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RockMeAmadeus but SweeterThanCandy … DEJAVU (or just a dream)?

Good morning … it´s 6.30 am … too much coffee to keep me awake … now I´m sleepless in Vienna …:-))

Let´s start with the amazing hair, it´s a groupgift from +++DEJAVU+++. Look at LilKim Lovell`s (owner of DEJAVU) profile to join for free because the group is a bit tricky to find. The “HalloweenGift!!!” is dated 9/23, it´s still in the archives but hurry before its gone.  The blonde hair is named “Gokumori Ageha”, the black hair “Yuruhuwa Ageha”. Both are that pretty with all the butterflies 🙂

Sweeter Than Candy sent out a new group gift today to her subscribe-o-matic group members. “Ocean Blue Leather Mini” is a hot, little dress. And beautifully textured, too 🙂 Tp over to Sweeter Than Candy to be added as a group member by touching the subscrib-o-matic next the entrance. Oh, and have a look at the tons of freebies, dollarbies and bargains!

Rock Me Amadeus offers “Babydoll Duo” as a dollarbie. For only 1 Linden you get both pretty dresses – Black BabyDoll and Red BabyDoll.

I´m off for a very short nap … dreaming of shimmering butterflies … dressed in babydolls …stars and bows on it … fluttering across a blue ocean … full of sexy leather minis



Oins, zwoa, gsuffa! Freebie fürs OKTOBERFEST in SL


Can´t spell the title and my adressing? Well, that´s german, or rather “bavarian german”:-))) It sounds strange for most of you but it means just “one, two, drink!” Don´t worry, no need to learn this language, all you have to do is grab a freebie 🙂 One of the best freebies I´ve ever found. One of the most funniest freebies I´ve ever seen.*LOL* No, I`m not from Germany … I am from Austria. There´s a difference! But I like our friendly “neighbours” very much, we have the german language in common, also the bavarian and the austrian “slang” are very similar :-))

Well, first of all it´s a limited time freebie ! Nobody (unless the designer) knows when it lasts, that´s for sure :-)) Sooo … try to catch the D&M Oktoberfest Set while you can!

AND – now I´m breaking the rules *coughs* – I found it on SL Exchange. Usually, we don´t blog freebies listed on this site, or similar sites like Onrez, for some reasons. If I have to be punished for posting this freebie .. well, I don´t care .. I HAD to share it 🙂  However … before I started to write this post, I talked to Michaela Kuhn,   owner of D&M Collection, and she is the brilliant and generous designer of D&M Oktoberfest Set. She told me how to use the freebie as well as  another way to get the D&M Oktoberfest Set inworld. Any person wearing the backpack can give it away. Just click on the backpack, and a black box will drop into your inventory. Unpack it, and you will get leather pants, bavarian shirt, socks, shoes, Alp hat, mountain backpack, Oktoberfest flag, beer (a huuuuge pot!) and a hover banner. Not enough … this outfit is animated. Just type 1 into the chat line and you start …….. to yodel and dance like crazy *grins* Type 2 into the chat line and you will get a different yodel/dance/walkaround animation, could be you walk around a bit drunken :)) EDIT: IF YOU WANT TO STOP DANCING JUST TYPE IN 0 INTO THE CHAT LINE! OMG, SO SORRY …. SOME OF YOU MIGHT BE STILL DANCING AROUND 🙂

I laughed myself to tears while taking the pics!  And my dogs were totally perplexed! Only Othello, the cat, wasn´t much impressed *giggles* Once again: big, big thank to Michaela Kuhn!

Okay, I have to come to an end with my gushing 🙂 Here are a few important links:

Info about the (real life) Müncher Oktoberfest (german and english)

TP to Oktoberfest in Second Life:

Your place to get the freebie, look for people wearing the oufit and click the backpack! Perhaps, Michaela Kuhn herself will be around.

EDIT: Oktoberfest in SL takes place from October 09th until October 10th on the Sims Sub Lupina, Simulacron Shrouded Isle, Vistano Delphi Center, Downtown Babylon, Frankfurt SW and Frankfurt Nord.

There´s a group you can join for free to be informed about further details. The notices are in both languages german and english. Michaela Kuhn soon will sent out a detailled event schedule to the group including Slurls. Look at my profile to join Oktoberfest Group, or use this link, please secondlife:///app/group/c659ec51-480b-5fc9-45ea-5ac7cb8a652d/about

Oktoberfest Set SLExchange

Oktoberfest Set OnRez

D&M  Gardencenter

Pics taken at Hazel`s Off World


Skin La Sylphide Erin Light Barbie Girl – Lucky Chair prize – free

Thanks to the one girl (sorry, forgot the name!) of the “Freebie Telegrapher`s” for tping me in!

Hair Exile Taylor vermillionsrust – Exile Birthday Hunt gift – free

1 prim-trees, bushes & grass by Sand`s Plants – not free (mushrooms & duck are free)

Flowers and other plants by Lua`s Garden – not free (palm trees are still free, I think)

Some furniture like 1 prim-sofa & chair by DemiDemi – my favorite japanese designer – not free (but other freebies can always be found there)

Tiki Gazebo with curtains by Roanna Wilder Design – not free (but there is a Lucky Chair)

All my dogs by VKC Virtual Kennel Club – not free at all 🙂

Black cat (Damani Kitten) by Damania – not free

and many, many more 🙂



I´m back! Got a haircut (cute!), a pair of boots (cool!) and a cup of coffee (yummy!) I love shopping in RL but why don`t the RL shops have a freebie corner? Or a Lucky Chair? Nothing, nada, nix … a nice “KaChing” is all you get for free :-)) Speaking of freebies …. on we go:

Quickies first :))  Elemiah Designs has a new gift for us, this time a charming, blue dress with collar and nice textured skirt. Simply called …? … right! … 4you7 🙂 Grab it now, it´s only for free until Sept 25th!

To get “Antique Denims- darkblue” and the pretty “Paint Splatter Hoodie” head over to Pink Oufitters. There`s a gift box sitting on a small table inside the store, it´s a bit hidden in the corner.

Worn in all pics is “Melinda hair” (dirty blackened/black pink) by ETD.

It´s on the freebie wall, and you get the fatpack for 1 Linden.

Rosy Mood – Skins from Japan – offers 2 lovely skins (1 Linden/each): RM* Skin Sayaka and RM* Skin Sayaka red chic (I´m not sure if both skins come with shape, too). I couldn`t resist to grab the free “Strap Shoes” 🙂 They come in black, red, simple red, pink, blue and graffiti. There are more freebies/dollarbies, take a look.


QUICKIE: ELEMIAH DESIGN`s – limited time offer

Elemiah Choche, designer and owner of Elemiah Design & Lingerie,  offers a lovely freebie in her store, simply called 4you6.  It´s the 6th gift for us- all of us – you know? :-)) And what a cute gift!  Big thankies for the info, Elemiah!

4you6 is free for  2 days only ….. go now!



QUICKIE: Gbberish Boutique / Urban Junkie / TekuTeku Opening & Hunt / Jetcity Shop


At Gbberish Boutique Main Store, Tresco 87, 61, 22, you can get for a very short time a pair of  cute “Princess Pumps Golden Tierra” for free.  You will find the freebie shoes inside the “sister shop” next to Gbberish`s main store. Go now, it´s a “Limited Period Offer” (says the sign).

Urban Junkie offers a free, scripted skate board, also available for free only for a short time. You will find a big box (contains the skate board and a free shirt)  inside the store. Grab it now, it´s fun!

