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Magical Mondays

.:i *TOWA* i:. have two group gifts in their notices. TP to the store and join the group by clicking the green dress picture.. then open the notices and find these two awesome outfits.

The Green Short Wedding Dress is just so floaty and beautiful. The pictures really don’t do it justice as much as I tried.. sometimes things just need to be seen in person to appreciate them. There are other colours available at the store.

The Rainy Drop dress is just breathtakingly ethereal.. it almost reminds me of jellyfish.

Also by the door near the new releases, there is the freebie Lame Shiffon Black Dress.

Don’t forget to pick up the free Purple Glitter dress from the Free Corner!

The blonde hair worn in all the pictures is the Magic Monday hair at Magika called Abby which comes in a fatpack of blonde colours for 20L.

And at Mohna Lisa Couture you can pick up the Spring Dress group gift aswell as the Cheeky Rose group gift that I blogged previously. Simply join the group, wear your tag and tap the bags on the table.

Other Info
+ Hounds of Love Katt Light skin by &Bean ( not free 700L )
+ Tintable Cleavage Enhancer by Yourskin & Yourshape ( not free – 50L )
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses


O Fortuna velut Luna, statu variabilis

.. Or “Oh fortune, just as the moon stands constantly changing” taken from a latin poem called “Oh Fortuna!” which is part of the collection known as the Carmina Burana and goes on to express how fate and fortune can be so fickle and sometimes cruel. It is also .. quite appropriate for the first part of my post.

A friend IM’d me with much excitement about corsets as soon as I logged in today.. “come quick OMG there is a W!” she cried.. knowing how rare a W is to come up on Lucky Chairs, I scooted my butt over there! Pink Posh has four gorgeous Burlesque corsets up for grabs in their Lucky Chairs. The timer is set to 5 minutes so you don’t have to wait too long between rounds. TP your friends in and have a LC party!

This is Teal Coloured Corset.. I adore the slouchy stockings. So cheeky!

This is the Pink Corset.. there is also Black and Nature, which is a greeny colour and very pretty.. I will be going back for sure later to stalk the other colours. If you can’t wait and you want them now, these and other colours are available for 350L

On the Midnight Mania Board at OoEas! is this gorgeous lime green suade minidress called Prestige..

Please be aware Midnight Mania boards change regularly at some stores and although these were on the boards at the time of writing this they are subject to change.

PurpleMoon Creations have this gorgeous Pink Tutu style dress called Pink Orchid as their group gift. Simply join the group and slap the poster to be rewarded with floofy skirted yummyness! The Ashia Ballet Shoes are by SLink and are priced at 450L

Mohna Lisa Couture has a new group gift dress out in their store.

The new group gift is called Cheeky Rose and is uber sexy..

..And, If you didnt get the Vanilla dress last time.. You have to go get it. It is a stunner! Simply join the group and tap the two bags on the table to get the dresses.

If you want an interesting place to visit, then be sure to wander over to the Paris Eiffel sims where you can explore a replica of the Eiffel Tower and wander the many Parisienne streets to shop to your hearts content. Don’t forget the little booths at the feet of the Tower. There are a few freebies and bargains in these to grab while you are here so be sure to take a good look around.

This cute little spring time dress by A La Folie is in their stall for 10L

Paris Metro will also be making its new home here, and they will have a grand opening on May 1st. Right now though there is a new free gift on the third floor of their new store.

The little belly tattoo is included in the outfit, which I think is so cute.

Magika are having an event every monday called “Magik Monday” where they put a pack of hairs in a specific colour out for only 20L all day. Each week a new pack will be put out.

This weeks is called Nicole and is in a blonde colour set with 7 different tones. Above I am wearing the Platinum Blonde tone. The Starshine dress worn in this picture is from AngelBunny and is on special promotional price of 10L

And lastly, if you pop over to Oceanes Body Boutique they have a new group gift skin out for you too as a preview to their new range of skins called Shye.

And yes, I know my ears seemed to appear and disappear randomly through the post *laughs* Its magic *shhh*

Other Info
+ Yume Preview Skin by Heartsick stall at the Alt Fair 50L
+ Sarina Hair byJunwave ( not free )
+ Poses by Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses


They stole her heart and she laughed..

This post is bought to you with a random title created by my friend Claire who just happened to randomly say those words in IM today. She didnt know why.. I liked it and said “Im using it for my blog post title”.. so there you have it.

Hal*Hina have a new group gift of this little bobcut hairstyle called Haru in a fatpack of 12 colours. The shade I am wearing below is Platinum.

Simply search = Hal*Hina = in groups or check my profile and join up.. then tp to the store and touch the poster on the board just inside the entrance way. And don’t forget to pick up their Dollarbie Ribbon Socks on the table to the right of where you walk into the store.

They have been out for a while now, but always worth mentioning again because they are just so sweet.

Mohna Lisa Couture have two sexy dresses available as group gifts. Join up and click the gift bags instore to get them.

This dress is called Dolce and the one below is called Vanilla Cream which I think is just so gorgeously romantic. It also comes with a two skirt choices..

Mimi’s Choice is a little store with a collective of designers inside and if you wander its displays, you will find some awesome free gifts from these amazing creators.

Connors by Salah Axel have this Freebie dress found in a little hemp bag next to their display.

S&F Designs by swaffette Firefly has this shirt and pullover combo as their March gift infront of their display

Im wearing it with the Dark Blue Lowrise jeans you can buy at AQUA for 70L.

MEB by MariaElena Barbosa have these chocolate stilleto shoes as their freebie gift. Worn with the knee high socks from Mother Goose which are a Dollarbie fatpack of 11 pairs. The cute panties are also from a Dollarbie fatpack of 13 pairs, each with an adorable pattern on them. You can find them all in their Dollarbie shed with oodles more goodies to choose from including skins and this cable knit cardigan..

Sassy! have their Beloved mini dress/top in Violet for their group gift. Simply join up and hit the box on the counter at the front of the store to receive it.

Also don’t forget to slap the Midnight Mania board while you are there and try your hand at the Lucky Chair.

.::Delicious::. have a group gift out also, again tp to the store, join the group and click the poster just inside the door to get it..

Upstairs is a Midnight Mania Board and some Lucky Chairs stacked with more goodies aswell as a discount section.

Other Info
+ Eva skin in tone 2 by Tuli ( not free – though there is a group gift skin available in notices, there is a 250L joining fee )
+ In to my arms hair by Tiny Bird ( not free )
+ Poses by Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses (not free)