a fake copy or a “replica” of something you are stealing?

Digital Millennium Copyright Act, known as DMCA, rules “virtual” rights.
Just for you to think, once I heard a comment like that: “I use stolen things because that’s the only way I can have that “Redgrave” skin”. Then I told that person, and I leave that comment for you to think: “So, you are saying that you “need” to use stolen skins because you don’t have financial conditions to have that original one… so, in your rl, if you don’t have financial conditions to buy a car, you are going to steal one or buy one stolen because it is cheaper?”

There are many points of view about how to avoid copybot, and don’t tell me that it is Linden Lab problem! It is not only their problem! It is mine and yours! So, let’s stop saying, thinking or supporting the idea that Linden Lab should do something to stop it, because they are improving tools to work against copybot and while it doesn’t happen or work properly, let’s make our part! You don’t need stolen items, I don’t need stolen items! Even because we have Fabulously Free in SL to give us the most fabulous finds!


Samsara Group is offering a male (sweater) and female (dress) freebie to support these campaigns (these gifts will be there until saturday). Criandoasas Twine and ChicoSC Carver are the creators and they started with a small store in SL only with female clothes. Today, they have male clothes, accessories, shoes and a great store with great things with fair prices and it was possible only because they were able to deal with stolen items and didn’t loose incentive to create. Also they can be a very positive example of Brazilian designers. Brazilian people have such a evil fame. But it can’t widespread. We have amazing Brazilian creators in sl and they must be recognized, even more that the Brazilian thieves.
If you have doubts about stolen items, we can try to help, we can share information and I am sure that we all together can make the difference.

– Samsara:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ta%20Vaalor%20Keep/205/181/33

Samsara for MEN

Have you checked the male department of Samsara Designs? It is brand new at the store and have a lot of interesting items. Until tomorrow (Friday 9th), Samsara is giving an outfit as a gift. More than a beautiful one, it is a chance to know the quality of the clothes too.

– Samsara:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ta%20Vaalor%20Keep/205/181/33