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a hunting we will go…

Good Morning Fabulous Ones.

I did two different hunts to get most of the items in my post today.  The first was the Moolto Sister Hunt.  In order to do this hunt you have to be part of their Moolto group which costs L$ 50.  You then go to the webpage and click on the name of the merchant to get not only their hint, but also a LM to their location.  Make sure you stop at the first one because in order to get the gift, you also have to be wearing the Moolto Glasses that you get from the bear there.  He’s big and you just click on him to get it.


I picked up mine at the 7 Deadly s{K}ins location.

The second hunt I did was the Fashion Story Fair 2013 Hunt, You pick up the HUD from the little booth right at the landing point.  Then you wander around the sim looking for these tiny magazine stack… These each give you a different suitcase.  You are looking for the suitcase that is “OPEN”, this will give you a landmark to the Secret Dressing Room.  In the dressing room, are items from the merchants that are set at L$ 5.  I liked all the suitcases.. so I ran around picking them all up even after I found the one that was open 😀

See the credits below 🙂


skin7 Deadly s{K}ins: Moolto Sister Hunt skin (FREE) (This is part of the Moolto Hunt)

eyes: ND/MD – Mooneye – Ambernight (FREE) (This is part of the Moolto Hunt)

jacket: Legal Insanity – winter parka pink (FREE) (This is part of the Moolto Hunt)

bracelets: [DIVA store] DIVA Mesh Bracelet – Gold v1 (FREE) (This is part of the Moolto Hunt)

slink appliers: -[By*Snow]- The Bug Collection: Wearable Demo (FREE) (You can find these on the second floor, left side.)

earrings: :{MV}: Twisted Elegance Earrings (FREE) (This is a group gift for the [Acid Lilly] – You can find this gift at Acid Lilly Gallery.)

glovesLe Poppycock *Lucky Leopard Gloves* (FREE) (This can be found at the Fashion Story Fair @ the Le Poppycock location there.)


suitcases: FSF Suitcase (FREE) (I picked up 29 of these from around the Fashion Story Fair 2013 sim.  This was in an effort to find the one that was open and had the linkie to the Secret Dressing Room, Where I purchased the following…)

sunglasses: Marshmallows:: Mesh Sunglasses – Black/Gold (L$ 5)

broach: ASO Lace Rose Broach (pink) (L$ 5) (There are 8 different colored ones you can buy @ L$5 a piece)

shirt/skirt: -[Liv Glam]-: Boutique-[Summer 13] Spanish Wine Hud 1 (L$ 5)

stockings: -[Gawk!]- White Dotted Tights B (L$ 5)

hatLe Poppycock *Eighties Hat* (L$ 5)

There are a number of other items you can buy in the Room all set at L$5.  Happy Hunting 😀

hair: .ploom. Camille – Candy (streak) (L$ 90) (You can find this at My Attic event @ the Deck.)

Next is a Pose Gift, You get 11 static single poses


and you get 5 couple poses


poses: Diesel Works – Sept Gift Pose Pack (FREE) (This can be found towards the back of the store on the ground)

Ethan’s outfit: .::[NerdMonkey*Clothes] – [male urban outfit] (L$ 150) (I found this on the Marketplace @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NerdMonkeyClothes-male-urban-outfit/4851304)

Care’s shoes: fri.day – Peggy.T-Straps (Midnight) (No longer available) (Check out their store, because they have a pair of Janes that are very similar.  You can pick up the demo on the Marketplace @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/fri-JaneHeels-DEMO/5211554)

Well, I hope you all have an amazing day… This woman is gonna go lay down!! *big hugs*……………………….till next time……………………….care ❤

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Mobile Living

PeKaS - Wolfenstein Outfit, G.O.T.H. - Destroyer Boots

I wonder how long I can park here before the police make me move again? There are new Midnight Mania items on the boards at PeKaS. One of the gifts available to be won is the Wolfenstein Outfit. Is outfit includes a brown leather jacket, a ripped t-shirt and brown pants. I picked up the Destroyer Boots, one of the many group gifts at G.O.T.H.

