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Droid Universe

Droid Universe

These may be the droids you are looking for.

Twi’lef Pru’s post here totally put my sci-fi side into hyper drive.

Sometimes I get so used to being human I forget there is a whole other universe of possibilities out there.

Droid Universe

I found these cool droids, DawnRanger and DawnViper Marketplace and they are FREE. The vivid colors and all the little details of these droids are awesome. All the pieces are included to transfer you into droid form. A shape is included which I found easier to use for a good fit. Also remember if you use things like eyelashes, slink hands & feet, mesh heads any of those extra goodies to remove all of them. You need to use a stripped down base system avatar. These droids were so much fun to play with. Plus if you have males friends there are also FREE matching male versions of these droids. You will also find lots of other cheepies at the Marketplace shop where I found them here.

The sand storms are kickin up so time for me to blast off.

Droid details:

Robot 1: Dawnranger Autumn Edition FREE on Marketplace

Robot 2: Dawnviper Pink Love Edition FREE on Marketplace

Poses: Belle Epoque – moment Lost & BE Lust

Sim:  Little Mos Eisley

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Returning To The Library ~ Part 3

In my last two posts, I posted about two different categories of avatars found in the library of your very own inventory, furry avatars and vehicle avatars (vehitars) – ones you may or may not have known about. I’ll post a link to the previous posts at the bottom incase you missed them. 😛

Today I’m going to be posting the robots! Along with the vehitars that I posted yesterday, I am impressed with the detail and all of the different styles! You can be a light bulb robot, a video cam robot or even a fembot and there are a lot more options than that!

There’s the Titan, Sani, PD, or Jim robot.

The Glubsch Invader which I thought was really cute, or the Camy or Bulby bot that might make you take a second look at house-hold items, and Bionicus.
robot collage 3

Or there’s the Ladybot Pilot which is controlled by a little creature if you look close enough, the Fem Bot with a bright pink feminine dress, the Key robot which has a little key in the back and reminds me the toys you wind up and watch them walk across the table before falling on the floor, or the Grid Monkey robot holding a wrench which probably isn’t a good thing for a monkey to have. 😛
robot collage 2

All of these robots are free because they’re already yours! Simply go into the Library folder of your Inventory, click on the Clothing folder and then open the Initial Clothing folder to find folders containing these and other avatars. To wear, open a new window of Inventory (recommended so that you don’t need to scroll) and drag into a new folder.

If LL keeps adding more avatars to the Library, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next! See Renee’s post about Library items on April 4th, 2010.

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