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*lily muera*

*La muera*…. sound beautiful… but I have no idea what it means, so I googled it, and found it has something to do with the weather or temperture. Whatever it means it’s a beautiful name for this beautiful skin from Exodi, ty Ryker Beck for this gift. Enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

Exodi – La muera gift skin – oL (4 skintones/ brow options and prim eyelashes)(pick reward gift; takes up 24-48 hours for the script to recognize your pick!)

Farah for FabFree

Exodi – Lily 80’s Night gift skin – oL; Zbilja eyes pack – oL (groupgifts in notices; NOT free to join; )

other items shown: On the catwalk – mauve dress; W&Y – brown hair (mauloa opening gift); pose by striking poses.


xxx Farah


lots of dresses for you!

 Some new items to share with you… I hope u like them! Only dresses in this post! I am totally in love with the new Shiloh skin from Exodi, although it’s not free.. it’s absolutelty gorgeous, and I am addicted, and can’t take it off! Sowwy. Also I created some necklaces, which are for sale for 1L$ each at my shop chuculet ! Some are shown below. Sooo.. last thing… I stalked the Icing lucky chair all day yesterday… it’s soo crowded, soo also laggy, but letters change quick.. soo it’s up to you guys.. just be nice, patient and stay friendly please! xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

zif’s – zif zumba black dress – 0L

chuculet – ava necklace silver smokey night – 1L

other items shown: heels by yourskin*yourshape, hair piper by maitreya.

 Farah for FabFree

Icing – Pizzicato Poppies Dress – oL (lucky chair) (I stalked this chair a whole day… lol.. it’s really crowded at the place, soo this is your time to go.. but.. please be patient, and be friendly!! Enough for everyone!)

TwinkleBerry – Felice – verde set – oL (luckyboard)

other items shown: hair amber by maitreya, peeptoe heels by skgshoes (5L offer of the week)

 Farah for FabFree

SKG shoes – Barbara/Amanda dress – 5L (offer of the week; two belt options)

SKG shoes – Katia Peeptoe pumps orange – 5L (offer of the week; two belt options)

chuculet – ysa necklace gold – 1L

ETD – Jolleen hair – 1L (colorpack in freebie shop, use teleportsign)

 Farah for FabFree

Towa – balloon dress – 1L (opening gift zenith mall; also matching prim nails – 1L, i am wearing them.. but u can’t see it .. i think… )

other items shown: laynie hair from Exile, chi chi pumps from Maitreya, Pig socks (old groupgift)


all pictures:

All skins shown are from Exodi  (former Genesis) – Shiloh Skins (not free!).

All poses are by KS2Cool.

Eyes by Tuli – luminous brown.

Eyelashes by On the Catwalk – Doe.



a little note: if you are into RL styling and want to play with fashion and different looks, you should definitaly join LookLet at http://looklet.com/. Sign up and start creating those looks, be your own stylist… I am NOT signing up, cause it seems soo addictive.. and well I like SL-(freebie)-fashion just enough! xxx

a little second note: these windlight settings by Caliah Lyon are easy to set up for anyone (i tried, and i’m blonde! ;))! They will make your avatar look prettier without using face lights and no shadows will be seen. But the best thing is: u can use them as your default settings! (which is new to me, cause I kept changing to my WL settings everytime I logged in!)



xxx Farah

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pick one, or two… even or tree!

Different people, different styles… what’s yours?!



Farah for FabFree

pic 1:

total betty – top and pants – oL(subscribogift)

sasquatch – tiara – oL

other items: drown – pink tutu; bax coen – heels (not free; blogger appreciation week gift); etd – felicity hair; glow studio – smudges tears (update: these were free, but limited soo it seems.. soo sorry :(:( i just checked it again today(22 may 09))

Farah for FabFree

pic 2:

Hal hina – zipper dress (different skirtoptions) – 0L (20 min camping); socks – 1L; knit bolero – oL (groupgift)

plus – tweed bag – 1L

truth – jess hair – oL (all colors)

chuculet – bangles – 1L; necklace – 1L


Farah for FabFree

pic 3:

lamb – teased up – restaurant ketchup hair – oL (groupgift in notices, don’t know for how long, be quick! Check out the store… it’s tooo cute!)

cks design – tshirt dress – oL (subscribogift)

on the catwalk – green envy skin – 1L (my first skin-love-addiction.. wanted to share it again… old, but still very very good!!)

other items: pig – socks (old I ❤ the starlust gropugift); chuculet – jewelry – 1l/each


xxx Farah



Ohla! Hope you are having a great easter! I am… I ate sooo much… i totally can’t sleep anymore.. soww went on freebie hunting for u.. and found some great skins!!

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

Diversity – Inanna Skins Sneak Peak- 0L

 Farah for FabFree

*Free Spreerit – Fun Skins – 1L; Eyes pack – 0L*

Farah for FabFree

*Free speerit – Kimberly Skin (groupgift) & Sonia Dress (0L)*

Free Speerit  (Kimberly skin is in the New Skin section – activate grouptag!)

Farah for FabFree

Imagen – Irene este humo skin – 0L (lucky chair)

On the Catwalk  – necklace – 0L (groupgift)


Other items:

 All hair and eyes shown are from Free Speerit!

[chuculet] – chloe shape – 1L


xxx Farah

I’m On the Catwalk!

