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Laugh, Swing, Groove, Love, Live and Trust in Linden

How to do the title justice? It´s easy 🙂

Tp over to GiGi Couture, Juicy 217, 22, 25, and do a little hunt for 3 big, big boxes. There are 2 floors, and on the second floor you have to look twice and look hard, `k? Buy the boxes for 0 Linden and you can Laugh (lowcut jeans), Live (red jeans) and Love (jeans overall, comes with skirt prim too). Jeans are my favorites 🙂

Now you need something to swing. Head over to J7L designs, Artists Island 44, 212, 85 and grab your free Swing Chick Top and BasicFlipFlops white (boxes sitting on the ground along with other non free items!). I love retro look too 🙂

Here´s your tp to Gbberish Boutique, Knightsbridge 125, 91, 22. Click the big sign to get your free Underground Groovy Baby T-shirt (male) and top (female). Groovy, Baby 🙂

Now, to be able to get all freebies … you have to trust in Linden … you shall fear no lag …. although your alt is a neko 🙂 Don´t worry … I´m fine *grin* You have to take a look for yourself to understand what I mean, there`s a place with tons of funny tees! Samantha Poindexter (thank you!) mentioned her shirts on the tip hotline: Samantha`s T-shirts, Caledon Penzance 202, 33, 23. Each t-shirt comes in several amazing colors to bright up your day 🙂 It´s shareware, it´s free …. but well worth any donation 😉

What else? My hair is Brat in vanilla blonde (1 L) by Diversity Hair, and my free skin (Cher blogged it here) is MMSZero SunTan Gift A by Minnu Model Skins


Tooltime! LISA`s waiting at TORRID Wisteria Gardens

LISA´S Rose Sexy OverallLISA´S Things offers a pink overall for free! This sexy thing comes with flared pants as well as boot pants and a jacket layer. So you can wear tees or blouses or just a bra underneath. I prefer to wear Lisa`s Rose Sexy Overall with ….. nothing. Beyond the tool belt, of course 🙂

This freebie is inside the store in the overall´s vendor (on the wall). And only the pink one is for free!

The cute Wisteria Gardens tool belt I´ve found someday under a wisteria at Tapioca Tastes Fine Furniture/Tesh Gardens. The box includes small and large belt and a hat, too. At your landingpoint you are right in front of it.

Wisteria Gardens Tool Belt

The shirts (Men`s long tee in red,blue,black,green,gray and Torrid tee short) I´m wearing in the picture you can get at GNUbie Store. There´s a freebie wall with items by TORRIDWear.

Lisa´s Overall TorridWear men´s shirtLisa´s Overall TorridWear woman shirt short

Rave Skin-AnotherSkin MakeUp Mod (1 L)

FLUKY, Gateaux Boulevard 96/138/22

Lisa`s Rose Sexy Overall (0 L)


Men´s long T, women´s tee short by TORRIDWear (1 L each)

GNUBie Store, Indigo 227/71/31

TORRIDWear, Chartreuse 156/82/32

Sneakers – 4 styles (0 L)

Wardrobe Trunk, Innenstadt 69/53/23 

Wisteria Gardens Tool Set (o L)

TeshGardens/TapiocaTastesFineFurniture, Wisteria 129/148/23
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