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T&A Designs

Malisia 2 is this stellar picks gift outfit from T & A Designs.

Head on down there and put T & A Designs in your picks and come back within a few days to grab it. So worth it! 😀

T&A Designs Outfit + Boots + SMB Watch

The mesh kid’s watch is free from Super Mesh Bros (SMB) on marketplace. It comes with six colors and six animations for the screen. I picked Spongebob cause he’s my fave. hehe

T&A Designs Details

I love all the options for this outfit.

You can change up combinations of the suspenders, leggings, socks, and hanky on the back of the belt.

The steampunk goggles are free as well from Arctic Wind on marketplace.


Clar is also wearing…

Skin:: Cordelia 1L @ Mother Goose’s

Eyes:: <<< np >>> Silent eyes – DAYLIGHT [300L for 14 eyes colors]

Armband/Glove:: Modd.G Lori Gloves Black [Closed]

Hair:: [LCKY] Liam – Sunbeam [I recolored it to be brown…275L for a 5 color pack]

I´m Cute AND Cool – No sh** :-))

Hi there!

Guess what … I `ve found freebies :-))

Look at the first pic … AM I cute and cool? *grins* However, the funny “I´m Cute No Sh** tee” (I´m not sure if I can write the bad, bad term in a post  … don´t want people to be upset again …) is my Lucky Chair prize from Kawaii Style.

The “Police Shades Black” are a subscribe-o-matic gift from Savvy Avvy Fashion & Shape – just click the subscribo at the entrance, or in-store, and find them in your object folder. Cool shades 🙂 Ooh, and there`s a discount section for both men and women with stuff “for as little as 10 Linden” – good deal, I think.

Inimitably Designs offers “Black Cat Jeans” (worn in all pics) for having the store in your profile picks. Tp over, there´s a sign with detailled instructions. I for myself can´t have enough jeans, and this pair comes with cuffs … cool, huh? :-)))

If you aren´t already a member of “Pig`s Kick Closet Group” join now! Rin Paine is such a generous designer, and there´s no store to grab her cute clothes! Worn here is “Panel Dot Cami pink” (also comes in blue and yellow, as usual on several layers). It´s the latest group gift “No 62 PanelDotDCA” but there are a more gifts still available. Use the phrase “pigs” in search (or make it easy and look at my profile), Pig`s Kick Closet Group is open enrollment, and free to join.

Lady Beetle gives away another cute (or is it cool? *grins*) freebie – the dotted “Mizutama Parker”. It´s that cosy! 🙂 You get both male and female version in one folder, for free. NOTICE: Right now I checked back the Slurl and it doesn´t work … I´m not sure if this depends on the server updates, or if the place has gone … confusing … hope it will work again!

Hair Exile avant-garde vermillion rust worn in all pics is a hunt gift from Exile Birthday Hunt – Syler blogged it here . What a cute style! (or if its a male style … what a cool style!)

Last but not least, let me show you one of my favorite skins by SYD Style Your Destiny 🙂 Join our group Fabulously Free in SL, and you will get 2 cu.. – uhm – lovely  “Bubblegum skins” by Teagan Blackthorne for totally free (it´s the notice dated 9/23 .. subject “2Free SYD Skins …”). There is “Rosepetal Skin Bubblegum Make up – no face moles”, which I wear in the pics, as well as “Wheat Skin Bubblegum Make up”.

Chucks Flowers are by ::LiNe::  – a former group gift, not longer available –  but don´t worry, there are always co…  –  *hm hm* – great gifts as Renee posted here.

Now me is that cool and runs off for a cute RL hair cut *grins*


Heart my CHAI Skin under a BLACK MOON

Me again … don´t stop me now cause I´m having a good time, having a good time :-)) …. erm *coughs* An old song by Queen, Freddy Mercury .. you know ? :-)) .. however .. on we go with a bunch of adorable freebies!

Chai Skins is giving out through the subscribe-o-matic a very special skin as a group gift. If you aren´t already a member of Chai Skins group, head over to the store and click the subscribo. The group gift (1st notice atm) will be in the history till the end of September. Chai Skin Coeur comes in cinnamon, cream, ginger (worn here), honey, nutmeg and sugar. Speaking about sugar, this skin is sweeter than sugar 🙂

About 2 weeks ago I`ve found a notecard in my inventory informing me about free gifts at Black Moon Haute CoutureVanillaSolaDesign. I´m not sure who has sent me the notice because the announced IM was capped, I think, or I have overseen it.  Anyway … thanks to (insert name here) for letting me know 🙂

Well, you have to tp over to Black Moon`s store and add the store to your profile pics. After 24 hours you have to come back and click the “Free” sign. Voila! You will receive 5 great dresses as your “Picks Reward Gift” ! I really like them all 🙂

What you get is Asian dress, Belle dress, Candy Girl dress, Private Collection dress and Fur Vintage dress. The dresses come with pretty accessoires like head piece, trail, gloves, hat and so on.

Also, there´s a Bargain Vendor, some freebies, and very low prized items as well as 3 Lucky Chairs. Take your time to look around!

Hair is “Anne Hair in black” by Miss B (freebie from Hair Fair).


Elemiah Design & PXL Creations

Once more Elemiah Design offers a wonderful freebie, it´s “Pompadour 2“, and free for 2 days only. I´m not quite sure because of different time zones … hopefully, it is free for 2 days 🙂  You`ll get panties with bows … Pompadour panties 🙂 … and a matching necklace/scarf. Pretty seductive 🙂 Thanks for letting me know, Elemiah 🙂

PXL Creations offers as a “Pick Reward Gift” the beautiful “Cry SK Glam Makeup Tattoo BlackEB” skin. I like this skin a lot … I´m no fan of tattoos but this one is very pretty! Please, take a look at PXL Creation`s blog, for important information and instructions how to get your freebie … thanks 🙂

The fantastic hair style is Gala II-Vamp Pink (part of the freebie/dollarbie gift at Hair Fair) by Curio.