 Farah for FabFree


On the Catwalk – Ed Hardy Dress – 0L (groupgift)  (also huge skin sale if u can afford it, 250L/ skin in stead of 1250L)

On the Catwalk – skin – glossed apparition – light tan (250L-sale) (also great l$1 skins in store, and skins in the lucky chair!)

HoC Industries  – Stilleto Heels (color change) – 30L (great store! Check it out, also great stuff for MEN!!)

Philotic Energy – Kama hair – 1L (all colors)

[glow] studio  – eyelashes (not free)


xxx Farah

Exclusive gifts!

Now I’ve never been to this store before, but it sure is worth a ‘hopping’ over to see all the beautifull creations AnaLee Balut makes! I think her style is exclusive and excentric.. soo I’ve your fed up with all the same regular kind of safe fashion head over to ALB designs! The great thing is there are now freebies available for us:

Farah for FabFreeFarah for FabFree*ALB Designs – Pearl Hat (groupgift in notices; Join Lamu group); Dior Hat (groupgift in store)*


Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

*ALB Designs – Eyelashes – oL; Hair Beyonce Platinum from Alli Alli Designs*

AnaLee Balut Designs – Hat and Lashes

AlliAlli Designs – Blond Beyonce Hair

Now I could tell you everyday.. or I could not tell you everyday… Lemania Indigo should be your regular stop as they have a daily dollarbie at their store and well that’s OMG sooo generous! Todays dollarbie: (forgive me if it poofs I’m in a different time-zone (european) and I am an idiot at understanding AM/PM time)


*Blue Iced dress, feels like Cinderella right?*


*Bunny Hop gift- Laura Dress*

Lemania Indigo – Daily Dollarbies!



xxx Farah


Pose away!

DieselWorks knows what u sexy ladies want: a pose barstool! Comes with 5 different poses!

 Farah for FabFree

*want a Dorito?*

Farah for FabFree


DieselWorks – Bar Stool – 0L (group and pickrewards gift, soo you’ll prob have to wait 48 hours if you don’t have DW in your picks yet ;)… worth waiting for!)

From Ultra Kitty – doritos and necklace red pump – 0L (groupgifts)

SKG Shoes – Pumps in Orange and Green – 5L (offer of the week!)

Soowwwyy not free..:(:

– hair by vintagewear

– dress by fishy strawberry

– eyelashes by on the catwalk

– skin by bebae


xxx Farah

Monday Freebies!

I had a whole lot of emails from SL… in my inbox, soo I could see what was going on in SL… I just didn’t had the time to log in.. soo that was a crime for me! But the good news is… today I can log in! yay!! Soo gonna grab all the goodies from the past days.. and here you go… a first post with great goodies! Enjoy ^^



*cute dress from Malt Fashion – subscribo gift*

MALT Fashions moved to a new sim, and there is a HUNT (!!) going on at the new Island. Items from Malt and Spork. You have to find 10 Malt logo’s or 5 sporks, and each item contains a new collection item. The thing is you have to buy them for 50L each. If you can afford it.. be sure to check it out. If you want to see all the items that are available in this hunt, see this blog post by Gabi!


*donut jewelry from EarthStones – groupgifts*

Malt Fashion – purple dress – 0l (subscribo gift)

ChiChikie – hair – 0l (subscribo gift) -> blogged earlier by Renee here

BishWear – hair – Black – 0l

EarthStones – Jewelry – 0l (subscribo gift, group gifts and gifts in store!)

Skin – On the Catwalk – 0l (lucky chair (changes ever 5 min, check it out! lovely skins in there! ))

Bebae      – Coral Skin Gift – 0L (groupgift in notices; 100L to join Bebae group)


xxx Farah

Chai Skins!

A great deal… you can’t miss!

 *I am wearing: LF CHAI Double-Shot – Love 05*

Chai Skins has the most fabulous shop, with gorgous skins! So I’m very happy to tell you that there are randomly free gift-cards to collect! What do you have to do? Just be there and every 45 min. a gift-card with a value of L$950 is given out to one person in the store!  This all ends on the 1st of March!

This is the description from the store:

“1 free card good for 1 double-shot makeup given away to a new person anywhere in the store every 45 minutes!  This ends March 1st!  1 winner per round, limit 1 per customer.”

Once you have got a gift-card you click the door of your skin-tone and choose a make-up-style you like! There are also free hair-colorpacks at every door for black, blonde or brown eyebrows (and other body-hair;))!


A free skin? Need I say more?

Head over to Chai Skins!

Other links:

Maitreya – Pumps – 15 colors (subscro-gift/also still in history) – ol

Not Free:

Maitreya – Faye Hair – not free

 Babydoll – White lace lingerie

On The Catwalk – Eyelashes – Doe – not free

Tuli – eyes steel luminous

(ty Renee for tp-ing me… and well… stealing your blog-post… lol 😉 ❤ u)


xxx Farah


Lady Gaga…..


*Lady Gaga Facepaint by Fabulous…. ❤ it*

Convoitise – Gigi Black Dress – 1l

Fabulous – Face Paint – 0l (groupgift);  RecordBag – 1l

On The Catwalk – Fair Skin Serie – 0l (lucky chair)

Akers – Gloves (part of Zebra WildBeast Ouftit – (March Gift) – 0l

*New Mirada Black Boots from me… yes a dollarbie!*

Ruffian – Mirada Black Boots – 1l

Not free:

ETD –  Blond hair – not free

xxx Farah