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MASQUERADE BALLERINA CRYSTAL QUEENDOMIf you want to get this absolutely amazing Masquerade Ballerina Costume (Couture Set) for just 1 Linden (normally 900 Linden) you have to hurry.

It will be located almost in front of your landingpoint inside THE CRYSTAL QUEENDOM Store (a big sign) only for a few days (until Feb 28th/29th … not sure). So go now, don´t miss it!

Masquerade Ballerina comes with several options to wear as black pants with ruffles, underpants, short skirt, long skirt, ballerina skirt, stockings, a shoulder shawl, sleeve ruffles, a feather mask and so on. Bright colors, wonderful laces – a must have!

Masquerade Ballerina Crystal Queendom lace ShawlMasquerade Ballerina Crystal Queendom

If you are interested to receive notices of new releases and maybe dollarbies or reduced items from THE CRYSTAL QUEENDOM touch the subscribe-o-matic sign next the entrance.

Nothing more to say – take a look for yourself!

Masquerade BAllerinaMasquerade BAllerina Mask

Cher´s New Orleans Party Skin (group gift 0 L)

Fabulously Free in SL, Talisman 230/192/24

FS FreeSpeerit eyes in autumn (group gift 0 L)

Free Speerit, Quest III 155/150/22

Truth Berri in Toffee (1 L/pack)

Fabulously Free in SL, Talisman 230/192/24

TRUTH The Manor, Sweet Sorrow 89/120/27

Masquerade Ballerina Couture Set (1 L)

THE CRYSTAL QUEENDOM, Vigdorova 58/45/319
Fab Hazel


Quickie: SYMPHONY SKINS – a Masquerade in major and minor

Unfortunately I missed yesterday´s grand opening of Claire Harford´s SYMPHONY SKINS, so here is the quick addendum.

The first would be to say Claire Harford has done a very good work – the skins are adorable! And the first skins which makes me look like a woman not like a cute little girl, as usual.


The free Masquerade skins comes in 6 skin tones: Alto, Baritone, Contralto, Falsetto, Soprano and Tenor with a particularly beautiful Make up.

Symphony Skins Masquerade eye detailDon`t worry all the naughty bits are in the right place, too (nicely trimmed pubic hair!)

Freebie boxes are located in front of the entrance inside the store. One with the Masquerade skins (plus feather with left or right option) and another box with an amazing pre-release skin named Red Barouque (plus skin tone illuminator)! Both for free – no idea how long they are still there, so better hurry up!

Skins: Symphony Masquerade, Symphony Red Barouque (0 L)

Symphony Skins, Aurora Quays 102/144/26

Boa: oversized cosy rainbowa (Callie Cline group xmas group gift 0 L)

caLLie cLine, caLLiefornia 225/196/22

Hair: Bewitched – Tara cimmaron, Teagon platinum, Tiffany silver, Sabine babypink, Ashley auburn (group gift 0 L)

Bewitched Hair, Lemon Island 129/136/23

symphony skins masqueradeskin-boa-3.jpgsymphony skins masqueradesymphony skins masqueradesymphony skins masqueradesymphony skins Red baroque

Fab Hazel