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Pale blue eyes so far away

Fishy Strawberry released a free Natalie skin in their subscribo last night to showcase their new range that was released earlier in the week.

Simply join the subscribo and check the notices! It should be the first one on the list. Don’t forget to take a look at their free gifts section. to the left of the entrance as you walked in. You can find this cute “Wash Day” Lingerie set as a freebie!

The new look Mischief store is open! They have also released a new group gift via their subsribo of a set of Lacy tank tops.

This picture shows three of the colours, but there are infact 6 inside the pack.. Again simply join the subscribo and check the notices to get your paws on them.

Remember yesterday I said to slap the Midnight Mania board at Sassy? Well this is the gift inside if you are lucky enough to get on the board..

I can’t help but be reminded of Olivia Newton Johns outft at the end of Grease… I think its the latex capri pants. Yeah I know hers were leather!

Talking of latex.. Envy Designs has this striking Electric Blue Zion dress as their group gift in store.

It kinda makes me feel like I should be a Superhero! I love it! You can find it at the back of the store, where the Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania boards are. Join the group and hit the poster on the wall to get it!

Inga Wind have a spring hunt going on in their store.. search for 12 rose petals to claim parts of this stunning outfit complete with wings and a rose wand..

Topaz Square have a sexy little black cocktail dress as a free gift in their store

You also get the shoes, the necklace and a set of earrings that I am wearing in the picture inside the gift too!

Other Info
+ Poses by Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses (not free)


All because of you, I believe in Angels

Curious Kitties have this adorable group gift hair. Simply tp, join the group and then slap the poster while wearing your tag.

I couldnt resist teaming it with the Emerald Careless Whisper negligee from AQUA, which isnt free or on offer at the moment, but is still hawt and is only 150L for a full set. The Afrika choker is the new group gift from Yourskin & Yourshape and comes in both the silver Im wearing and a gold colour.

This adorable cherry dress is from C More and is a dollarbie on the desk. I just love it! Its so much fun!

The boots worn are another pair of the McQueen inspired boots by Megg Demina. Not free Im afraid, but you can buy them from her Heroes of Fashion Exhibit.

Mischief is having a 50% off sale which is well worth visiting. I went and scooped a few bargains to show you, but there are heaps more on offer with almost all of the seperates under 100L.

The Sweet Shrug in Rose is 50L and the Everyday Jeans in Dark are 70L

The Up or Down skirt in Crimson is 70L.. the White camisole is a freebie from Fri.day found on a shelf inside the store. The Short Boots are free from Marie as is the hair worn in this picture. You can find them on a little shelf just infront of where you tp in and the hair is on the wall just above.

The finger tapes in the pictures are a dollarbie from Luck Inc and my Elf Ears are the Stary Ears Chase of the Beast Hunt prize from Gauged

Other info

+ June Skin Curio ( not free)
+ Backslash hair from Magika ( not free )
+ Prim Feet from SLink ( not free )

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’twas the night before Christmas (eve that is)

Uncleweb has put a group gift of hair in their notices! One style for men and the other for women although the male style could work on a girl too. Search Uncleweb in groups, join and check the notices!

Im also wearing the Charlie sweater which was one of the 6 gifts from the subscribo at Mischief that Renee blogged below and the Dollarbie Elf Ears from Buried

 This is Nao wearing the guy hair. I think its pretty cute. He is also wearing the Dollarbie Elf Ears from Buried

An oldie but goodie are these two gowns from Yuli which are both Dollarbies on their discount wall with a few other items. You can buy the gift box on the pedestal nearby to get all the outfits on the wall for 1L or you can pick from the wall and pay 1L per item.

The gorgeous hair worn in both pictures is from the hair hunt at Berenice Mall. Find 12 boxes.. each one has this hairstyle from Biedermans inside but in a different colour. I love the little glittery snowflakes all over the hair!

Still itching for a cute Xmas outfit? Well this is the subscribo gift from Nushru and its adorable. You can find shoes in the subbo too, the gifts are the first two notices so don’t forget to get both.

Then if you still want some more Xmas clothing cheer, get in your sleigh and fly over to Courtisane and give thier subscribo some Holiday love. Check the notices and get these cuties.

Finally go to Heartsick  and take a look at this gorgeous frozen skin that is available in the store for 50L. You get 1 make up in the pack, but you have two skins so you can boost your cleavage or be more modest.

The skin matches the new “Cool Schmool” ears that I bought from Elfpyre perfectly. The ears arent free, but they are so cute with the icicles hanging from them.


She’s not the kind of girl to cause mischief (not much anyway), but if she were, this is just the dress she’d wear to cause it.

limischiefYou can cause trouble.. er.. get this dress too, but only until 9:00 am tomorrow morning. After that it’s gone forever, and with it your opportunity for Mischief. It’s only 1L$, so go ahead.. take a chance.

Get it. Own it like no one else can.

Only at Lemania Indigo Designs:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lemania/149/166/30

Other details:

~ Shang

My Betrayed Heart

In a previous post I briefly mentioned the Betrayed Heart hunt that is going on right now. At this point in time I’d like to say YOU MUST DO THIS HUNT!


From the hunt note card:

The hunt is spread over 3 sims. Though the stores are located on the Mischief, Tully and Illusion sims, it does not include all of the stores on the sims. Therefore, you will not find any of these hunt hearts anywhere other than in or around the listed stores.

You are looking for a number of hearts. The hearts may be located in any number of locations both inside and outside of the stores.

Each heart is named in the order of how many there are to find, so you will know when you have found them all:
“Betrayed Heart *DD* 4 of 10” is the 4th heart from *Dilly Dolls*
“Betrayed Heart GLD 2 of 6” is the 2nd heart from GL Gesigns

This hunt is separate from the Vain hunt, so please be respectful of the other hunters.

Please follow these few rules during the hunt….

1. DO NOT use the hunt store groups to tell others where the hearts are located. If you wish to help someone, please IM them directly.
2. DO NOT spam other groups about the hunt. Again, if you wish to tell someone about it, please IM them.
3. DO NOT try to block/hide the hearts from others.
4. DO NOT shout out the locations to other hunters. Some people enjoy taking their time, and do not want it ruined for them because some people have gotten impatient.
5. Once you have found all of the hearts, please TP out of the area so that others can come and do the hunt, and to help keep the lag to a minimum.


Shown above:  Heartbreaker Lolita from Dilly Dolls.

bhhShown above: Dress and shoes from GLD, hair (Pippin) from Bryce.

bhh2Shown above: Eyeglasses and clothes from Forbidden Thorn, hair (Edo) from Bryce.

Heart locations….

*Dilly Dolls*:  10 hearts located in and around the main store (Illusion)

GL Designs :  10 hearts. 5 are in and around GL Designs main store, 3 in Tully (near Bryce) and 2 in Illusion (by *DD*)

Bryce:  8 hearts located in and around the main store (Tully)

Forbidden Thorn: 6 hearts located in and around the shop (Tully)

Mischief :  12 hearts located in and around the main store (Mischief Isle)

Gypsy Soul:  4 hearts located in and around the shop (Tully)

Wicked Resistance:  2 hearts  located in and around the shop (Tully)

~ Shang