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Sweeter Than Candy? It’s Only a Decoy!

Pink - Floral Calliope Babydoll Tunic (STC)

Congratulations Candace!  This bright pink floral babydoll dress was sent to the Sweeter Than Candy after the sub-o group reached 9000 members!  The Inferno 88 jeans are free at Decoy.  If you haven’t made your way over there to Decoy, you should SOON!  Decoy is having a 2 year anniversary sale until October 12th.  Throughout the store you will find items marked half off and many items free… Even fat packs!  The hair is called Zoey and it was not free, but was half off at Decoy!  The black Leana heels are a dollarbie from Chuculet.  The pink handbag was sent to the Mondira Fashion sub-o group last night.  Join the sub-o then click again to check the history to receive this purse.  The pink handbag completes the ensemble for a classy look!

[FREE] GF - Long Sweater Halloween Set

Pink isn’t your color?  You can still achieve a classy look with the long sweater set from G FIeld.  The long short sleeve pumpkin orange sweater comes with a jack-o-lantern and plain version.  The gift also includes green tights.

[FREE] GF - Long Sweater Halloween Pumpkin

Looking for something a bit less casual?  This fun BronzeBronze dress is a dollarbie from SySy’s.  I’ve shown you the Eva skin from Rockberry already.  The face on this skin is truly adorable!  I love the freckled versions!  This skin is free at Rockberry for group members only!

SYSY's bronzebronze dress L$1


*Sweeter Than Candy: Floral Babydoll Dress (L$0)
Anders ( 154/63/27 )

*Decoy: Inferno 88 jeans (L$0), Zoey Hair (L$96)
Sunny ( 220/186/36 )

*Chuculet: Leana Heels (L$1)
Taunt ( 96/135/23 )

*Mondira Fashion: Pink Handbag (Sub-o – L$0)
Karpov ( 185/154/59 )

*G FIeld: Long Sweater Halloween Set (L$0)
YABU ( 165/99/24 )

*SYSY’s: BronzeBronze Dress (L$1)
Rigby ( 180/188/23 )

Rockberry: Eva 6000 Skins (Group – L$0)
Fusion ( 219/25/35 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Maldita Animation: poses (Not Free)
UK Couture Island ( 146/185/24 )



Filthy Girls Hunt For Hearts

This heart is yours.  Touch it.  Break it.  Open it.  The 14 Hearts Tour has a single heart within 14 different stores.  (Don’t worry, these hearts are EASY to find!)  This hunt started the 12th and will be out until the 14th, so hurry!


Here are just a few of the gifts you can pick up on the Hearts Tour.  Heart #1 is from K2K.  This heart has two different gifts for the ladies.  The black and white plaid pants comes with the pink tank and black leather Milano jacket.  The Valentine Belt is from heart #3 at *Joline-StYle*  Funkloch3…2!.  Heart 3 also has a gold bracelet, necklace, and earrings.


The other gift from K2K has this blue jean skirt and black tank.  Mix and match this look with the pink top or even the dirty  Valentine tank from Rebel.


rebel-sneaker-valentine-special-vendor1The “Be My Valentine” dirty tank is heart number 5 from Rebel.  This heart also has the Valentine sneakers.  These sneakers come in sizes for the ladies and for the men of SL.


You can grab heart #7 at Husky GFX.  This heart has a sailor tattoo, black baggy pants, a red leather jacket, and a black leather cap.


Heart # 11 from Tattoo Shop ‘Irezumi-ya’ has this rose tattoo.  This tat is great for both men and women.  Heart #8 from Poof Mania has a Happy Valentine Day telepoofer.

tattooHeart # 13 from One Soul, has black shorts, pink tank, and short blue knit over shirt.  Where these shirts seperate or layer them.


Heart #9 from Worldwide Industries has a red heart string bikini, black cropped stick guy shirt, and Vday socks.


The maroon lace bra and panties are from heart #12 at Mondira Fashion.  This lingerie set is perfect for dirty girls… and clean ones as well.


Heart #10 is from Indi Designs.  This heart has a gift for the ladies and for the men.


Syler helped me out to show the gift for the men in the Indi Designs heart.


The hair is a limited time freebie at Simply Britnee.  This style is called Inevitable and comes in a fatpack of colors.  The Filthy skin is free from [42].  This skin come in the medium, neutral, pale, and tan tones.



All of the poses are from Striking Poses.  There are always several dollarbie poses and 4 lucky chairs (I frequent these chairs daily).  Also, there are two half price pose sets within the glass room.  This morning while at Striking Poses, I looked across the street and saw this awesome black teddy from SD Wears.  This lingerie is in the midnight mania board.  Go by and click this board so we can all get this sexy teddy.



*K2K: #1 (L$0)
Magic ( 9/196/31 )

*Funkloch3…2!: #3 (L$0)
Isle of Tharen ( 140/203/30 )

*Rebel: #5 (L$0)
Isle of Tharen ( 140/203/30 )

*Husky GFX: #7 (L$0)
Chinook ( 111/173/26 )

*Poof Mania: #8 (L$0)
Candyland ( 119/57/27 )

*Worldwide Industries: #9 (L$0)
Hello ( 194/83/301 )

*Indi Designs: #10 (L$0)
Blue Sky ( 235/40/312 )

*Tattoo Shop ‘Irezumi-ya’: #11 (L$0)
Oltonfell ( 148/175/53 )

*Mondira Fashion: #12 (L$0)
Karpov ( 188/143/59 )

*One Soul: #13 (L$0)
Shiitake Isle ( 141/125/27 )

*SD Wears: Midnight Mania Teddy (L$0)
Glenn ( 149/176/28 )

*Simply Britnee: Inevitable hair (L$0)
Juicy Del Mar ( 210/57/24 )

*[42]: Filth Skins (L$0)
TROPICANA ( 183/59/22 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$50)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )