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Fabulous Finds 04.12.22 Edition

Beloved Jewelry : The Free Dove April Bonus Hunt

Free Gifts on the April Free Dove Hunt/Group is Free to Join @ Beloved Jewelry

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Pretty Little Loves: Raindale & The Beauty Factory

The Beauty Factory & Raindale

Like our fabulous readers, I run out and check out all of Aline’s fabulous finds.  She posted about The Beauty Factory’s awesome 1000L credit here, and I had to run over.  Wow.  What a treat!!!  These are unique threads that are so pretty.  There are a hot pile of group gifts AND the 1000L bought a few very pretty outfits, too!!!  Did I mention the group is FREE???  It was really hard to pick JUST ONE outfit, so I went with the group gift, Megan.  She is so delightful!!!  She comes with both the gown and the panties.  She is both sexy AND classy, and I love that combination! You’ll want to hurry though, this deal ends TODAY!

I also ran over to one of my favorite stores, Raindale, to pick up their March group gifts.  How cute is this set up???  It comes with everything you see except my horse, Dante. The group join cost is 250L, but every month, they have a set of 4-5 themed gifts that you can place out as a group or use individually.

Gown & Panty Sizes

  • Maitreya
  • Maitreya Petite
  • Kupra
  • Kupra Kups
  • Legacy
  • Legacy Perky

Desi’s Outfit


Gown  – The Beauty Factory – Megan (Free/Bought With 1000L Store Credit/Group is Temporarily Free to Join)
Shoes – Vanilla Bae – Florence


Necklace – Avaway Hummingbird


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Kaya
Head Applier – Session Skins Candy 
Eyebrows – Finer Threads – Louise
Eyes– Tville – Moonlight Eyes 

Make Up
Eyeshadow – Ravencreation Helen
Lipstick – Ravencreation Helen
Nails – Maitreya Lara

Hair – Wings – ER0305

Pose & Props

Raindale – Sweetdew (March group gifts, 250L Group Fee)

Fabulous Finds 03.10.22 Edition

FREEBIE Fairy Dust Field

Free Gift @ Spring Fling Event/No Group Join Required by Lunaria

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In Love with Love

Waiting for Love

I love Valentine’s Day Season. Blush and Sunset Pink are my favorite colors, and I love to love. I am a die hard Romantic, and Valentine’s Day is full of beautiful things that I simply love looking at. I couldn’t wait to pick up Raindale’s February Gift….I mean LOOK at this beautiful setting? The set comes with the heart shaped trellis, the bench, the adorable stuffy bear, the heart walkway, the flower tree, the tray and the little bucket. It all comes in parts AND in two versions ready to rez. The bench has poses for singles and couples (PG) and adjustments for both position AND rotation. You can move things around and make the space your very own.  I added the petals and roses,  so they are not included.

The group costs 250L to join, but the monthly gifts are always amazing. The holiday gifts are ALSO amazing, and there also cool hunts like they had for their Anniversary. In my game of Group Space Tetris, Raindale is never on the cut list, and is very worth the buy-in.

Overall, I had a fun time putting a love scene together, and hope you enjoy it, too!!!

Desi is Wearing


Dress – LSR Sexy Mayeli 
Necklace – Supernatural Abby
Shoes – Supernatural Thati


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Evo X Kaya
Head Applier – Session Skins Candy 
Eyebrows – Finer Threads – Louise
Eyes– Shimmer Shop CXVIII
Eyeshadow – In’k Wildcat
Lipstick – MJN PayDay
Nails – Maitreya Lara
Hair – Truth Trinket
Pose LW Poses Roses & Petals
Decor- Raindale February Gift (Free Group Gift/Group is 250L to Join)

Magical Tea Time

Magical Tea Time

I’m sure I say this with considerable regularity, but I am sooooo happy it’s Friday.  There’s nothing I’d like more than to have a lovely tea party (complete with Victoria Sponge, of course) in a mystical little hideaway.  Add a jam roly poly for good measure, and pour the tea in abundance and I will be a happy bunny.

Happy Anniversary, Raindale!

I really do love the tradition in SL of stores giving us gifts when they’re celebrating something.  It’s just so Hobbit-esque.  Speaking of Hobbit-esque, I’m sure that Bilbo, Frodo et al. would find this little spread perfectly adequate for afternoon tea (if you add in a seed-cake, it would be surpassingly good for them).  Anywhos, Raindale is celebrating their 6th Anniversary in grand style with an amazing group gift and a fun hunt.  The group gift is the picnic table, bench, and all the food and drink on the table!  Love it!  To get it, all you have to do is join the Raindale group for free (it’s only free until the end of January, so get in now… lots of other amazing gifts there too!).  The magical flowers, mushrooms and the gazebo are all 6L each on the anniversary hunt.  I love being able to create a little magical scene with all these awesome prizes.  Just look for the cupcakes in the store!