I’m still rockin’ the Mohawk I found on the MOOLTO Sisters Hunt at CaTwA. The hair comes in three shades. One of the other gifts I found at :sey is the Edokin Necklace. The gift room is worth checking out. Oh great, here comes a squad car. I better hook the trailer back up.  -sigh-

sey - Edokin Necklace,  CaTwA - Mohawk


* PeKaS – Wolfenstein Outfit ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board

* :sey – Edokin Necklace ($0L)

* G.O.T.H. – Destroyer Boots ($0L)
Group Gift

* CaTwA – Mohawk ($0L)
Moolto Sisters Hunt

* Poses – !bang
-Not Free-


:sey hey!

Sey - Silver - balck Leather Jacket, Union Cross Jeans, Onyx Sandals

Did you know that in the depths of :sey there is a room full of free gifts for both men and women? I put together an outfit from all the great gifts that can be found there. I picked out the Silver/Black Leather Jacket, the Union Cross Jeans and the Onyx Sandals.

I found the Mohawk at CaTwA on the MOOLTO Sisters Hunt. You need the MOOLTO Glasses to see the gift. If you need a pair, go here. My outfit was still lacking something so I ventured back to :sey and picked out the Cuffs Necklace/Earring Set.

sey - Cuffs Necklace-Earring Set, Catwa - Mohawk

Thanks Paco for the great tip!


* :sey – Silver/Black Leather Jacket ($0L)
* :sey – Union Cross Jeans ($0L)
* :sey – Onyx Sandals ($0L)
* :sey – Cuffs Necklace/Earring Set ($0L)

*CaTwA – Mohawk   ($0L)
MOOLTO Sisters Hunt

* Poses – !bang
-Not Free-


MOOLTO Brothers?

[Gentleman] -  Spirit-Jacket

The MOOLTO Hunt isn’t just for the sisters anymore. You can find some really nice items for the guys on the latest hunt like the Spirit-Jacket and White Wife Beater at the [Gentleman Store].

Find the Kal Skin at AKERUKA. This skin comes with cuts and bruises and would be great for any type of fight roleplay. Be sure to join the MOOLTO Group and pick up your MOOLTO glasses before you start hunting.

AKERUKA -  Kal  Skin

* [Gentleman Store] – Spirit-Jacket and White Wife Beater ($0L)
MOOLTO Sisters Hunt

* AKERUKA – Kal Skin ($0L)
MOOLTO Sisters Hunt

* Poses – OoO Studio
Not Free

Fab Carson


Moolto Sisters Hunt

The Moolto Sisters Hunt is going on right now and runs until 31st March. This is an interesting hunt as there is a special way you have to do things to be able to claim your prize. Be sure to follow the instructions below or else you won’t get the prizes.

1. You will need to wear special glasses to be able to find the prizes, You can get your glasses HERE. The should come inside the Hunt Box so you will need to open that. As soon as you get them, wear them!

2. Join the http://www.moolto.com group in world.. search http://www.moolto.com in group search or join via my profile! You will need to wear a group tag to claim your prizes!

3. Go to each store involved in the hunt and then hunt out little white bags and touch them to recieve your prize! The bags look like this below..

Here are a selection of the prizes you can find along the way! There are heaps more though! For a complete list of designers and SLURLS to their stores, take a look at the Moolto Sisters Hunt Blog

+ Gown by Evies Closet

+ Hunt Dress by AZUL

+ Gown by Morea Style

+ Flouris Gown by Fellini Couture

+ The Ari Sweater by Cynful Clothing
+ Goldy Skirt by Les Petite Details

+ Wish Hair by Elikatira ( not free )
+ Group Gift Spirit skin by Heartsick ( 100L Group Fee )
+ Elven Ears by Illusory ( not free )
+ Ballet Flats by Duh ( old hunt gift, not available )
+ Poses by oOo Poses, Runway Agapee, Lovesick, Del May, Flowey, Marukin, Don’t Freak Out!, Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses