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Halloween Haunt

Halloween Haunt

Hey FabFree! This is my favourite time in SL to go around to spooky sims and events, pick up Halloween freebies, and put fun costumes and Halloween decor scenes together. It’s time to decorate the house for Halloween, and I have a few cute free gifts shown in my “Halloween Haunt” decor scene. 

Spooky Balloons

Aline blogged all about the 2022 Halloween Shop & Hop in her post here. I have just one free gift from the event to show you today. Remember that we have been covering this event in the past week, and we will continue to cover a lot more gifts from this massive Halloween celebration throughout the month of October.

The Halloween balloons shown in my decor scene are a free gift from Noveny @ the Halloween Shop & Hop. These balloons come in an assortment of spooky carved faces on orange and white balloons. These are super cute and I love the concept of balloons that look like little spooky pumpkins. Everything at the Halloween Shop & Hop closes on November 1st, so you have time to finish the event if you haven’t had the chance to go yet!

Halloween Hangout

I was really happy when I found out that Dench Designs signed up to be a FabFree designer last summer. They always have amazing home and furniture items, and their latest FabFree group gifts are no exception! One of their latest gifts can be found at the Dench Designs Halloween Store, which is right here. The gift is a “Halloween Hangout”, which includes some haystack seats to hang out with your friends, a wagon, pumpkins, fall leaves, a black raven, and a Halloween night lamp. What a fun name for this great gift! I set the “Halloween Hangout” set out in front of my haunted house. This gift is a free FabFree group gift. The Fabulously Free in SL group is always free to join. 

Also note that Dench Designs has a second free gift for FabFree group members at their mainstore as well, so make sure you grab that gift too!

Now go have some fun Halloween adventures, FabFree!


Caroline is Showing…

Furniture & Decor

House – Noveny Victorian Rusty House (Available @ Halloween Shop & Hop)
Balloons – Noveny Halloween Balloons
(Free @ Halloween Shop & Hop)
Hay Seating, Pumpkins and Halloween Decorations – Dench Designs Halloween Store Halloween Hangout (Group Gift for Members of the Fabulously Free in SL Group/ Group is Free to Join)
Colourful Pumpkins –  [QE] Home Collection – Fall Punkin Set v2  (50% off @ Halloween Shop & Hop)
Scary Pumpkins –  [QE] Home Punkin Pals (50% off @ Halloween Shop & Hop)
Wire Pumpkins – [ QE] Home Collection -Wire Punkin Set (50% off @ Halloween Shop & Hop)
Photo Location – Private Location



FabFree’s Pumpkin Problem

FabFree's Pumpkin Problem

In the last two-and-a-half years that I have served as a FabFree blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know some absolutely amazing people! Today, I am talking about the FabFree team – and to me that includes all the great bloggers who have passed through the blog over the years. We (the FabFree bloggers) had the funniest inside joke last year about pumpkins. You see, when fall creeps around the corner there are ALOT of pumpkins to get all over the grid for free for about two months. Of course, we must show them to you! As a joke, we would say to each other: “No more pumpkins!!”, because the bloggers had shown off a copious amount of them last fall. It was hilarious to us!  But, the thing is… I never get tired of pumpkins! I love pumpkin soup, pie, bread, and lattes. Most of all, I LOVE to decorate my spaces in my Second Life with fall pumpkins and carved Halloween pumpkins! It’s still such a funny story though, and I wanted to let you in on one of the FabFree bloggers’ inside jokes. Do you think we can top the number of free pumpkins we showed last year on the blog? Let us know in the comments if you want to see more pumpkins this year!

A Free Pumpkin

And so the free pumpkin season begins! I have a free pumpkin for you! The freebie pumpkin is the one I am holding in both of my photos today. It’s a holdable item and it can also be rezzed. You can see the rezzed version of it on the left side of my photo at the top. This pumpkin is a free gift from -Extra- at the Fall Festival at Malus Park. No group is needed to get it! This event closes on October 1st.

