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Make Him Over 4 #1 – 10

I am about halfway through the Make Him Over Hunt and decided to take a break to show you the first 10 hunt gifts on the list.

MADesigns Bruno Hair and Light Copper Eyes Bryn Hair and Nature Aquatic Eyes MADesigns Rebel Hair and Promise Green Eyes

#1 MADesigns Bruno Hair and Light Copper Eyes
MADesigns Bryn Hair and Nature Aquatic Eyes
MADesigns Rebel Hair and Promise Green Eyes


AlphaMale Classic Leather Jacket Spring Break Tee and Worker Jeans

#2 AlphaMale Classic Leather Jacket Spring Break Tee and Worker Jeans


Maverick Design Goal Shape

#3 Maverick Design Goal Shape


AIRUI Biomech Web Tattoo

#4 AIRUI Biomech Web Tattoo


Adjunct Khaki Tipped Trousers

#5 Fir & Mina Hartford Hoodie & #7 Adjunct Khaki Tipped Trousers


Animations  Rising - Gaius Silks

#6 Animations RisingGaius Silks


Paddy's Cardigan and Black Jeans

#8 Paddy’s Cardigan and Black Jeans


Gentleman Dovadi Dark Shirt and Harlow Jeans

#9 Gentleman Store Dovadi Dark Shirt and Harlow Jeans


MHOH4 # 10 - ROZOREGALIA  Gemma Bracelet

# 10 – ROZOREGALIA Gemma Bracelet

I’ll be back later on with the next 10 gifties from the Make Him Over Hunt.

Make Him Over Hunt gifts 1 -10 ($0L)

*Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)


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What’s YOUR Sign?

No matter what sign you were born under, the What’s Your Sign Hunt has something for you. Here are two water signs for you to enjoy. Cilian’gel created the Got Pieces? Outfit. The green and white combination is adorned with fish on the back pocket. There is also a ladies gift.

Male Set - Whats Your Sign Hunt Cilian'gel Got Pieces (2)

On to my favorite sign of the Zodiac. Paddy’s has created the Aquarius Fickle But Brilliant Shirt. The blue shirt with a bubble design even has a few bubbles on your chest.

Paddy's WYS Hunt gift - Aquarius

And the back of the shirt says it all……

Paddy's WYS Hunt gift - Aquarius Fickle But Brilliant


*Cilian’gel Got Pieces? Outfit -WYS Hunt- ($0L)
Cilian’gel, Relleri (14, 238, 402)

*Paddy’s Aquarius Fickle But Brilliant Shirt -WYS Hunt- ($0L)
Paddy’s, Dahlinks (195, 202, 23)

*Poses, Glitterati, -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)


Under Construction

Paddy’s has a new main store, but don’t mind the mess. Get a free Construction Helmet and Tool Belt while they are putting everything in place. Slap the Midnight Mania Board at [name pending] for your chance to win the Camel Toe T-shirt. I’ve been on the ZombiePopcorn Hunt, and while that post is still under construction, I thought I’d give you a teaser with the DeeTaleZ Loose Shorts and the Military Boots from hoorenbeek .

[np] camel toe t-shirt Deetalez loose short jeans zp hoorenbeek miltary boots zp tool belt hand helmet paddys


*Paddy’s Construction Helmet and Tool Belt ($0L)
Paddy’s, Dahlinks (195, 202, 23)

[np] Camel Toe T-shirt -MM Board- ($0L)
[name pending] , Jet Lag (42, 214, 21)

DeeTalez Loose Shorts -ZPH- ($0L)
DeeTaleZ, DeeTaleZ (123, 98, 35)

hoorenbeek Military Boots -ZPH- ($0L)
[ hoorenbeek ], JT World VI (126, 38, 22)

*Poses WetCat Builds & Poses -Not Free-
WetCat, Andraca (136, 203, 3


Hell Bop and Paddy’s Gifts

Hell Bop released a new dollarbie! This shirt  makes me feel hot! And you?

And this cool hair you will find for free at Paddy’s!

Other Info:

Skin: AtomicBambi Christian-Pale (new male release-not free) and pants are from Equilibrium – not free.