Okay, done? 🙂 For the next freebies you don´t need to hurry 🙂

!Amajestic! offers a lot of dollarbies and freebies, too. There´s a vendor on the wall with dollarbie dresses. One of these dresses I wear in my pics, it´s called “Flowers For Fun Mini”. Squeake-able cute :-)))

Also  Jetcity Shop offers a bunch of various, pretty freebies, check it out! The Short Jeans in black I wear along with the free shirt from Urban Junkie are free at Jetcity.

=TekuTeku= has a new store, and you have to go there, really! It´s such a nice place 🙂 To celebrate the opening there´s a “30 % Off Sale” as well as 2 Lucky Chairs, a table with 3 cute hairstyles for 1 Linden each, and a hunt! Yes, next hunt, but it ends on Sept 15th, time enough to find the treasures 🙂 You have to find 6 tiny present boxes (they are wee wee wee wee tiny, or in german “klitze-klitze-klein”), and very hard to find. I was in a hurry – as usual :-)), I managed to find 1 box LOL But look at this hair, isn´t it pretty with this cute heart grip? It´s simply called “present 1”. The other lovely hair style by =TekuTeku= is a dollarbie from the table next to the Lucky Chair, named “freebie hair 2008summer sienna”,  and you will get 6 sizes, so you don´t have to worry if the hair fits your pumpkin-head :-)))

PornStar Xtra HiTops MultiColor by UBU Urban Bomb Unit are NOT FREE. They are 595 Linden, but I had to have it :-))

Oooh, and my cold isn´t getting better 😉 I still wear M&R Cupcakes` group gift “Plush Skin – Headcold“, this time in apricot non-freckled.

Pics of  =TekuTeku=

Ladies, before you run off to grab your freebies, take a look at your “Freebie Etiquette Book” 😉

Be nice, have fun and take care!


Gowns and Heels

Helloooo, it´s me again 🙂

This time I´m not in panties, I´m dressed! Beautifully dressed 🙂

Ethereal Pixels Design turns me into a diva by giving away the amazing “Diva Set white”  for free. Hurry! It´s only free for a very short time, better go now. “Diva ” comes with glitch pants, top, belt + resize belt, gloves, necklace, earrings, flexi sleeves and skirts (scripted and unscripted). This gown is absolutely gorgeous as well as the matching jewellery, so lovely detailled with all the small pearls and the great, shimmering texture! A perfect wedding dress 🙂

I matched the “Diva” dress with  Sole Sisters` dollarbie “Pumps Instinct White”. Look, there´s lipstick on your shoe sole! Kissable shoes, I think 🙂

Next dress is “Diana” by Herby Loire Fashion Design, and its a Vain Inc. group gift. This group is not open enrollment, except Toko Voom – the founder – decides to open doors wide for a few days again 🙂 For those of you who aren´t already members of this group, head over to Herby Loire`s shop. There`s a  pretty black gown as a “Welcome Free Gift” for you. Herby Loire is a new designer in SL, take a closer look at her creations 🙂

“Diana” … a gown, a dress, a costume  …. whatever you want to call it … it´s charming, it´s outstanding 🙂 Diana comes with pants and top, both on 2 layers, prim belt, long flexi skirt, hat with diamonds and feathers (love it!), earrings and bracelets.

Along with Diana I wear a lovely pair of “Summer Breeze Pink Hearts Sandals”, a gift from Je t`aime,  owned by Mascha Boa.

I´m in love with hair by Curio 🙂 This time I wear Long Ponytail-Muted Purple (part of Curio`s Hair Fair freebie).

Not free – but one of my favorite skins! – is Sepic Mariposa (8 makeup-pack)  worn in Sepic 2 by Adora Shapes&Skins.

Thanks to all generous designers!


