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Back to School with Myself


It’s that time to head back to school and crack open those books once again. Luckily -Myself- is running a sale on marketplace with some great bargains on mens shirts, sweaters, and tanks. Above I am wearing the Yotam Sweater in Dark Red on sale for 50L and below the Mecohue Shirt in Blue on sale for 35L. I paired them with a nice pair of black and blue jeans from Gizza. My white mesh boat shoes are a group gift from Gabriel. The group is free to join and many past gifts are still available.


Too cool for school? Then slip into a pair of low rise jeans and a loose fitting shirt or tank. In the below pic, From -Myself- I am wearing the Classic Tank in Black on sale for 25L, Nathan Shirt in Green on sale for 50L, and Classic Tank Short in White on sale for 25L. I’ve paried them with the low rise denim jeans on sale at Dark Water Designs cart at the Cart Wash which come in white, black, and blue for 10L each. The Cart Wash sale is still going on! Everything is less than 10L, but it ends Sept 5th. So hurry on down!


My cool poses are a group gift from STAKEY and are from a pack of 6 poses called Joe Cool. At the time of this post the group has a small fee of 50L, but you get free gifts and discounts on new releases regularly. Rumor is the fee will be going up soon so join while it’s cheap!

Get the Stuff!

*-Myself- Marketplace Sale
Yotam Sweater-Dark Red- (50L sale)
Mecohue Shirt- Blue- (35L sale)
Nathan Shirt- Green- (50L sale)
Classic Tank- Black- (25L sale)
Classic Tank Short- White (25L sale)

*Gabriel- Mesh White Boat Shoes (0L Group Gift) (Free to Join)

*Dark Water Designs- Lowrise Denim Jeans (10L ea @ Cart Sale)

*STAKEY- Joe Cool Poses (0L Group Gift) (Costs 50L to join)

Complete the Look…

*Gizza- Classic Black and Blue Jeans (100L)

*Kumaki- Chrome Glasses (old gift)

*Exquisite Jewelry- Chunky Link Bracelet (old gift)

Make Him Over Hunt 4 #91 – 100

This post will complete the first 100 gifts on the Make Him Over Hunt 4. There’s lots of jewelry in this one guys.

MHOH4 # 91 - n-creation Soul Stone Necklace

#91 n-creation Soul Stone Necklace


MHOH4 # 92 - [KUSTOM] Male Sculpted Nipples Pierced

#92 [KUSTOM] Sculpted Pierced Nipples


MHOH4 # 93 - Myself - Formal Shirt, Wastecoat and Trousers

#93 Myself Formal Shirt, Wastecoat and Trousers


MHOH4 # 94 - Family Jewels Gold Platinum and Silver MHO Necklaces and Emerald Rings

#94 Family Jewels Gold, Platinum and Silver MHO Necklaces and Rings


MHOH4 # 95 - KOSH Enigma Necklace

#95 KOSH Enigma Necklace


#96 MHOH4 Gift  =PARX=   Corduroy Shorts

#96 PARX Corduroy Shorts


MHOH4 # 97 - THE ANCIENT TREE KIMONO SHOPS Black Silk Kimomo Outfit with Sword

#97 The Ancient Tree Kimono Shop Black Silk Kimomo Outfit with Sword


MHOH4 # 98 =GENOME LAB= Legacy Eyes

#98 GENOME LAB Legacy Eyes


MHOH4 # 99 - Fools Fate Blue Jeans

#99 Fools Fate Blue Jeans


MHOH4 # 100 - JUNGLE WEAR Striped V Neck Shirt Scims Jeans And Claws Sport Shoes

#100 Jungle Wear Striped V Neck Shirt, Scims Jeans And Claws Sport Shoes

*Make Him Over Hunt Gifts # 61 -70 ($0L)

*Poses – Glitterati, -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)


Willie Wonka? Mad Hatter? Depp!


I’ve been trying to win this skin for a week to show you and my letter finally came up last night. The Johnny Depp Shape and Skin is on both a Midnight Mania Board and a Lucky Chair at Tellaq Avaar Creations. The place has been busy with people waiting to get this skin. The skin is very detailed and will let you go from pirate to candymaker is seconds.

Depp Shape and Skin

The Myself formal Suit was given to FabFree members over the weekend from Myself. It’s still in the group notices if you want to grab it. by The NVM Quinn Hair Fatpack comes from Savoir Hair for just $1L. and to top it off, the Deluxe Top Hat came as a freebie from Tesla.


At Dressing Aphrodite I found The DA Tomcat Plaid Suit. It is part of the Giai Hunt that lasts until May 3rd. This has a quirky Deppish charm about it and who would question what Johnny wears?

Dressing Aphrodite Tomcat Plaid Suit

The poses are from Heartless Homes. Candyland was among seven different picture boxes for only $10L.