At SAMARA Studios DAMIANI meets Mau`s & Mej`s

DAMIANI freeSAMARA Studios (Classic Casuals Womens Clothing) gives out a nice St. Paddy`s Signature Tank (3 layers). This top goes great with any jeans, pants or skirts.

SAMARA Studios (Shoes Simply Shoes) also offers free beach sandals in white for girls (and for guys too – it´s the box in the opposite corner).

Pokey Ponnier gave me a tip ways ago that there is nice stuff at DAMIANI´s store. Thank you, Pokey! Sitting on the counter desk is a bag containing Joshua Shirt and Michelle Shirt as well as a box filled with Genofeva Top, Pomj Jeans with belt and PomJ Jeans in brown/green. Pretty clothes and perfect to match with others.

DAMIANI FREE SHIRTSdamianisamarastuff.jpg

At Mau`s & Mej`s main store I found dollarbie hairstyles pictured on the wall. There is Ranma anime flexhair (aqua/aqua with hat, brown/brown with hat), the male hair Randolph (blond, brown, punk final, final brown) and Pigies+Bijoux (2 pigies in blond, 3 pigies in blond, ponytail blond+bijoux). Check out the store, there is more great stuff.


Cher`s HodgePodge Skin Scarlet (0 L)

FabulouslyFree in SL , Talisman 230/192/24

RanmaAnimeFlexHair (1 L), Randolph (1 L)

Pigies+Bijoux (1 L)

Mau`s & Mej`s MainStore,Dibacco 153/237/112

St.Paddy`s Signature Tank (0 L)

CCWC SamaraStudios, Gembong West 235/117/31

Free Beach Sandals for gals and guys (0 L)

ShoesSimplyShoes SamaraStudios,GembongWest 232/151/31

Genofeva Top, PomjJeans blue and brown/green, belt

Joshua Tee, Michelle Tee (0 L)

DAMIANI, Plush Micron 172/107/23

Elise 2 Mary Janes black (0 L)

TeslaFlagship, Tesla 42/59/74
Fab Hazel

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Quickie: Styled by GIZ`Z and TEKUTEKU

GIZ free WAVE DRESS GREEN subscribeWhat a precious tip on the hotline, thank you! Immediatly I tped over to GIZ`Z GIZMO`S and touched the subscribe-o-matic outside the store. ( Click it again, now you have to choose History, and then click the first notice dated Mar 11,08 – subject Here`s a gift to all of you. Click exit and be patient, you will receive the wonderful Wave Dress Green in a few minutes).

This dress isn´t only for St.Patrick´s Day, it can be worn all over the year whenever you are in a green mood. Wave Dress Green comes with pants, flexi skirt and top (with sleeves, no sleeves). It´s only available as a subscribe-o-matic group gift in green until St.Patrick`s Day. So better go now. You will love this dress with it´s nice detailed top and the swinging skirt.

GIZ free dress backGIZ dress detail SpecialHair2008 dollarbie TEKUTEKUU

The hairstyles are available as dollarbies at TEKUTEKU Hair. WD Special Hair 2008 comes in such a nice contrasting color for green dresses and it´s cute. Freebie Hair Mens comes in black and it goes great for girls too. Freebie Hair and Freebie Hair 2 are female styles in brown with pretty accessoires. What do I like best? Hard to make up my mind but I think it will be the male style.

TEKUTEKUU dollarbie hair

Cher´s IrishCream Skin/shamrock (0L)

FabulouslyFree in SL, Talisman 230/192/24

Evergreen eyes (5pack free eyes 0 L)

MKNoaomi, Quenloo 135/232/48

Wave Dress Green (subscribe gift 0 L)

GIZ`Z GIZMO`S, Anala 215/212/79

FreebieHair2 (1 L), FreebieHairMens (1L)

WDSpecialHair 2008 (1 L),FreebieHair (1L)

TEKUTEKU Hair, Shinjuku 71/157/22

Black Elise2 Heels (0L)

TESLAFlagship, Tesla 42/59/74

Fab Hazel