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Praying for Time


And it’s hard to love
There’s so much to hate
Hanging on to hope
When there is no hope to speak of
And the wounded skies above
Say it’s much, too much, too late
Well, maybe we should all be praying for time
Praying for Time – George Michael

Heya faboos!

Been hearing some horrible stories about war crimes being committed by the Russian armies and it just saddens me so much, how cruel we humans can be to one another.  We are supposed to be the most intelligent advanced species on the planet, but tell me, what other species is cruel to one another? Makes me question how intelligent and advanced we truly are.  So today I have donned my peace hat and am holding a light up in prayer, hoping for these atrocities to end.  It is the innocent who suffer in a war, and that is so wrong.

Meanwhile I’ve been working on this a bit longer than I would like, I’ve been under the weather but spent much of the last few days snuggled with the little man (Rocky, my Chi) and sleeping/watching tv and I have a bit more energy so I am tackling this again.

Let’s do this!

My super cute and bohemian peace hat was a marketplace find by Libelula World and it was free to scoop up!  One size fits all of course.

My top and jeans are the latest free group gift by Shanti (did you know that Shanti is Sanskrit for Peace?).  The group is 99L to join and you can grab several other group gifts as well, along with a monthly 100L that all VIP get.  You’ll also get half off all new releases so you do get your 99L worth (you basically get it right back via the gift card.  Pretty nifty huh!).  This outfit (both top and jeans) fits:

  • Curvy
  • Maitreya
  • Fine
  • Ebody
  • Hourglass
  • Physique
  • Legacy
  • Freya
  • Isis
  • Venus

My awesome pose with the sparkler is from Le Poppycock, it is another of their Nextup goodies that I have been grabbing lately.  The machines are only 75L a play and there are endless poses.

Anyhoo, better wrap this up.  It’s taken me far too long!


Arielle is looking fabulous in…


Outfit – Shanti Spring Boho Outfit (free group gift, group is 99L to join)
Hat – Libelula World No War Peace Hat Version 2 (free via marketplace)


Mesh Body – Maitreya  Lara
Mesh Head –Lelutka EvoX AVALON 3.1
Eyes – Lelutka EvoX 3.1
Hair– I forgot to note this!  eep!


Pose and sparkler-Le Poppycock 11. *Sparks Fly* Delight (75L Nextup)
Location – Mystic Dreamers Valley Mall

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Takin’ it to the Streets

ukraine flag_010

Tis just me gang,

Sneaking in for a post.  Ohhhhh gollygosh, it’s been a crazy rl time for me.  Real life job stuff has had me on my toes the last week or so, coming to a head tomorrow (in a good way, hopefully!)  So I didn’t forget about y’all!  Just scrambling to keep up!  You know when you have those waves of time where you know if you can just get done with A, B and C, you can regroup and refocus?  I’m trying to get those things done now and hopefully by this weekend, be able to breathe again.

Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine sadly rages on.  Many of the designers have been creating wonderful items so that we can show our support for the poor people of Ukraine.  I’ve got a couple more to showcase for you today so let’s get on with it.

This super cute and colorful top is a find on marketplace for 25L by Morph Studios.  It fits:


This pose is another cute marketplace find and it also comes with a pose for two people, so they’ve gotcha covered whether you are posing alone or with a friend.  It is made by Chocolate Cake (which sounds good right about now!) and will cost you absolutely nothing (aka free!).

My face tattoo in Ukraine Colors is a gift from Carol B, I found it on market also for free.

Lastly, my fellow protestor in the back is a 10L find also on market by Salmagundi (I just like to say that out loud!).  He is copy so you can turn him into an entire crowd if you please.


Arielle is looking fabulous in…


Shirt – Morph Studios CUFF TEE – MAITREYA (25L on market)
Jeans – MOoH! Straight jeans Maitreya Mid heel
Face Tattoo – Carol G Ukraine Face TaTToo (free on market)


Mesh Body – Maitreya  Lara
Mesh Head –Lelutka EvoX AVALON 3.1
Eyes – Lelutka EvoX 3.1
Hair– Exile Riley 2


Pose – Chocolate Cake Ukraine Love Bento Poses (free on market)
Guy with Flag – Salmagundi Stand with Ukraine (10L on market)

The War is in Color

No War & Why Her?

“Now I lay in my grave at age 21

Long before you were born

Before I bore a son

What good did it do?

Well hopefully for you

A world without war

A life full of color.” 

The War Was in Color, Carbon Leaf

Our hearts ache for our Ukrainian friends.  In SL, we all probably know someone directly impacted by the horrors of the Russian-Ukrainian war. We feel helpless; they might feel hopeless. How do we help?

