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Fallen Leaves & Frost

Fallen Leaves & Frost

Happy FabFree Fallen Leaves and Frost Hunt Season!  We’re back with another of our hunts, this one heralding the onset of cooler weather here in the Northern marches.  You’ll find all sorts of fun items, and we’re so pleased to show you some of the fabulous prizes.  Let’s hop in!

Hunting Fun

I went to three different locations today to show off some of the free prizes you can pick up.  First stop was Ruxy for this appealing velvety dress.  Isn’t it pretty?  There’s a second prize at Ruxy as well, so look out for the FabFree glowing rainbow throughout the store.

The decor I put together is just so beautiful and really feels haunting and chilly to me in a magical kind of way.  The grasses and bushes all come from Lunaria and they are just so incessantly lovely.  I really love decorating my home sim (and the info hub!) with Larinda’s beautiful grasses and trees.  The little lit bushes behind are really cute too, and they’re all free with a bit of hunting.

My last stop today was Raindale.  I have always loved the whimsical touch of the furnishings from this store.  It makes me think of Elves.  I’m pretty sure Galadriel did most of her shopping at Raindale when she was furnishing her home in Caras Galadhon (yes, nerd moment…).  The swing, hammock and leaf-shaped boat behind me (check it in my second photo) are all free as well.

Dress Sizes

  • Legacy
  • Maitreya

The FabFree Fallen Leaves and Frost Hunt is running all the way to the end of the month, so you have loads of time to find the gifts.  Check out the hints and prize keys right HERE, and make sure you tell your friends.  The more the merrier!

Have an awesome hunt,


Aline is Wearing…


Dress – Ruxy Cleopatra (Free Gift on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt)
Crown – LODE Forgotten Crown
Shoes – Breathe Mizuko


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Cate
Skin Applier –  Glam Affair Cate
Eyebrows– Jumo Britani
Eyes– Euphoric Magic Lenses
Tattoo – Sn@tch Filigree Sternum Tattoo
Eyeshadow – Alaskametro Fall Essentials
Lipstick – Lelutka Cate
Nails – Maitreya Lara
Hair – Magika Faye
Sim – Private


Grass 1 – Lunaria Fairy Bonnets (Free Gift on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt)
Grass 2 – Lunaria Oatgrass Winter (Free Gift on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt)
Bush 1 – Lunaria Wildberry Bush (Free Gift on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt)
Bush 2 – Lunaria Wildberry Bush 1 (Free Gift on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt)
Swing – Raindale Meadowtwirl Swing Frost Edition (Free Gift on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt)
Boat – Raindale Riverbreak Leaf Boat Frost Edition (Free Gift on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt)
Hammock – Raindale Wondervine Hammock Frost Edition (Free Gift on the FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt)

Fabulous Finds 08/07/22 Edition

Windgaze cabin - VIP gift

Free Group Gift/Group is 250L to Join @ Raindale (in group notices)

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Support Raindale


Well, I’ve finally taken a break from the FabFree anniversary posts, but I imagine it will be a short one. I had to get a word (or many words) in about what is going on at Raindale this month. This is a long one, so grab a tea and come sit.

What’s up?

Raindale released information to their group members earlier this month that there’s going to be a lot of changes happening in their store. Due to unfortunate circumstances and political issues that I will not go into detail about here, the creator has not been able to withdraw funds from their SL account to real life. While the designer was able to make a living off creating products in SL previously, this is no longer possible due to this issue. As a result, Keira Raindale has decided to scale down their store and turn their business into more of a hobby. The store is not closing, but at least half of the products at the store are retiring. Raindale is going to transition their store to focus on creative projects and “fantasy and whimsical items” in the future. The creator described this transition as “more of a fresh start, as it will benefit everyone, with more gifts, affordable products and charity projects”. If you would like more information, you can find a detailed notecard about the store’s transition in the Raindale group notices.

Please try to support this creator in any way you can. There may not be much we can do, but we can show our support and let Raindale know how much we appreciate their beautiful creations. Right now, Raindale has a number of awesome things going on which you can go do to show support for the creator and I’ll walk you through them now.

Retirement Sale

Raindale is having the biggest sale in their history until August 6th. All products are discounted 20% off in the store and retiring items are reduced up to 50% off. In August, the store will close for renovations after the retirement sale is over. This is what Raindale states about the sale in the group notices:

“Over half of the products will be gone soon! The outlet will be gone too – get those old products while you can! Since SL is now just a hobby, I’m getting rid of most of the “modern” and older items, and going to focus on fantasy and whimsical stuff in the future. The store will be closed for renovation in August! Some retired products may return in some shape or form, but it’s not guaranteed! And some unmarked products may be gone too, so get anything you need till the sale is over!”

So stock up while you can, because a lot of these items will be gone for good very soon!

