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I’m A Poser

All too often I find free or nearly free poses that I just love, but never seem to work into my posts. I’m taking time to show a few of these fun poses that both men and women (and sometimes together) can enjoy. The Too Late pose from EmmePose has me waiting patiently (right!) at the train depot after missing my train. This dollarbie pose comes with the suitcase so you can sit down while waiting for the next arrival.

EmmePose Too Late

Also at EmmePose, I found The Goodbye Mr. Swayze tribute pose to the late Patrick Swayze. One his most famous scenes is the pottery wheel scene from Ghost. This pose comes complete with the pottery wheel, vase and chair. Think about the song “Unchained Melody” and you have the perfect romantic pose. My friend Bridget was kind enough to help me out with this.

EmmePose Goodbye Mr. Swayze

Sher’s Cottage Garden offers us the Stomp, Drink and Be Merry pose. This fun pose has six poses. You can stomp the grapes, dance a drunken jig, or just sit and watch. Loads of fun for just a linden.

Sher's Cottage Garden Stomp, Drink, Dance and be Merry!

Bridget offered to sit on this Strawberry pose from Fabulous Finds at Bugtussle. This fun fruit was only $5L and makes a cute pose.

Strawberry 2

Even though I’m not her man, Bridget again helps me show you the My Man pose from Poserz. This can be won on the Midnight Mania Board there.

Poserz My Man MM Board

This Kodak Moment is brought to us again by Poserz. This pose can be fun to take pictures of some of your places in SL and show you were there. This pose can be found on the Lucky Boards located at the front of the store.

Poserz Kodak Moment

For a more intimate pose Poserz Lucky Boards also have the Sinful Seduction.

Poserz Sinful Seduction

And my last Lucky Board find at Poserz is Craving Passion. Trust me, I”m keeping one eye on that stork behind Bridget. lol 🙂

Poserz Craving Passion

Find your pose at these great stores.


*EmmePose Too Late ($1L)
*EmmePose Goodbye Mr. Swayze ($0L)
EmmePose, Chery Beach (120, 148, 23)

*Sher’s Stomp, Drink and Be Merry ($1L)
Sher’s Cottage Garden, Kaseo (83, 134, 23)

*Fabulous Finds Strawberry with Pose ($5L)
 Fabulous Finds @ Bugtussle, Kaseo 27, 207, 23

*Poserz My Man –  MM Board ($0L)
*Poserz Kodak Moment  – Lucky Board ($0L)
*Poserz Sinful Seduction  – Lucky Board ($0L)
*Poserz Craving Passion  – Lucky Board ($0L)
Poserz, Phoenix Unlimited (240, 47, 22)


Et tu, Brute?

If you’re looking for a role play outfit or just something for a toga party, pick up this free Roman Toga from Fire Horse Designs. This is located on the 2nd floor of the White Armory.


While you are at The White Armory, grab this 2 handed sword, free for joining the White Armory Group. It comes with a HUD which lets you draw and sheath the sword as well.



*FHD Roman Toga ($0L)
Fire Horse Designs @ The White Armory, Emerald (78, 57, 61)

*Errant Knight 2 Handed Sword – Group Join – ($0L)
The White Armory, Emerald (60, 136, 25)

*Poses, Poserz
Poserz, Phoenix Unlimited (240, 47, 22)


Feeling Lucky?

With some magic or sleight of hand, I’m going to pull some freebies out of my hat. I received my May Group Gift From AQUA, the Pieces of Valentine Men’s gift, which Whisper has already shown you. If you’re not a member, join up for this stylish gift. My hat isn’t free, but what magic hats are? I found the Ringmaster Hat at *FIR* and just had to have it. Completing my outfit are my Men’s Leather Shoes from DUH!. These come in a fatpack of 10, but I always seem to end up wearing the black.

Aqua Pieces of Valentine Suit Fir Ringleader's Top Hat and  DUH! Mens Leather Shoes

As I wave my wand , a cloud of smoke appears and I find myself in the Rez Day Suit from AQUA. This is on the Lucky Board on the second floor. (I really camped on the boards until the letter C came up. Shhh….)

Aqua Rez Day Suit

Reaching into my hat I pull out the To the Nines Black and Green suit again from AQUA. These come with shoes for a complete outfit. Again this is from the Lucky Boards there.

AQUA To The Nines Green Lucky Board

All this magic has made me tired so I’ll change into the AQUA Dream Easy Pajama set. This is also on the Lucky Board there.  I did wait a long time to get these but they are so worth it.

Aqua Dream Easy

Check out the lucky boards at AQUA and look at the other designs while you wait for these to come up.      

My next avatar’s name will start With an X or an O   🙂


*AQUA Pieces of Valentine May Group Gift ($0L)
*AQUA Rez Day Suit Lucky Board ($0L)
*AQUA To the Nines Black/Green Suit Lucky Board ($0L)
*AQUA Dream Easy Pajama Set Lucky Board ($0L)
AQUA, Coconut Beach (81, 128, 22)

*FIR* Ringmaster Top Hat -Not Free- ($200L)
*FIR*, Wadsworth (25, 30, 31)

*DUH! Mens Leather Shoes 10 Pack -Not Free- ($100L)
*Duh!, Katachi (217, 70, 22)

*Poses, Poserz -Not Free-
Poserz, Phoenix Unlimited (240, 47, 22)