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Skeletons, Spiders, and Bats … Oh My!

I thought I’d trick or treat on the Hallows Eve Hunt and found lots of goodies in my bag. I found the Skeleton Tee, Black Jeans & Sneakers at Serenity In The Sun Designs. The Tarantula Belt is the hunt gift from MAGICALLY ALURING.

Serenity In The Sun Designs Skeleton T-Shirt Black Jeans ans Sneakers Magically Aluring Traantula Belt [BedlaM] Ghoul Necklace Hallows Eve Hunt

Around my neck is the Ghoul Necklace that can be found at [BedlaM].

[BedlaM] Ghoul Necklace  Hallows Eve Hunt


Bella’s is offering as their hunt gift, the V-Neck Shirt & Grunge Jeans. And you can get the Black Croc Boots at House of SOHO. There is many more treats on the hunt that I hope to show you later.

Hallows Eve Hunt Gift-Bella's #12   SOHO 103 Croc boots Black )

I stopped by Graffitiwear to try my hand at the Unlucky Dip game. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to bob for the prize in that or not.


But I was lucky enough to come out a winner and received the Spider Slippers as a prize. While I was at Graffitiwear, I also found The Bat Shirts. This comes in four colors and they are only $50L each, or get the whole set for $150L.

Graffitiwear Spider Slippers Unlucky Dip Bat Shirt

Graffitiwear Bat Shirts $50L

Join the Sub-o at Exposeur and get the Men’s Dufflebag Poses I used in this post. Also on the wall is the Surprise Kiss Pose. I snuck one in on my better half while she wasn’t looking. ❤

Surprise Kiss

*SS Designs Skeleton Tee, Black Jeans & Sneakers -HEH- ($0L)
Serenity In The Sun Designs, Bastet (39, 201, 42)

*Magically Aluring Tarantula Belt -Hallows Eve Hunt- ($0L)
MAGICALLY ALURING, Marshmellow (56, 241, 801)

*[BedlaM] Ghoul Necklace -Hallows Eve Hunt- ($0L)
[BedlaM] , Neko (204, 199, 26)

*Bella’s V-Neck Shirt & Grunge Jeans -Hallows Eve Hunt- ($0L)
Bella’s and Starlights, Bantu (48, 50, 22)

*SOHO Black Croc Boots -Hallows Eve Hunt- ($0L)
House of SOHO, Hyades (215, 229, 29)

*Graffitiwear Spider Slippers -Unlucky Dip Game- ($0L)
*Graffitiwear Bat Shirts -Not Free- ($50L ea. or $150L for 4pack)
Graffitiwear, Sheol (147, 203, 130)

*Exposeur Surprise Kiss Pose ($0L)
*Exposeur Mens Dufflebag Poses -Sub-o- ($0L)
Exposeur Poses & Animations, Zion (147, 137, 21)