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Kumaki Glasses Style

You all know how much I adore glasses, so when I was passed a folder of yummy glasses by Kumaki Glasses Style I was over the moon! Koguma Kumaki makes some of the most gorgeously crafted glasses in SL and they all come fully scripted so you can change your glasses from sunglasses to reading glasses in a few clicks of a button.

They currently have several freebies at the store right now. There is a store gift, Lucky Boards and right now in the run up to Christmas, a fun Christmas gift!


These glasses are the current Store Gift. Click on them and you can use the menus to make them look just how you like. The picture below shows how they can look when the lenses are made grey and transparent so they look like a normal pair of glasses.



These Heartshaped Glasses are one of the cute Lucky Board prizes! I always have loved Heartshaped Glasses ever since I was little. I had a pair just like this!



This is the fun Xmas gift. I love the big fake nose on it *laughs*


Also found at the store is this adorable freebie Xmas Parka. You can find this and the Xmas glasses together on a shelf just inside the store. The Parka is made by Jamming Kitty and can also be found at their store.

I love that it comes with two ways to wear the hood. You can wear it down like the picture above or you can wear it up and look uber cute, just like the picture below!



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+ Pure Morning Skin by Burning Chrome/Heartsick MM gift
+ Tallulah Hair by Truth ( not free )