Elemiah Design & PXL Creations

Once more Elemiah Design offers a wonderful freebie, it´s “Pompadour 2“, and free for 2 days only. I´m not quite sure because of different time zones … hopefully, it is free for 2 days 🙂  You`ll get panties with bows … Pompadour panties 🙂 … and a matching necklace/scarf. Pretty seductive 🙂 Thanks for letting me know, Elemiah 🙂

PXL Creations offers as a “Pick Reward Gift” the beautiful “Cry SK Glam Makeup Tattoo BlackEB” skin. I like this skin a lot … I´m no fan of tattoos but this one is very pretty! Please, take a look at PXL Creation`s blog, for important information and instructions how to get your freebie … thanks 🙂

The fantastic hair style is Gala II-Vamp Pink (part of the freebie/dollarbie gift at Hair Fair) by Curio.


Rahz Island – Opening and Hunt


Kyra Pfeffer was so kind to inform me of the opening of Rahz Island , Rahz Store 188, 66, 26, and the ongoing hunt, thanks again 🙂

Quote notecard (parts of it):

” The chain of stores .::Rahz Store::. open the  Rahz Island, totally devoted to fashion world . The Brazilian Fashion Circuit -??
Now you can find in a unique place the best of international fashionists stores,  Mega Free Studios, Forests and Theme SIMs: Rahz Island. It´s  66.000 sqm distributed in a SIM, whole devoted  to image and style.
So to commemorate we will  give for our clients  a funny hunting. There are 15  gifts boxes around the island, which it has theme sceneries to register  good times. The gifts are original products and some from old collection,  as clothes, acessories, shoes and boots. Come on and participate.

Date: 08/30/2008  – 10AM (Brazilia Time) / 4 PM PDT (Second Life Time)  until
09/02/2008 – 12 AM (Brazilia Time)/ 8 PM PDT(Second Life Time)

Rahzinha Pera

Just a few words about the hunt (sadly, I missed the grand opening): you are looking for boxes scattered all over the sim (look at my pics). At your landingpoint you will see a sign  (not part of the hunt): get shopping bags and boxes for free when you click the sign, funny stuff 🙂 Near this sign is a teleporter. Use it to get into the different areas of the sim (flying is not allowed).Take your time, walk around, the boxes aren´t small but not too easy to find.

The sim is adorable, great ….. I`m in love with this place 🙂 All my pics are taken on Rahz Island, at various areas (Wheat Field, Alana Dagger Photography, Schutteltanz Square ….). I will come back to take a very, very close look … and taking more pics, I´m sure 🙂

Of course, not only the sim is wonderful, also your hunt gifts! I´m in an incredible hurry today … I didn´t manage to find all 14 (I think there should be 14 …) boxes (purchase for 0, nada, nothing, free!). I don´t list the designer of my finds, my apologizes! Please, look for yourself who´s the designer of your gifts. They are all great! Thank you 🙂

What I`ve found is what you can see in my pics: Bombom Bikini pink, Bombom Bikini blue, Dagger Shortcut Shoes 6, Social Maron (pants+jacket), Aztec Jewel Tunic, Blue Dress (pants, top, skirt), Green Pants There, Dawnboots II Summery Suede, Social Sexy (black skirt with belt, white blouse). I hope, I didn´t forget anything 🙂

Worn in all pics:

Hair Julia Dark Blonde (comes in a brown shade, too), latest gift from Tousled (head over to the store and click the subscribe-o-matic, it´s the first notice). It´s a cute style 🙂

Tanned Skin – I like the eye make up! –  Royal Design, 1 Linden (a box sitting on the ground instore)

On to the pics!  Have a great day, enjoy 🙂



I love hippie style and “retro touched” stuff, you already know it! I`m a cat lover. No matter what size the cats are, I love them all. You already know this, too. Did you know that I´m a bit crazy sometimes? Well, after reading my post you will be informed about my “lunacy” *LOL*

