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Make Him Over Hunt 4 #41 – 50

This post completes the first 50 gifts in the Make Him Over Hunt 4. /me takes a deep breath.

MHOH4 # 41 - Santero Cool Black Outfit and Mamba Shine Half Boots

#41 Santero Cool Black Outfit and Mamba Shine Half Boots


M H O H 4  # 4 2 -  R ob bi s h  Dog Tags

#42 Robbish Dog Tags


#43 Vamp Equip Co.Razor Blade Necklace-MHO4

#43 Vamp Equip Co. Razor Blade Necklace


MHOH4 # 44 - []pole[] Brown Cardigan and Red Striped Tee

#44 []pole[] Brown Cardigan and Red Striped Tee


MHOH4 # 45 - IC DESIGN & BOE T-Shirt, Jacket and Cap

#45 IC Design & BOE T-Shirt, Jacket and Cap


MHOH4 # 46 - ~~Moonlight Shapes~~ Victor Shape

#46 Moonlight Shapes Victor Shape


MHOH4 # 47 - =-momomuller  3M-= mens pose Sit Poses

#47 momomuller/3M Chair Poses


# 48 MHOH4  -VENUS Hunt Gift - My Guy Outfit

#48 Venus Fashions My Guy Outfit


MHOH4 #49 - HAVANA Pants T-Shirt  and Vest

#49 Havana Pants, T-Shirt and Vest

#50 Bescene Poses Pose Set – used in this post

*Make Him Over Hunt 4 Gifts 41 -50 ($0L)


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Class E

I’ve been out shopping all day and boy, am I tired!!! Good thing I got the July group gift from what next . The Shopaholic Chair is just what I needed to sit down and take off my Black Skosh Boots from Duh! When I was at the AQUA party the other night, a reader gave me a tip about several outfits at Class.E.top. On the 3rd floor in the men’s section is a room filled with eight different ensembles all for free. Have a look and enjoy.

CET ensemble 1

CET ensemble 2

CET ensemble 3

CET ensemble 4

CET ensemble 5

CET ensemble 6

CET ensemble 7

CET ensemble 8

*CET ensembles 1 – 8 ($0L)
Class.E.top, elie island (218, 96, 21)

*Duh! Men’s Black Skosh Boots ($30L)
Duh! , Katachi (216, 30, 22)

*{what next} Shopaholic Chair -July Group Gift- ($0L)
{ what next }, Hodgepodge (112, 96, 30)

*Additional poses by momomuller and Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-


Waiting by the Well

It’s a blah Summer afternoon. Quiet, peaceful and just relaxing at home. I got off my chair long enough to go to Style Extrem and pick up the SupSport Black Jacket for just $1L.

SE SupSport Black Jacket

While I was at Style Extrem , I also found SE’s Look 5 silver hoodie and green pants for $5L. I slipped into my A-BOMB Navy Blue Kelly Deck Shoes which was a sub-o gift from there.

SE look 5

If you prefer red, grab SE’s Look 6 which is also just $5L.

SE look 6

I think I’ll throw a coin in the fountain and see if my wish comes true….


*SE SupSport Black Jacket ($1L)
*SE Look 5 Green ($5L)
*SE Look 6 Red ($5L)
Style Extrem, Evalar (239, 175, 2701)

A-BOMB Navy Blue Kelly Deck Shoes – sub-o gift- ($0L)
A-BOMB, Snatch City (105, 49, 28)

*Poses, momomuller -Not Free-
momomuller, Chartreux (183, 195, 232)