This newest couples pose from Something New struck me as being entirely appropriate for these aching times.  “Why Her?” is available for L100 at the Pose Event running until April 19th.

On the same day I picked up the pose, No.Match released their recent charity hairstyle, No_War.  The hair is beautiful, and 100% of the proceeds go to Ukrainian Aid efforts.  I not only bought my customary blonde pack for 50L, but then went on and bought the fatpack (of colors I will never wear) for 200L.  The braids can be worn with or without the “Dandelion” add-on of blue and yellow ribbons and flowers.

No War & Why Her?

We feel so helpless in real life to help our Ukrainian friends.  We can’t go help; we can’t provide a warm bed or a comforting hug.  But, what we CAN do is remember them daily.  Honor them daily.  Wear their colors of blue and yellow.  Fly their flag.

Innocent people are dying, and even if we can only stand up virtually, let’s stand together for peace. Create scenes like this one to remind us that this war, like all wars, is in color.

Desi is Wearing… 
Shirt – Bold Llama – Live by the Sun – Peace
Jeans – Purple Moon (PM) – Charlotte Jeans
Earrings – Ysoral – Adele and Flair N Style – Peace Signs


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Kaya
Head Applier – Session Skins Candy 
Eyebrows – Finer Threads – Louise
Eyes – Lotus – Royalty

Make Up
Nails – Maitreya Lara

Hair –  No.Match No_War (50L each color packet, 200L Fatpack, 100% donations to Ukrainian Aid)

Props & Poses
Pose – Why Her? – Something New (100L @ Pose Event)
Backdrop – The Bearded Guy – Dead Army
Location – Backdrop City

Matching Support for Ukraine


There is no monopoly on common sense
On either side of the political fence
We share the same biology, regardless of ideology
Believe me when I say to you
I hope the Russians love their children too

Russians – Sting

Hey gang!

Just popping in to show you what I found for Cray and I to show our support of Ukraine (the stories just break my heart).

Really as the Sting song Russians says “There’s no such thing as a winnable war”, which every time there is a warlike conflict, that line pops right into my head.  Back when I was a teenager and this song was first released, I never thought that so many years later it would become relevant again.  Sting has another song entitled “History will Teach us Nothing“, another line that pops into my head all too often.

It’s all just leaders and their egos.  If we could all remember and embrace that we are all the same on the inside, perhaps there would be no more wars.  But then I am an idealist, and most leaders are not.  It makes me so sad that when the leaders of countries are fighting, the ones who pay the price every single time are the people who are unfortunate just to be living in the country and who are basically innocent in the conflict.

But that’s just how this little idealist sees it.  I know it is a lot more complex than that (isn’t it?), but the complexity still does not make it the right thing to do.  War has never solved a problem, except to reduce the population and gosh hasn’t the pandemic done enough of that lately?!  The moment we are on the brink of returning to normal, someone’s gotta start killing people another way.  Sigh.

My mom got me involved in penpalling when I was 11, and my first two penpals were Japanese.  Over many many MANY decades I wrote and made friends all over the world (including Russia and Ukraine!) and not a single one was very different from me.  The cultures are different, yes, but inside we are all so much the same.  Same worries, fears, hopes, dreams…  Same wanting to be understood and accepted for who we are.

They say world peace and understanding begins in a small circle of people, like family and friends.  Perhaps if we all just put some love and understanding out to someone we know who needs it, or whom we have *not* been peaceful and understanding to in the past, perhaps those little bits of energy can begin to shift the energy on this entire planet and help more people find peace and start to heal.

Just my thoughts, but I came here for freebies/dollarbies so please forgive my long-winded-ness.

I wanted to find something both Cray and I could wear to show our Ukraine support and I found a matching set on market.  Thanks to Angel’s Jewelry who has this set available on market for both genders for only 1L.  You get a full outfit for the girls (shirt, bodysuit and skirt) and a matching tee for the guys.  The mens wasn’t transfer so I had to send a second set to Cray as a gift.  These fit as follows:


  • Jake
  • Signature
  • Slink
  • Legacy


  • Maitreya
  • Isis
  • Freya
  • Hourglass
  • Legacy

I also found this cute hair bow from Sugarplum Boutique on market for free!

