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Someone Stole My Clothes… But FATE intervened!

Fabulously Free in SL - Someone stole my clothes.... but  FATE intervened!

You never know how you’re going to react to a situation until it is thrust upon you. It’s like a moment of truth.  So when I found myself inside a tent at an abandoned campsite, wearing nothing but a hat and a pair of boots, I knew that moment had come.

As the fog cleared from the night before, visions of what transpired began to crowd my memory like a collage of bad photographs.  Scenes from a bachelor party apparently on a boat somewhere.. dancing girls…  the booze was flowing pretty heavily.  Thankfully there were no animals involved, unless you count the seagulls.

Then someone spotted an island and got the bright idea that we should abandon our perfectly comfortable yacht and row to shore. We heard sounds coming from the jungle and peered through the foliage to find a pygmy tribe that was singing karaoke and dancing to old Elvis records.  I felt a sting in the back of my neck and everything went black  until I woke up inside this tent; stranded, dehydrated and mostly naked.  I frantically searched through some nearby crates and came upon one labeled “FATEwear”.

Inside  I found some awesome mesh camouflage shorts and a very nice mesh khaki green military shirt.  The crate has since been moved to the front of the FATEwear store and is a freebie item for joining the group. So don’t be caught with your pants down.. or NO pants! Get on over to FATE and get the goods! Oh and don’t worry about me… I found an old radio handset (courtesy of RCW Construction) and managed to call for help!


Cal is wearing…

Carter camouflage shorts and khaki shirt (FREE group grift/0L/free to join)


Skin – Belleza Johan Tan (not free)


Eyes – Ikon Horizon Eyes v2 Dark Turquois (no longer free)


Hair – *ARGRACE* Military Cap “sexy curly” (not free)


Boots – DECO Mesh Greenhouse Jumpboots (worn gravel) (not free)


Radio handset – RCW Radio (10L on Marketplace)


Pose by Avante (Closed)


Being Filthy in the Tub


“I was just getting ready to take a bath when a ghostly figure started reaching out at me from the mirror…I was scared stiff!”

A couple group gifts to show you. Filthy has released their group gift for October. Members can get the Dean Skin which includes 3 tones, fading hairbase, and a shape. I am wearing the Dark tone. The Filthy group costs 199L and is worth every penny because you get a new group gift every month! My marine stripe Slip-On Shoes are a group gift from [pivaaca] and the group is free to join.


Kyle is Wearing…

Filthy- Dean Skin- Dark Tone (0L Group Gift) (199L to Join)

[pivaaca]- Marine Stripe Slip-On Shoes (0L Group Gift) (Free to Join)

COLORS- Gift Hair- Dark Brown (Free Gift)

MUSCHI- Bath Towel Blue (not free)


Too many sweets make Whisper feel bleh…!

I had a quiet, peaceful day yesterday and I hope you were all safe, well and enjoyed yourselves whatever you did. Im a bit full on choccies though, so I thought I would tear myself away from the naughtiness and see what was going on in world!

The Plastik have given out a very generous gift in their group notices. There is a gift set for guys aswell as girls and it includes eyes, a green sweater, some wintery skins and three sets of elf ears to match the skin. The girls package holds the elf ears, so guys if you want them remember to get both gifts from the notices.

All of the different faces have the snowy body shown in the first picture.

This is the green Hale Sweater in girls gift, shown with the Common Elf Ears that are one of the 3 sets of Elf Ears also found in the girls package, but are unisex.

This shows you the male body for the skins.

There are 4 male skins, one plain and 3 with wintery patterns. Again, all of the faces have the snowy body shown above.

This is the male version of the green Hale Sweater in the guys gift.

If you pop over to Free Speerit there are 4 gorgeous female skins under their Xmas tree. Simply join the group then click each box to recieve the skins. There are 2 skin tones and 2 make ups. These are previews of a soon to be released new skin line!

I have to say I adore Free Speerit skins and these skins are probably my favourite ones to date!

When you have a moment, make sure to go to Grendels Children as they have some gifts of full avatars waiting for you! I havent had a chance to photograph all of them yet as there are soooo many, but there are all sorts of avatars in the sacks from Dragons to Minotaurs and even Trolls! These are amazing avatars and most even come with a full AO.

The Red sack can be found just behind you as you tp in.. you can’t miss it. There is also a gift box there with a Swamp Stalker avatar inside and a blue sack with more Dragon and Whelp avatars and goodies inside!

This is me wearing the Red Uthgolian Dragon Avatar…

It comes with a complete AO and a HUD that allows you to blow fire, hyperbeams and even bubbles from the mouth! Great fun!

Other Info

+ Nao’s Hair is Stan from Buried ( not free )
+ Nao’s boxers are from LE.LOOK ( free inside the male shape from the full AV offer )

+ Whispers hair is Green II from Maitreya ( not free )
+ Whispers Millais lingerie is from Love Lace @ Pixeldolls ( not free )
+ Whispers sneakers are from House of Curios ( not free )