An Autumn Hair Trivia Hunt

Now head over to the Autumn is Coming Event to grab the hairstyle I am showing in my post today. This hair comes from the Treasure Trivia Hunt run by Alli&Ali Designs taking place at Autumn is Coming until September 26th. This style is called “Ava” and it includes a HUD of autumn colors and styling options that lets you make the hair go over your shoulder, behind your back, or blow in the wind. You can see how I wore two of the four styles in my looks above and below! To get the treasure hunt items, first you must find all of the treasure chests hidden around the sim. When you click the ones that are on the treasure hunt, it will ask you a trivia question. When you get the answer right, the chest send you a free hair made by Alli&Ali Designs. In total, there are 17 hairstyles to collect from the Trivia Treasure hunt, which all come with an autumn colours hair colour hud. There are both female and male hairstyles on this hunt. The 18th prize on the treasure trivia hunt is some leaves decor. All of the free hair from Alli&Ali Designs comes from the treasure chests that pop up those trivia questions! For the trivia lovers out there, this is a fun little hunt!

As you walk around the Autumn is Coming Event, you will notice that many of the treasure chests simply send you the items for free, as these are the main event gifts from the other designers. Make sure you read Aline’s post here which shows some of the free gifts you can get from this fun pre-Autumn event!

FabFree's Pumpkin Problem II

A Snarky Top

Lastly, the cute top I am wearing is 10L at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival right here. This one is made by ZFG, one of SL’s wittiest creators. It’s very sarcastic. Read what the shirt says in my photo above, it’s funny. You will find this 10L prize in the coconut sugar bowl with the toucan on it. 100% of the proceeds of this item goes to Doctors Without Borders, and everything at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival is available from September 3rd-September 18th. You can read more about the Spoonful of Sugar Festival in my previous post here.

Sizes Included

  • Freya
  • Hourglass
  • Kupra
  • Legacy
  • Perky
  • Lara
  • Physique

Have fun pumpkin picking, FabFree!


Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Shirt – ZFG WTF -SOS (10L @ Spoonful of Sugar Festival/100% of Proceeds Go to Doctors Without Borders)
Jeans – Tastic Kylie Ripped Jeans with Hud

Shoes – Starlight Apparel Parris – Sneakers with HUD – Seasons (Available @ Cheeky Wow! Event)
Pumpkin – -Extra- Holdable Pumpkin (Free @ Fall Festival at Malus Park)


Hair – Alli&Ali Designs Ava Hair – Autumn Colors (Free on the Trivia Treasure Hunt @ Autumn is Coming Event)
Mesh Body – Belleza Freya
Mesh Head – Lelutka Lake – EvoX
Head Skin – Dernier Hannah – Sienna
Body Skin – Body Skin – MILA Older Body Skins – Honey Chubby (Free/No Group Join Required) Previously blogged here.
Neck Fix & Ear Skins – Velour EvoX Ear Skins and Neck Fix – Sienna (Free/No Group Join Required) Previously blogged here.
Eyes – Lelutka Lake – EvoX
Nails – Belleza Freya
Pose in Photograph #1 – -Extra- Gone Pumpkin Pickin’ (Available @ Fall Festival at Malus Park)
Pose in Photograph #2 – -Extra- Pick of the Patch (Available @ Fall Festival at Malus Park)

Photo Location – Luane’s World


The Doorway into Autumn


Hey gang,

I’m here with Tara (aka Miss Tee, aka Chia pet, aka Chi, etc etc) to share with you some gorgeous Autumn decor for your home.  This week would have been Tara’s birthday if her real life self were still here and although I have been unable to find a shih tzu companion in world that looks like her (she was a black and white shih tzu, and I kept her hair cute and short, as she was a bit of a tomboy!), I try to get as close as I can and this little one from Rezz Room is very cute.  😉  (My Golden Animesh Sumner is also based on a real life furbaby of mine I had many moons ago).

But I digress, I am here to speak of the glories of autumn decor, it’s just that she is on my mind this week, September is a difficult month for me, I lost Sumner on the 29th of August, my dad on the 18th and my Mom on the 29th.(not the same year of course)  So with them all lumped together and my little Tee’s birthday in the mix, it’s in the forefront of my mind lately.

Let’s talk about Autumn!  Shanti always has some goodies for free for everyone and this time of year is no exception.  Not only is there a free box of autumn themed goodies (including the rug here and several other items!) but there is also the fireplace behind me for 55L, along with the cute sunflower tapestry, which I love for only 45L but brand new this year is the Ready for Autumn Golden who is only 1L!  I’ve taken a closer-up photo below to show you the little lights so cozy on the fireplace and on our autumn wreath wearing handsome pup as well!  It’s all got a soft lovely glow that will bring a cozy atmosphere to those chilly autumn nights coming up!
No group required for any of these goodies.


