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Natures Hunt Treasures of the Ocean

Before I got the writing position for FabFree I was doing the NHTOTO hunt. Here’s a few of the hunt gift’s.
Saris Creation's SS Sany-NHTOTO
This cute little bikini is Sari’s Creations hunt offering. It includes the bikini, hip and top knot, and the flip flops. Michigan’s Shack has this awesome Under the Sea Photo Scene. The photo scene is complete with plants, fish, swim animation and BUBBLES. You’ll be set to swim with the fishes and take some awesome underwater photo’s.

!~DD~! Hawaiian Seahorse Swimsuit & Sarong-NHTOTO
I love the colors in Destiny’s Designs Seahorse Swimsuit and Sarong from the hunt. This suit is just as sexy with or with out the sarong.  The flip flops from Sari’s Creations bikini matched perfectly. 

ViviDesigns Treasure Hunt Bikini & Sarong Set-NHTOTO
One more bikini before I go out on the town. This one is from Miss Darcy!  . I love the bright colors. This hunt gift also comes with snorkles and fins for scuba diving, but it’s getting late and i have a date I have to get ready for.


Wild Silk Corset Gown-NHTOTO

New York’s Finest Apparel has this beautiful Wild Silk Corset Gown for the hunt gift. I felt like Cinderella at the Ball. My date was so knocked out by this gown, he took me to The Rose Theater for a romantic night of dancing.


Sari’s Creations- NHTOTO Bikini ($0L)- http://slurl.com/secondlife/Venetian%20Beach/43/76/33

Michigan’s Shack – NHTOTO Photo Scene ($0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hawk%20Land/128/192/24

Destiny’s Design – NHTOTO Seahorse Swimsuit & Sarong ($0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hanbok/203/22/109

Miss Darcy! – NHTOTO Treasure Hunt Bikini & Sarong ($0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/tutu/121/158/1501

New York’s Finest Apparel – NHTOTO Wild Silk Corset Gown ($0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Leodegrance/121/160/79

Surfer Boy – part 2

As promised, here are more beach looks from the Skate ‘N Surf Hunt that runs from May 14th through June 14th.

StarChild Designs - 1920's Navy Stripe Swimsuit

StarChild Designs – 1920’s Navy Stripe Swimsuit


PARX Tank, Jean Short and Flip Flops

PARX – Tank, Jean Shorts, and Flip Flops


Before Sleep - Hunt Tank and Pants

Before Sleep – Hunt Tank and Pants


(NYF) - MENS Plaid Swim Shorts (2)

New York Finest Apparel – Plaid Swim Shorts


Beauty Code - Hawaii Pants (2)

Beauty Code – Hawaii Pants


22769 Bauwerk

22769 – Bauwerk


Sterling Artistry Boutique  - Windsurfing Sailboard

Sterling Artistry Boutique – Windsurfing Sailboard

Next, we’ll head off to the skate park for some asphalt surfing with more from the Skate ‘N Surf Hunt.

*StarChild Designs – 1920’s Navy Stripe Swimsuit ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*PARX – Tank, Jean Short and Flip Flops ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*Before Sleep – Hunt Tank and Pants ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*New York Finest Apparel – Plaid Swim Shorts ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*Beauty Code – Hawaii Pants ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*22769 – Bauwerk ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*Sterling Artistry Boutique – Windsurfing Sailboard ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*Poses – Glitterati
-Not Free-