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Home Is Where you Rez Your Hat

I found a couple of free homes for those of us who don’t want or need a mansion but just a place to rez, change clothes and have a quiet place to go. DarkerSide‘s group gift this month is the two-story Skybox. It is only 20 prims unfurnished or 61 prims furnished. The downstairs is spacious and the upstairs has a beautiful etched window. This group gift is only up until June 19th, so join the group to get yours.



Or if you are feeling a bit nutty, Pookea has the Acorn House. This quaint home is a one-room cottage that would go ideally with a forest setting.



*DarkerSide Skybox -Group Gift- ($0L)
DarkerSide, Green Mist (15, 226, 600)

*Pookea Acorn House ($0L)
Pookea, Pookie Promenade (47, 164, 24)