Don’t forget all clothing at Shanti is 75L and under, clothing for mesh bodies is on the right and for classic and BOM, on the left.  Though some of the mesh bodies contain classic clothing, just check the vendors for that.  😉

Also, my cute boots are a free group gift from Promagic, they have a load of group gifts and their group is free to join (ok its a whole ROOM of group gifts).

I’m still hoping summer will come back because this girl is not a fan of the cold.  The only *good* thing is that I get to whip out my collection of fingerless gloves that I love to wear.  😉  Of course with covid, I’ve been reduced to wearing them at home, but that’s ok, my hands are cold all winter.  😉 (as if I need an excuse to wear them!)

Arielle is looking fabulous in…


Outfit – Giuliadesign Zuri Gold (via Girls Heaven Event October)
Necklace – Addams Penelope Necklace (Free group gift, group is 5L to join) (previously blogged here and here)
Boots – Promagic Unleash Boots (Free Group Gift, group is free to join)


Mesh Body – Maitreya  Lara
Mesh Head –Lelutka Nova EvoX
Skin – Enfer Sombre Madison Cream
Eyes – Lotus Generation Eyes
Hair – Exile Erin


Fireplace – Shanti Home Cozy Autumn Fireplace (55L)
Rug – Shanti Home Beautiful Autumn Rug (Free Gift/No Group Join Required)
Tapestry – Shanti Home Sunflower Saying Tapestry (45L)
Autumn Golden Retriever – Shanti Home Ready for Autumn Pupper (1L) 
Shih Tzu – Rezz Room Shih Tzu Companion

Waiting for The Great Pumpkin

Waiting for The Great Pumpkin
Hello again Fab Free’rs! Thanks for being here. Just like Linus, Pru finds a pumpkin patch to wait in for The Great Pumpkin to appear. Maybe one day he’ll actually appear! This particular pumpkin patch complete with little twinkle lights and pumpkin blossoms is a 10 linden Pumpkin Hunt prize by Lunaria at the Fall Festival for Parkinson’s. Each of the stores has a 10 linden pumpkin, and there are additional pumpkins in the shop booths outside. Most if not all the proceeds from the sales of the pumpkins will go to help fund research for Parkinson’s. I can’t think of a better reason to spend 10 lindens!

Along with the dreamy pumpkin patch prize, Pru picked up this cute coffin dress from Grumble. It’s a single strap dress with a spooky cute coffin pattern on the top. The dress is in the 10 linden pumpkin from Grumble at the Fall Festival. It comes in the following sizes: Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, eBody Curvy, Tonic Fine, Tonic Curvy, Belleza (Freya, Isis, Venus).

Last but not least the long dark hairstyle is one of two 10 linden pumpkin prizes by Firelight at the Fall Festival. This style is called Ophelia. The Ophelia hairstyle Pumpkin Hunt gift comes with a black and white color change hud, and has a tinting hud to allow you to add a tint to either color.

Here are the details, enjoy!

Hair – !!Firelight!! Ophelia Black&White – 10L Pumpkin Hunt @The Fall Festival for Parkinson’s
Head – CATWA HEAD Koura Bento
Skin – Essences – Vanya
Dress – Grumble-Coffin Dress – 10L Pumpkin Hunt @The Fallm Festival for Parkinson’s
Boots – #EMPIRE – Aquilegia
Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Pumpkin Patch – .Lunaria. Pumpkin Patch – 10L Pumpkin Hunt @The Fall Festival for Parkinson’s
*Pose by Indigo



Pumpkin Hunt @ Island Depot

Well, as the sign said, you have to hunt for 50 pumpkins scattered all over Island Depot. They are not too hard to find but it´s a large sim, and you have to look everywhere! To join the group (there are some pumpkins only available for group members) just touch the group inviter next the hunt sign. You will not get fashion! But very pretty stuff for gardening and decorating your home. And – of course – some nice things for Halloween.

I did only a  short hunt for this blog post (but I´ll get back !), so shown here is what I could find within a few minutes 🙂

Welcome Scarecrow Sign

Spooky Column-Resizeable

Classic Witch-Resizeable


Fall Dahlia Border-Resizeable

Pedastal Sink

Happy Hunting!