250L Store Credit for Raindale Group Members

You can show Raindale support by joining their group. Group members of the Raindale group will receive 250L store credits until the end of July. The VIP group currently costs 250L to join, but it is so worth the join fee, and you will see why as I show you all the great things you could buy with the store credits and the wonderful gifts they have available at the shop. Raindale group members also receive 15% back from their purchases in store credit.

Get it Before It’s Gone

In the decor scene shown at the top of my post, I am showcasing an amazing house that can be purchased with the 250L store credit at the retirement sale. The beautiful “Gracewoods Teahouse” is the building in the centre. This was previously from the Gracewoods gacha, and it was a “rare” item. The house now costs 160L on the retirement sale for the copy version, leaving you with some additional credit to spend at the store. You can find the teahouse in the Raindale Outlet. The Outlet will be closing when this huge sale is over in August, so this is your last chance to get items like this and anything else in the Outlet. Any items marked with a “Final Sale” tag at the Raindale mainstore are also retiring and may not re-appear ever again. If you want them, now is your time!

Wanderlust Weekend

The pretty water fountain shown in my picture at the top is Raindale‘s current offering for Wanderlust Weekend. You can get 3 colours of this fountain -white, pink and mint- for only 50L on the sale for a limited time. The fountains come with sound on or off versions and the sounds are very relaxing. This has been out for a couple weeks, so grab it while you can at an amazing price!

Raindale Group Gifts

There is also a huge wall of past group gifts out for Raindale group members. I have added some of those group gifts into my teahouse and garden scene, including:

  • The canopy tent with pillows, which you can see next to the house on the grass.
  • The grasses with fairy lights are a group gift. Inside the package, two sets of grasses are included. This was a past hunt prize but it’s now up on the group gift wall.
  • The ladder with lights, which is resting against the side of the house, is another group gift.
  • The room divider inside the teahouse is from a past holiday gift.
  • The table spread with tea cups, cakes, macarons, candles and flowers, which I placed inside the teahouse, are still available for Raindale group members. This entire set comes from the package called “5th Anniversary Gifts”, a past group gift at the store. I thought the tea set matched the teahouse theme perfectly! ☕

Raindale III

June Group Gift

The June group gift at Raindale for VIP members is an exclusive summer collection available for a limited time, which you can see in my photo below. It’s amazing. The collection includes the octopus pouf, the beach ball, the coconut cocktail, the stool, the torches, the swim ring, and the board. 5 signs, including this “Summer Time” one are included. This set is so cute! This collection will not be available after the gift is gone and it is an exclusive made only for Raindale group members. This gift will be available until the end of July. The creator was so kind that she kept it out an extra month longer.


Finally, don’t forget that Raindale is also participating in FabFree at Fifteen the items they have available for the event are absolutely amazing as well. Aline blogged all of those free gifts and promotions earlier this month HERE. Make sure you check out Aline’s post, see all the good deals available, and show your support for the store!

Thanks for reading.


Caroline is Showing…

Furniture & Decor

Tea House & Garden Scene

Teahouse – Raindale Gracewoods Teahouse, from the past Gracewoods gacha- Available @ the Raindale Outlet (160L/ Purchased with 250L Store Credit/Group Costs 250L to Join)
Water Fountain –
Raindale Silversplash Fountain (50L for Wanderlust Weekend)
Tree Archway –
Raindale Nordhall Arch with lights
Chandelier –
Raindale Fallview Chandelier, from the past Fallview Gacha
Room Divider –
Raindale Room Divider – Lights & Branches, from Holiday Gifts (Group Gift/Group Costs 250L to Join)
Tea Spread –
Raindale 5th Anniversary Gifts – Full Scene (Group Gift/Group Costs 250L to Join)
Tent and Pillows –
Raindale Canopy Tent – Holiday Gift Edition with Pillows (Group Gift/Group Costs 250L to Join)
Grasses with Fairy Lights –
Raindale Fairy Grass Gift (Group Gift/Group Costs 250L to Join)
Ladder – Raindale Fairstar Rope-Ladders (Group Gift/Group Costs 250L to Join)
Fairy Lights on Ground –
Raindale Wildspring Fairy Lights
Flowers on Ground –
Raindale Wildspring Flower – Lilac
Lantern –
Raindale Bubblecloud Lantern – White

Summer Decor Limited Collection

Summer Decor – Raindale June VIP Gifts Limited Collection- backdrop, torch, pouf, stool, beach ball, swing ring, cocktail, & signs (Exclusive June Group Gift/Group Costs 250L to Join)
Photos’ Location – Private Location


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Staycation, All I Ever Wanted

Staycation, All I Ever Wanted

You know that feeling of wanting to get away somewhere, but you can’t really?  You’re stuck at home looking out the windows wishing for some glorious beach vacation that involves swaying palm trees and someone to serve you drinks in coconuts.  It’s kinda one of those summers for me, where I’m not quite ready to hop on a plane (aka, brave the giant lines of people who insist on breathing close to you… ha), so I’m trying to think of ways to shake up the monotony.   My inworld counterpart seems to have it all down pat – so maybe I’ll take some cues from her!

Decor Fabulosity

Raindale has always been one of my absolutely favourite stops for decor inworld.  There’s always something new, different and distinctive.  I was so excited when Keira joined us for FabFree at Fifteen, and her items really blew me out of the water.  To make my little staycation bubble, I bought the lovely Sunnybay Pool for just 75L (the water in it is soooo beautiful) and lit my area with the very festive Lagunadream lamps that are just 15L for both the pink and green lamps.  Then, come the extremely generous free gifts!  The wallpapered spot, map, pineapple sconce, table, stool (complete with poses), and suitcase are all free for members of the Fabulously Free in SL inworld group – and they really, really are gorgeous.  Stop by Raindale and grab these lovely gifts before they all go away on August 6th.   Thanks Raindale!

Two More…

I need a cute outfit for my staycation, and happily two spots have obliged to put one together for me:  Masoom has a new group gift out, this cute little tennis-style skirt in the very appealing summery ombré shade (it also comes in pink and teal).  You’ll remember a few weeks back they had a top as a group gift that matches perfectly (see it HERE).  The group is currently 200L to join, but you’ll find a wall full of really awesome gifts.

Skirt Sizes

  • Kupra
  • Maitreya
  • Petite
  • Legacy
  • Legacy Perky
  • Reborn

I also stopped by Paper Antler (formerly…and possibly also still known as Grixdale) and picked up this cute top (it’s part of a bikini set) for free.  No need to join a group here, just click on the item that says “free” on it.  You’ll want to look around the store while you’re here – there are all sorts of hidden freebies (you could call them wearable demos if you want to be specific).

Top Sizes

  • Ebody
  • Kupra
  • Maitreya
  • Legacy
  • Legacy Perky

Wait, where’s my coconut drink?


Aline is Wearing…


Top – Paper Antler Dahlia (Free Gift/No Group Join Required)
Skirt – Masoom Summer VIbes Skirt (Free Group Gift/Group is 200L to Join)
Bag – Movement Beachy Tote
Earrings – Ysoral Luxe Earrings


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Cate
Skin Applier –  Glam Affair Cate
Eyebrows– Jumo Britani
Eyes– Euphoric Dolly Babe Eyes
Tattoo – Sn@tch Filigree Sternum Tattoo
Eyeshadow – Lelutka Cate
Lipstick – Lelutka Cate
Nails – KEZ Sprinkles (Previously Blogged HERE)
Hair – Stealthic Reckless


Pool – Raindale Sunnybay Pool (75L for FabFree at Fifteen)
Lamps – Raindale Lagunadream Lamp (15L for FabFree at Fifteen)
Backdrop, Table, Map, Stool etc – Raindale FabFree 15 Gifts (Free Gifts for Members of Fabulously Free in SL Group/Group is Free to Join)

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Fabulous Finds 04.12.22 Edition

Beloved Jewelry : The Free Dove April Bonus Hunt

Free Gifts on the April Free Dove Hunt/Group is Free to Join @ Beloved Jewelry

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Pretty Little Loves: Raindale & The Beauty Factory

The Beauty Factory & Raindale

Like our fabulous readers, I run out and check out all of Aline’s fabulous finds.  She posted about The Beauty Factory’s awesome 1000L credit here, and I had to run over.  Wow.  What a treat!!!  These are unique threads that are so pretty.  There are a hot pile of group gifts AND the 1000L bought a few very pretty outfits, too!!!  Did I mention the group is FREE???  It was really hard to pick JUST ONE outfit, so I went with the group gift, Megan.  She is so delightful!!!  She comes with both the gown and the panties.  She is both sexy AND classy, and I love that combination! You’ll want to hurry though, this deal ends TODAY!

I also ran over to one of my favorite stores, Raindale, to pick up their March group gifts.  How cute is this set up???  It comes with everything you see except my horse, Dante. The group join cost is 250L, but every month, they have a set of 4-5 themed gifts that you can place out as a group or use individually.

Gown & Panty Sizes

  • Maitreya
  • Maitreya Petite
  • Kupra
  • Kupra Kups
  • Legacy
  • Legacy Perky

Desi’s Outfit


Gown  – The Beauty Factory – Megan (Free/Bought With 1000L Store Credit/Group is Temporarily Free to Join)
Shoes – Vanilla Bae – Florence


Necklace – Avaway Hummingbird


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Kaya
Head Applier – Session Skins Candy 
Eyebrows – Finer Threads – Louise
Eyes– Tville – Moonlight Eyes 

Make Up
Eyeshadow – Ravencreation Helen
Lipstick – Ravencreation Helen
Nails – Maitreya Lara

Hair – Wings – ER0305

Pose & Props

Raindale – Sweetdew (March group gifts, 250L Group Fee)