Anyhoo this was longer than I meant it to be.  Sending lots of peace and love to our planet! ❤

Arielle  (& Cray!) is are looking fabulous in…



Dress- AJ _ OUTFIT duo STOP the WAR UCRAINA flag_ body mesh FATPACK (1L on market)
Hair Bow –
[SB] Ukraine Hair Bow (free via market)
Boots – Mooh! Allesia Boots


Mesh Body – Maitreya  Lara
Mesh Head –Lelutka EvoX AVALON 3.1
Skin – Enfer Sombre Madison
Eyes – Lelutka EvoX 3.1
Hair– Wasabi Shari
Lips – Midoa – Meia Blue Lipstick BOM Evox



Shirt- AJ _ OUTFIT duo STOP the WAR UCRAINA flag_ body mesh FATPACK (1L on market)
Pants – unknown


Mesh Body –Belleza Jake
Mesh Head –Lelutka Kane
Skin – Stray Dog Tatsuo
Eyes – Lelutka EvoX 3.1
Hair– Sintiklia Chang Wook
Glasses – Solar Eyewear Arae

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Support Ukraine in Style!

Stand with Ukraine 1

Second Life is one of the most wonderful worlds in existence.  We can stand together and support our friends in the Ukraine while also loving our Russian friends who never asked their leaders to go to war.  I was so inspired by Cre’s post about supporting the Ukraine, that I quickly hopped onto Marketplace to see what else I could find.  Truly, there are hundreds of freebies out there to show our support for the Ukraine.  I can’t blog them all here, but do a quick search and you will have a closet full of items to show your support.  I found this beautiful FREE Eiko Dress Ukraine by E&E which comes with matching shoes.  I also found the FREE matching Ukraine lipstick by MAD, and a FREE 90s Necklace with a hud including two different peace signs by Melt.

Stand with Ukraine 2

The shoes come with the outfit and match perfectly!

Stand with Ukraine 3

If you wish to provide financial support, Two Moons Gardens is donating the proceeds of their Inspiration Garden (249L) to the International Red Cross for use in their care of refugees and victims of acts of war.  The garden, pictured above, is located on a special sim where there are freebies and 10L items to purchase to support the Red Cross’s efforts in addition to donation kiosks.  Two Moons will be hosting a Salsa event in the near future, so please check them out.


  • Maitreya
  • Maitreya Petite
  • Legacy
  • Legacy Perky
  • Hourglass

Desi is Wearing…


Dress & Shoes – E&E Eiko for the Ukraine (FREE on Marketplace)
Necklace – Melt 90’s Necklace (Free on Marketplace)


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Kaya
Head Applier – Session Skins Candy 
Eyebrows – Finer Threads – Louise
Eyes– Tville – Moonlight Eyes 
Eyeshadow – Shiny Stuffs EvoX Here For It 9
Lipstick – MAD – Free for the Ukraine (FREE on Marketplace)
Nails – Maitreya Lara
Hair – Fabia – Andy


Two Moons Gardens– Inspiration (249L donation to the International Red Cross)


The Epitome of Zen


As you guys know by now, I am all about the bohemian or the pink.   Anything both pink and bohemian, bonus points!  So I absolutely loved this skirt from Cremosas, and the fact that it only cost me 10L made it that much sweeter, if possible!

I wore it down to the beach and did some yoga and meditating, it was so peaceful.  I really needed that and I felt so much better afterwards!  It is available in a lot of fun colors and it fits:

  • Isis
  • Venus
  • Freya
  • Maitreya
  • Hourglass
  • Physique
  • Curvy
  • Fine


Arielle is looking fabulous in…


Skirt- Cremosas 147 Long Skirt v4 (10L)
Top – Tori’s Stylez Sylvana Top
Necklace – Celeste Paw Love Pendant
Flowers – Kotte Hellebore Crown Pink


Mesh Body – Maitreya  Lara
Mesh Head –Lelutka Nova
Head Applier –  Velour Annya Pearl
Eyes– LAQ  Gaia Eyes Green
Hair – Stealthic Cascade


Pose – Seetra Poses & Photography Zen Single Pose


Fabulous Finds 07.11.21 Edition

~*SC*~ Summer Days 1L Gift

1L @ Siren’s Call

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Something New From Rowena

Hello Lovelies! I’m stylin’ (at least in my mind)!

I found this quiet place to relax and take a photo. The awesome Rowena Springflower, owner of Rowena Springflower Designs,   is very generous with gifts and specials. One of her recent group gifts is the Paula halter and shirt. It comes with a color-change HUD so you have a variety of colors to choose from. It’s a really cute outfit. Join her inworld group for FREE.

The boots are $10L during a going-out-of business sale at Fairy Freng Clothing (FFC). Hurry over and grab some great outfits and boots as well as some free gifts. NO GROUP NEEDED FOR FREE ITEMS.