Dernier Cri – Dutch Touch – amerie`s Naughty – iTuTu

You have to be a Bumble Bee because it´s Dernier Cri ! :-)) And it´s …. right! …. it´s CUTE :-))) What are you waiting for? Head over to Dernier Cri, go inside, turn to your left, then turn to your right .. go straight ahead .. stop! … take a look at the great hairstyles and clothes –  they are not free – but worth a look! When done go outside, there´s a haystack and pumpkins … and here you will find the sign with your freebie xD *coughs” Sorry for the confusion! :-)))  Your Bumble Bee comes with footless stockings, ruffles for stockings,  2 skirt options, shirt, ruffles for shirt,  antennas, wings, and as an extra you get the haystack and the pumpkin, too! Thanks to Asuka Martin, designer and owner of Dernier Cri, for offering my favorite Halloween costume ! 🙂

The beautiful skin worn in pics is a subscribe-o-matic gift sent out by Dutch Touch: “Skin DeBby Cream Mu 18 Ltd.Group Gift” –  very pretty lips, I really like this skin! 🙂

My hair is “Lara”, and it`s by Dernier Cri, too. As said, not free but affordable, and all hairstyles come with a ColorHUD.

Outside amerie`s Naughty`s store at Isle of Tranquility you will find a booth with 2 dollarbies. A pretty necklace (not shown), and the nice “Halloween Ornament” (garland,  shown here).

Also, another 2 booths with freebies can be found at Isle of Tranquility 56, 224, 23. Available for 1 Linden each is Den-Dou Scary Skin for Halloween” “Den-Dou BloodyStriped Shirt” “iTuTu Pumpkin Head” “iTuTu Spider Web Set” (shown here, but only 1 option). Inside iTuTu`s store you can get a wearable “Cardboard Stool” for free (in the corner next the entrance).


Peppermint Blue Fashion Bar / HOH Spook-tacular Release Gift

Please, update your landmarks, Peppermint Blue Fashion Bar has moved to SilkRoad 13, 238, 26.

And now hurry up and tp over! Alice07 Barzane has put out a bunch of Assistance Sets for free, also for guys! All sets are limited time freebies as well as “Pampkin Sofa” & “Miniature Garden Aki” !

Shown here are only a few freebies, and only parts of

080829 Ff0 Assistance Set Special Option (Prozak Shred Jeans/LeatherKicks/SkullTank/EagleTank, and more)

081011 AnotherSkin SeMa Assistance Set for guys (B11 CheckShirtHalloween/PowerRunningHalloweenShirt/KamikazeDenims, and more)

081010 Cf0a Assistence Set MakeUp 01 for girls (B11 CheckShirtHalloween/B11DenimShortSkirtBrown, and more)

080627 Rf0 MakeUp03 Assistance Set (B11 denim black shorts, LaPerla transparent blouson/bra, and more)

080823 Ff0a Assistance Set Makeup 03 (Izumiya CheckSkirt with suspenders/Tanktop/Socks/ChainNecklace/Boots, and more)

Pampkin Sofa

Some Assistance Sets you can also get at Don`t Ask!

Skins worn here are ElohEliotMods by Alice07 Barzane.  Each Assistence Set includes skins, shapes and eyes.

The spectacular, great hair worn in all pics  is the Spook-tacular Release Gift from  HOH House of Heart.

Voodoo in natural blonde comes with lovely skulls :-)) Scarecrow in burgundy can be worn with or without the cute Halloween hat. And Nyla in rosewood has to be touched if you want pretty bats buzzing around your head 🙂



Kalon – Puki – Angel`s – S.Y Design – Riddle – S&M Shop

Kyrinnia Desmoulins, designer and owner of KALON, was so kind to drop me her annual Halloween dollarbie. Thanks again, Kyrinnia!  “Kalon Halloween Neko” comes with skin, eyes, hair, tail, ears, pumpkin collar and shape (not shown).  Grab it while you can, and turn into a cool cat 🙂 You don´t like Neko? No problem, in this case you can wear only the skin … it´s the perfect skin to match all Halloween outfits. Have you noticed the lovely little spider on the cheekbone? 🙂

At Dreamdesign by Puki you can hunt for 10 Halloween-Gifs (1 Linden/each pumpkin-gif). Easy to find! The pretty “Skulldress” is one of my finds, you get a thong, top and belted skirt.