*Johnny Depp Shape and Skin MM and Lucky Chair ($0L)
TELLAQ AVATAR CREATIONS, Tropical Breeze (49, 62, 23)

*NVM Quinn Hair Fatpack ($1L)
Savoir Hair, TenFifteen (135, 73, 27)

*Tesla Deluxe Top Hat ($0L)
TESLA, Tesla (64, 73, 54)

*Myself Formal Suit FabFree Group Gift ($0L)
Myself – Clothes & Accesories, Fashion World (99, 115, 22)

*DA Tomcat Plaid Suit Giai Hunt ($0L)
Dressing Aphrodite, Aloha Sunray (17, 32, 446)

*Candyland Picture Box ($10L)
Heartless Homes, Sand Dollar Isle (195, 63, 22)


Sexy Friday

Outfit (shirt, pants and tie) Nano*style, skin from Mr Murder – Lover Boy and the goggles are from G-Hana

The shirt is from Nano*style Yellow Tshut – free, I found this necklace Gold Chain in *w*h* (water Halderman) for free, the urban pants are from Myself – old gift, shoe is from .::SM::. Ahnu’x green – not free,  the leg in plaster K2K, and belt is from KOSH – Charcoal Belt – not free.

Free outfit the cowboy at TRC (hat and pants)
Tshirts and swimwear also free at TRC
G-Hana has this nice purple tux in Lover’s Hunt #7.

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Outfits for Saturday!

Skin: Mr. Murder – Alex McWanker – free
Shirt: Totem – Valentine’s gift
Scarf: -Myself- Kufiya – Yellow – gift SAH #27
Pants: FK Virtues – Mens 23 Gray Jeans Capri – subscribe
Shoes: Inimitably Design – Star Casual Sneakers – gift SAH #8 (run! the store is closing)

Warm up

I have seen a lot of snow these days, so I think it is better to get warmer, even in my pixels life… if it is not your case now, use your imagination and let it snow! Get warm!
Hat: Agent Orange -Winter Hat – Chin (SLDGTH 10) hunt gift free

Shirt: Zenith Sweater – 2 colors – join the group

And we can’t forget our steps! Here it goes a hint for a cool pair of sneakers.
Outfit: Myself – free gift on the board’s prize
Shoes: Radikal Sneakers Red – add the store in the picks, wait 24-48 hs

For sure it is not good to heat your head, but don’t let it freeze too! So, here it goes a cap!

Hat: AVOID – JTFG Cap Hair – free hunt gift
Shirt: Hell Bop – Bobby – Black Shirt – dollarbie – only this week
Pants: Mortality – Leather Pants –  Midnight Mania gift

Other Info:

Poses: Essential Soul Studio n Poses – not free

Cold enough

Maybe it is getting colder here, so I am really running after scarves… or maybe they are running after me!

I got this scarf for free at SF Design and also the pants.



Scarf and gloves – sf design
Top: Woody Jacket – Light Blue – Myself (not free)
Bottom: sundae jeans blue – november gift sf design
Shoes: Braxterz – Kalnins (not free)
Poses: EmmePose (old gift)

Me, Myself and you!

Visit Myself!

There is a new prize in the prize board (the one that works like an MM but there is no time to close… I have already blogged about it). For girls it is a top and jeans, a sexy and casual look. For guys it is a hoodie and green pants. So, just to remind you, when the board reachs the number of needed clicks, all participants get the prize. It may take hours or days, so as soon as you go there and click and invite your friends to click too, as faster you will receive your prize and there will be a new prize!

There are also some new freebies. For guys: two outfits made of two different pair of jeans and cool t-shirts and for girls pack of jeans and pack of top in one picture and a violet outfit full of details, such us scarf!



Myself  – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fashion%20World/100/115/22


Board prizes @ -Myself-

-Myself- has new male and female gifts in the prize boards. Those boards are different from MM or lucky boards. All you need to get these prizes is to invite your friends to get into Myself update group and touch the boards to reach the target and it is done! Everyone will get the prize. There is no limite time, whenever it reaches the target, everyone gets the gift. Also, when the gift is delivered, there will be a new gift to start over again, so it is a great chance!

myself man

Girls will get this violet look made of top and pants and guys will get this awesome hoodie.

myself couple


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Formal @-Myself-

When I joined SL there wasn’t so many ways to get freebies as we have today. When I think I saw them all, I find a new (interesting and very cool) one. Myself put a board where you just need to slap and when it reach the target everyone gets the prize. It doesn’t have a time limit as Midnight Mania boards, it can take hours or days, and anytime it reaches the target, everyone gets the prize! And the best things is: when the board deliver the prize, the owners change the gift! They usually give complete outfits: one for boys and one for girls!


This current turn has for girls an outfit composed of skirt, top and jacket and needs 400 slaps and for guys it is a formal shirt and pants and needs 250 slaps.



Myself – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sarhina/201/222/32