Alli&Ali has a huge selection of hair in just about every color imaginable and the group is FREE to join. There are also tons of lucky chairs, lucky boards and Midnight & Mini Mania boards
Halter & skirt by RS

Boots –  Passion! $10L Fairy Freng Creations 

Outfit – Paula Halter and Skirt Group Gift Rowena Springflower Designs   (Group gift/Free to join)

Skin –  Yvonne Tanned CL by .::WoW::. (Group Gift – $250 to join)

Hair – Debbie Raspberry by Alli&Ali Lucky Chair Prize

Necklace – Peace Mesh Pendant $10L Fairy Freng Creations

Passion! Boots from FFC

The photo above is a close up of the sassy little Passion! boots. I like colorful boots but I find that black goes well with most everything. Again, FFC is closing soon so get your buns in gear if you want a pair of these. See link above.




*farrah and POE*

yay… Rockberry has set out their Peace on Earth – hunt gift! And it’s a gorgegeous skin called “Farrah”.. (wooott almost like my name! ) And the great thing is… it’s lip-color-changable! Wooott.. what a great option! I’ve been playing with it.. and here are some pics for u! update: Renee already blogged these skins here, i didn’t noticed that… urghhh hate to be off that often, hope u all don’t mind! xxx Enjoy ^^

If you want to know more about the Peace on Earth – gridwide hunt.. read their website: http://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/. It runs from Dec. 1th to  Jan 2nd 2010! You can find pics, landmarks of startingpoints and designers entering on their website! All you do for hunting is buy the little globes with white doves for oL and you get a gift and an LM for the next stop! Good luck!!

But first up.. something to keep u warm:

Farah for FabFree

KUE – hat and gloves with little cute bear – oL (decembergift; click subscribe, click white delivery box in middle, type ‘all’ in local chat., wait… u’ll receive all gifts)

Next shown: Rockberry’s POE hunt gift – “Farrah” skins in 4 skintones:

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

 Lip color – straigt out of box

Farah for FabFree
 Lip color – edited to make a more natural color

Farah for FabFree
Lip color – edited to make a more pink color

Rockberry –  Farrah Skins – oL (POE gift, buy globe)

other items shown:1st pic: hair from Maitreya; white dress shirt from W; dress from Doppelganger Inc.; 2nd pic: hair from left to right from Truth, Maitreya, Maitreya and Lamb; Dress from Doppelganger Inc.; white dress shirt from W; 3rd pic hair is from Truth.


xxx Farah


Pre-announcing the Grid-Wide Hunt: PEACE ON EARTH!

The Grid Wide Hunt with the theme: PEACE ON EARTH will be from December 2nd – 31th with an International Theme sponsored by Mode Rage. Throughout all of SL there will be great gifts to find! More information on the this huge hunt is also available on the blog: PEACE ON EARTH! The blog counts over 300 vendors participating.. with every great designer participating… i’d start cleaning out my inv… come on gifts!!It says on the website that the hunt-object will be a globe of the Earth… just soo you already know what to look for in the shops!


The theme of the  PEACE ON EARTH hunt further explained:

The theme PEACE ON EARTH was chosen to draw upon the universal sense of unity that we feel during the holiday season. It is meant to be a festive hunt that all peoples can embrace. It will be an opportunity for a grid wide celebration of the diversity that is Second Life. We wish to foster understanding , tolerance, and respect throughout this global community. [from peace on earth blog]

Well it got me in the mood to go and explore the Grid for something to learn about other culturs… and I had a great time wandering around the Bollywood Grid… I’m all in the spirit!


I got all dressed up for the occasion.. and here’s the result!


I’m wearing a Sari with jewelry and bangles all from one very cute Nepalese shop. This shop has all kinds of Nepalese/Indian clothing styles for 0L. The shop will close on Dec. 19th.. soo hurry if you’re in to it!

Yak and Yeti MainStore Little Nepal – Nepalese/ Indian Clothing & Jewelry (like Sari, Salwar Kameez, Lengha’s and Sherwanis for Men) – 0L

Well….  I can’t wait to get it on.. an get hunting.. how ’bout you?!

Grid Wide Hunt > Peace on Earth!

– What?  A Grid Wide Hunt! (= lots of freebies, goodies, gifts.. yay!)

– When? December 2th. – 31 th.

– Why? to achieve… Peace on Earth!  

– Where? (see ‘What?’.. lol)

– More info? PEACE ON EARTH blog!

! Update: take a look at the Peace of Earth Flickr Photo Group. Lots of Pictures already of the gifts that will be available.

xxx Farah