Raindale - 6th Anniversary

The celebrations all conclude on January 31st, so don’t delay!


Aline’s Décor

Table, Bench and Food – Raindale Amberglow (Free Group Gift/Group is Temporarily Free to Join)
Lily of the Valley – Raindale Lillybell Flowers (6L on the Raindale 6th Anniversary Hunt)
Mushrooms –  Raindale Lillybell Mushrooms (6L on the Raindale 6th Anniversary Hunt)
Gazebo – Raindale Honeyray Gazebo (6L on the Raindale 6th Anniversary Hunt)
Light Flowers – Raindale Littlevale Flower Lamp (6L on the Raindale 6th Anniversary Hunt)
Heart Flowers – Raindale Faeheart Decor (6L on the Raindale 6th Anniversary Hunt)

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland
Hiya, got a hot one for you, Let’s dive into some hunting and decor!

Say Hello To My New Friends

Like all us Fabfree folks, I like free. And for umpteen years now, the best free spot in SL is, of course, Free Dove. You just can’t beat this deal, for a free group space, you get introduced to new creators without the bite to the wallet. Not that I can remember just how I got to know Free Dove, I would imagine it was via our own Fabfree Blog. And since that time I have been referring all the noobies, I see there. LOL. A bonus perk of this fab group is the monthly hunts. For just a tad bit of your time, you can pick up 10 items from the hunt for free. And they sure pack the hunt with goodies! This month there are 3 creators to hunt for, that’s 30 free items. Woohoo to that. Jacx is modeling the free Tastic Ella Sweater, so cute with its winter pattern in sweet pink & off-white color. You can wear it as a dress or like Jacx a big sloppy sweater with leggings, just right for cleaning up after Christmas day. Drop over to Free Dove, look around, join the free group, hunt you up some awesome clothes. The hunt runs till Dec. 31st, so you still have a bit of time to work on making room in your inventory for more goodies. 🙂

Sweater Sizes

  • Freya
  • Hourglass
  • Isis
  • Maitreya
  • Isis
  • Physique
  • Venus

Goodbye Snowbound

Yay!  Raindale is free to join for the holidays! This is a big saving, a truly great group, with an extremely generous and all-around super nice creator Kiera. And the bonus is a lot of group gifts just waiting for you to decorate with.  In my post, I used the whimsical topiary tree and fairy grass to create this lovely winter scene.

That’s a wrap for today. See you all soon 🙂


Jacx Is Modeling

Top – Tastic Ella Sweater (@Free Dove Hunt/Group Required/Group Join Free)
Pant  MOoh Day 21 Denise Leggings BOM (Past Advent Gift) 25L.
Boot  Art&Ko Beige Shoes (@ Veles Advent) 35L. Shown by Aline here.


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – LeLukta Avalon Evo X Head
Head Skin – Not Found Toffee BOM
Body Skin – Not Found Toffee BOM
Hair – Faga Evelyn Hair Style (Saturday Sale) 75L.
Tattoo – Carol G  Smile Tattoo, Heart Backside. Flowers Leg Tattoo, Bridah Foot Tattoo,
Tattoo – HORL Faith Tattoo, Arm Orn Tattoo, Do It With Love Tattoo, Triangle Flower Tattoo, Underline Boob Tattoo
Tattoo – Letis Tattoo Salabhas Lower Back
Modesty Cover – iPeench Lace Modesty Cover Set, Marketplace
Ears – Swallow Charm Ears Showing Earrings
Eyeshadow – Tutti Belli Evermour Eyeshadow Applier Evo X (Miix Weekend Sale) 77L.
Lipstick – Tutti Belli Juicy Lipstick Applier Evo X (Miix Weekend Sale) 77L.
Rings – Ysoral Luxe Wedding Ring Sabine 
Rings2 – Vibing Corina Rings, Destiny Rings
Nails – Alme Mesh Stiletto Nails Colors French Fancy

Pose – Poses By Garcia Goodbye Pack Marketplace
Prop –  Horl Drink Caramel/w Cream /w pose
Backdrop – Katink Backdrop & Organizer Bonus Winter Backdrops (Free Gift on Marketplace)
Sim – Private

Raindale Nordhall Arch Snowbound Edition 
Raindale Holiday Topiary Raindeer Snowbound Edition 
Raindale Driftport Sled & Fence Snowbound Edition 
Raindale Holibell Snowman Snowbound Edition 
Raindale Whimsical Topiary Tree (Free/Holiday Gift 2021/Group Required/Group Join Free)
Raindale Fairy Grass (Free/Holiday Gift 2021/Group Required/Group Join Free)