S.Y. Design Fashion has a lovely “Halloween Dress” as an October gift. It comes with glitch pants, top, skirt and matching stilettos. Just click the sign next the entrance.

Angel`s Designs offers a cute freebie named “Hayden Free Gift”, it comes with pants, bra, shirt and stockings. You will find it in-store on a sign along with 2 other nice freebies.  Also if you join the update group you will receive a gift. Ooh, and there´s a pumpkin hunt going on!

At Riddle you can find 3 boxes sitting on the table. One box contains Neko eyes (not shown) and  a brown“Vintage Shirt”.  Inside the other  box I´ve found nice “Logo Briefs” (shown in grey, come in pink too), and the last box was filled with cute “Halloween Sculptied Legwarmers”.

The pretty “Cat`s Shirt” (comes in black, grey, white) and “Hat&Hair” with cute paw prints (blonde, grey, orange – 3 sizes) you can get for free at S & M sachi and mima shop.  These freebies are designs by Izumi Homewood, owner of IZUMIYA. Go upstairs, there are tons of free items, also Neko stuff.


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S.Y.D. by Sy Designs – TRUTH – Moontan`s

SySy Chapman, designer and owner of S.Y.D. by Sy Designs, was so kind to drop me her wonderful gowns “Look Elite Model teal” (subscribe-o-matic-gift) as well as “Look Elite Model midnight” (Lucky Chair item). Yesss! there´s a Lucky Chair now !!  And the letters are changing every 5 minutes 🙂 The cute dollarbie “Halloween Pumpkin Dress” can be found at the Halloween section outside the mainstore on the left. There will be more dollarbies during October 🙂 Thanks again, SySy!

I matched the dress “Look Elite Model midnight” with Moontan`s lovely jewelry “Silver Leaf Blue Set”.  My favorite jewelry by Moontan is the “Fine Mess Necklace”. Sorry, this is a former freebie. Perhaps it is available as a normal prized item.

Truth also sent out a generous gift through the subscribe-o-matic – “Rejuvenate skins” are amazing! And I´m sure the guys will be happy with “Style Tank Tops” in several colors and layers !

Skin (shown here Rejuvenate Lychee halloween & Fossil halloween, other colors & Style Tanks for guys not shown) by Truth – subscribe-o-matic gift

Hair10 cylvia wine & Hair23 estelle mauve (shown here in dark, comes in light too) by Little Heaven – Lucky Chair prize

Hair “Halloween Hair”, shown here in orange, by Kurotsubaki – group gift

Look Elite Dress in Teal – subscribe-o-matic gift

Look Elite Dress in Midnight – Lucky Chair prize

Halloween Pumpkin Dress incl. necklace – 1 Linden

by S.Y.D by Sy Designs

Silver Leaf Blue Set (free) & Moontan Fine Mess Necklace (former freebie)  by Moontan Jewelry @ Kakaue


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Quickie: AOHARU Group Gifts / .::KMH::. / League / M&R Cupcakes

Hurry! If you aren´t already a member of AOHARU group join now (use the phrase “Aoharu”, group is free to join)! You will get 2 pretty gifts but they are available only for 3 days (until 8th, if I remember the NC right, but might be japanese time)! Head over to AOHARU, you will find “Knit Boots” as a small pic on the wall in the shoe shop. The “Check Shirt dress” can be found in Aoharu Boutique. Don´t forget to watch out both Lucky Chairs, they have great gifts to offer!

The lovely “metallic shine leggings-gold” are a “Welcome Gift” by League. Touch the subscribe-o-matic to be added, touch it again, go to History, right now it´s the 3rd message.

The cute 60`s hairstyle “Halloween Special Gift Hair No001” by .::KMH::. is a Lucky Board prize. It comes in many colors, and you can wear it with or without bow.

Last but not least, members of 3Cupcakes Update Group again received a generous group gift: Birthday Suit Skin in all 12 tones! Adorable skins, freckled or non freckled …absolutely adorable! Have I ever mentioned 3Cupcakes Update Group (M&RCupcakes by Mimi Coral & Rosemary Galbraith) is worth the join fee? :-))