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Noobia has a new home!


Just a quick post today to let you all know that Noobia has relocated.

For those of you who are not familiar with Noobia, it is a place where residents, under 30 days old, can go to find advice, FREEBIES and most importantly a home!  If you or someone you know is under 30 days old, and need a temporary home, you can teleport to Noobia and you’ll find a comfortable, inviting place to start your SL life.  Your temporary home has all the comforts you could ask for…a kitchen, dining area, living room, bedroom and even a bathroom!  It even comes with a pose stand so you can start learning to edit your clothing, hair and accessories.  Best of all…it is FREE!
Noobia3 Noobia2

There are also lots of FREE items available, such as clothing, hair, shoes and AOs, at the landing area and a staff of volunteers available to help ALL residents, new and established, find solutions to their questions.

If you are a new resident, under 30 days old and need a temporary FREE place to call home, or an existing resident looking for FREE items or advice…head on over to Noobia…a very friendly place to start or continue your SL experience!  You’ll also find Noobia listed on our FabFree ’30’ days list page.  Stop by to say hi or just say thank you for all the work they do to help new SL residents.

Happy Day! ❤ ❤



Hello Gorgeous!

I’ve been having a hard time to sleep lately, so I’ve been staying in SL more than I use to. So yesterday instead of going to a party I went to Somnia to check out what was new and I found some gifts, that I’m sure you’ll like.

There are some from the lucky boards but there are other ones from the win and wear system. The win and wear system is all about wearing a scratch off ticket in the same sim as the server and you scratch off three spots if they match you win a prize. If you want to have another chance just buy a new ticket for 20L.

There are tons of gifts at Somnia, so you might go check them out. 🙂


Left: Regality – Wine by Somnia (Free/0L/Lucky Board)
Right: Cuddle Smush by Somnia (New)


Left: Velveteen Spangle Gold by Somnia (Free/0L/Win and Wear)
Middle: Poofcake Lavander by Somnia (Free/0L/Lucky Board)
Bumper Pegs by Somnia (New)
Right: Pussy Jumper by Somnia (Free/0L/Lucky Board) 

I’m also wearing: 

Hair: Althea by Truth
Parvati by Truth

Have fun shopping! Xoxo 🙂

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Let’s Go To the Library!!!

There are new complete avatars in everyone’s library.  Farah showed many of the hairstyles that were recently added.  I’m here to show the new complete avatars that were added on March 31, 2010!  I’m actually wearing the shapes that are included with each set so that you can see it all.  To find these items open your inventory, then find the library folder.  Look under clothing and you will find the newly added items in the Initial Outfits sub-folder.  There are 6 new complete female and 6 male avatars.

❶ Female City Outfit  ➋ Female Designer Outfit (comes with a blue and pink shirt and scarf option)  ➌ Female Goth Outfit

➍ Female Party Outfit  ❺ Female Rocker Outfit  ❻ Female Student Outfit (Comes with different color variety for the hair and a black skirt)

❶ Male City Outfit  ➋ Male Designer Outfit (Comes with different shirt colors)  ➌ Male Goth Outfit

➍ Male Party Outfit  ❺ Male Rocker Outfit  ❻ Male Student Outfit