Dany Bimbogani left a tip on our hotline (thank you!), and I decided to take a look at LEYDA STYLE`s dollarbies. I saw jeans, great! But when I saw the new dollarbie offer “Baba Cool Outfit” … and started to do the “Hippy Hippy Shake” … *LOL* An old Beatles song, I think most of you are too young to know it 🙂 However, “Baba Cool” was a must have, quite my style again :-). Then I shaked it to the left, I shaked it to the right *giggles* (sorry, still humming this old song!) …… but there was no way for me to left LEYDA STYLE´s shop before I had “Leopard Jacket” (it´s 1 Linden) and matching pants (not free, 5 Linden) in my bag! For Godness`sake, here are the lyrics, so that you know what I´m talking about :-))). Crazy me, but I´m just in a awful good mood, and I`m happy with my new outfits :-))

What shoes to wear? I remembered a notice about dollarbie heels, tiger striped … so I “tped” head over heels over to LUNACY to grab the great “Prozaak Heels Tiger Stripe” for 1 Linden before they are gone (there´s a wall/sign with Prozaak heels, but only the tiger striped heels are a dollarbie).

Next stop was at VACANO & STINE. The store is redecorated now, it looks really cool. Also the Lucky Chair filled with some retro furniture and cute ballerinas is still there. The free offer are the cute “Pike Fetish Deluxe Plum Shoes” . You`ll find your “fetish” on the table amongst other normal prized shoes. But they are plum … easy to find :-)) I wear them together with the “Baba Cool” outfit. I know, it´s more “a retro-fetish meets hippie style” but quite charming 😉 Quickie time … better go now for both pair of shoes (if you are in the need of a fetish or prozaak *coughs*) Huh? Oooh, yes, of course, I already had my medicines today :-)))

Okay … to come to an end: my pretty skin is “Rose Petal”, a dollarbie by SYD, and the gorgeous hair with hat is “Liv natred” (part of wearable “Natural Color Demos”) by BEWITCHED.

Enjoy, have fun! And beware of a crazy, old chick (in german: verrücktes, altes Huhn*ggg*) called

Quickie: Dresses are scattered all over the Grid …

Madame P. free gown… by MOJO <3C! 3 CupcakesS&S Sin And Secret Madame P.

I don´t know how long the dresses will be there, so you better hurry.

Madame P. is offering a free “Lady´s Gift” as well as “Gentlemen´s Gift”: a wonderful elegant evening dress for the ladies and casual jeans and sweater for the gents. The gift boxes are inside almost in the middle of the store sitting on the ground.

MOJO (a hotline tip from Goldie Hotshots, thank you!) is giving away 3 lovely dresses for free: Polka Dot Dress, Sparkle Dress and Shimmer Dress, both in lucky green and both comes with tight skirt option too. These freebies are big pictures on the wall (or was it a pillar?) but you can´t oversee it.

Mojo free dresses

S&S Sin And Secret offers 2 amazing dollarbies: the Little Black Dress and Plum Delight Dress. You will find these goodies in the back corners of the store.

SinAndSecret dollarbie dresses

Last but not least <3C! 3 Cupcakes give us 2 cute Babydoll`s for free: Lucy Dress (Freebie 2) and Carrie Dress (Freebie 3). The dresses are next the entrance.

And a big thank you and woohoo! to Cherlindrea for the latest group gift 🙂

3 Cupcakes free dresses

Half Million Milky Skin moles (group gift 0 L)

FabulouslyFree in SL, Talisman 230/192/24

Lady´s Gift (gown 0 L), Gentlemen`s Gift (casual outfit 0 L)

MadameP.at Opinions!Mall,Belgien 40/203/25

PolkaDotDress,Sparkle Dress , ShimmerDress (0 L)

MOJO, Stingray 82/184/55

LucyDress, Carrie Dress (0 L)

<3C!3Cupcakes at PopFuzz,PopFuzz 123/212/33

Little Black Dress, Plum Delight Dress (1 L) Fab Hazel

S&S Sin & Secret, NemNem 154/194/30

Elise 2 Mary Janes black (0 L)

TeslaFlagship, Tesla 42/59/74