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Eye Spy Hair

During my search for the Zombie Popcorn, I came across a couple of hairs and an eye fatpack you might enjoy. The first hair is MADesigns Jake. The front tuft of hair would look good under a hat or even by itself.

MaDesigns Jake ZPH

Exile offers us the Zach hair. This is a good everyday hair for an everyday look.

Exile Zach ZPH

The eye fatpack I found at KOSH was filled with nine different sets of eyes, in a varied color range to fit every mood.


BTW, my normal hair is from ETD. The Jared style is offered in the discount section there for $20L.

*MADesigns Jake Hair ZPH ($0L)
MADesigns, Kmadd Enterprise (192, 44, 78)

*Exile Zach Hair ZPH ($0L)
Exile, Covet (185, 60, 32)

*Kosh Eye fatpack ZPH ($0L)
KOSH, Dragonfruit (148, 166, 22)

*ETD Jared Hair ($2oL)
ETD: Elika Tiramisu Designs, ETD (98, 129, 30)


Saturday Fever

Tarsis wearing:
– Skin: Prodigal – Xen tan – not free
– Hair: MADesigns – Simon – KMADD group
– Top: Z Cute –  Blue Vest,tie and shirt  – 10L
– Bottom: Little Britain: PND-Pants – free
– Shoes: Pure – Harvey Boots in Black – not free

– Shirt: KHUSH – withe shirt – freebie

– Pants: [hoorenbeek] – Olive – freebie

– Shoes: aikane – Sneakers Sky – lucky chair

[JASPER] Whiteline Muscle-tank – group gift
sf design fair isle vest with short sleeved shirt
M.Cazalet – Car Shop – free
little britain: PND (outfit)

Head Start

Eye: MADesigns Eyes – Rich Green – discontinued – free gift
Skin: Mr. Murder – Raymend Rayan – free
Hair: Cri-cri mHat 01 – free

Eye: MADesigns Eyes – Rich Brown – discontinued – free gift
Skin: Mr. Murder – David Bommer – free
Hair: Exile – Brady Chocolate – free

Eye: MADesigns Eyes – Rich Blue – discontinued – free gift
Skin: Mr. Murder – Jhonny Bee – free
Hair: Exile – Carter Chocolate – free

Eye: MADesigns Eyes – Light Black – discontinued – free gift
Skin: Mr. Murder – Master Kuntmuncher – free
Hair: Exile – Knight twilight – free


MADesigns – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Reignier/231/154/28

Mr Murder Skin free – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Warmouth/16/222/108

Cri-cri – http://slurl.com/secondlife/adorable/39/143/24

Exile – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Covet/175/40/28


Good morning Hunters!

The outfit is from HLD #26 JFTG, glasses are from Hoorenbeek, hat/hat is from MADesigns, belt  is from Virtual Insanity, wide cuff skull and shoes are from BalAni, see below the description

Skin: Eternity – Male skin – free
Hat/Hair: MADesigns – Chris (SAH #2)
Outfit: #26 JFTG HLD – Shirt/Pants  Tiger Withe/Jeans
Accessories: Virtual Insanity – Tsigtao Belt (SAH #51)
BalAni’s Wide Cuff Skull – Black (SAH # 155)
Hoorenbeek – Risky Glasses – (SAH #1)
Shoes: BalAni – Black Boots (SAH #155)

hat/hair is from MADesigns (the hunt gift SAH #2 comes with 12 hair/hats)

Saturday Live!

Today I found a perfect casual outfit.
Skin: !F.e.l.i.d.a.e – Eye Candy Bodies- #59
Shape: !F.e.l.i.d.a.e – Eye Candy Bodies – JTF #59
Shirt: Gabriel – White Denim Shirt – 1L
Pants: Macho – black jeans – JTFG #33
Shoes: ::STRAY:: – Men’s Dragonjeart Boot JTFG #22

Again MADesigns rock! Awesome gifts in the male hunt JTFG #61.

Hair & Eyes:

(top left) – MADesigns – HAIR CASH / EYES AWAKE cyan
(bottom left) – MADesigns – HAIR SETH / EYE RLEKTOR blind faith
(right) – MADesigns – HAIR SYCH / EYES brown pale 9

Good saturday!

To Write Love on Her Arms Day

Faery Sola is the designer and owner of Studio Sidhe and she is supporting a cause called To Write Love on Her Arms Day. It is a campain against depression, self injurie, suicide and addiction, mainly among the young people.

Visit the store and grab free your tattoos (given by Alisson Widdershins, Deviant Destiny) a pose given by Faery about TWLOHA (To Write Love on Her Arms Day) and encorage your friends!

The skin is from Flirt!  is half tiger half dragon furry skins to characters out of stargate! (also for girls) can be found in the Flirt! group notices.

The shape is a gift from Aderblick Shapes – Hadrian, Mod – (Winter Thunderland Snowman Hunt) and the hair/hat is  Chris Winter F1 frm MADesigns (not free) and the watch is Confidence from Kalnins (not free).


I <3 My Grandma

This week dollarbie from Concrete Flower is this nice swearter “I love my grandma”. As usual, all the dollarbies from Concrete Flowers reflect the quality of the products in the store.

 It costs only 1L, you just need to go to the store and get yours. Once there, subscribe yourself in the subscribe group and be aware of the releases first!


 For only 10L you can get this jacket at L.A. Couture. The pants are gift from BalAni as subscribe gift and boots are per 1L at Edge grafic. It is getting colder and colder here in rl, so a good and cheap jacket is a good choice, right?


 Other Info Not Free:

Hair is from MADesigns and Glasses are from Kalnins

Changing Season with MADesigns

MADesigns is offering some amazing eyes and a pack of hairs of the Changing Season Hunt.

There are 3 colors of eyes and 4 hairs. Quality and style can resume this post.

ASPEN – CB V, ASPEN – DPBR, NATE – Ferra, SYCH – MTBR, eyes of TRUTH, INNOCENCE eyes, STUDIO – blue-Hopeful

Exclusive pipe


This look is charm and sexy. It was composed of many items from different stores, so get ready to walk around. It the first time I blog a pipe. I don’t smoke in rl and don’t encorage you to smoke too, but it made me charm. (hey, don’t smoke in your RL, it is not health!). It is a gift from Adjunct where you will also find the t-shirt I am wearing.
The black pants are from Kosh (weekly and always great dollarbie). Eyes and hair are from MADesigns and shoes from store 7071 (gift of the MHOH – hunt for guys that will last until Nov 15th… you still have time to hunt great gifts!)
The scarf is from Adjunct also, but not free. But I look nice, don’t I? I love scarfs in RL, so I though it was a good complementary accessory.
Thats it guys, have fun getting your freebies.

– Argyle Bubble Pipe (Guyz) – free (Adjunct)
– Fruition Scarf – falling Leaves – not free (Adjunct)

Top: Baseball Tee – Glasses (Adjunct freebie)
Bottom: Dare Pants Night – KOSH – (weekly dollarbie)
Hair: NATE – Ferra – MADesigns (CotSH #6 – MADesigns)
Eyes: Studio – Blue – Hopleful eye – MADesigns (CotSH #6 – MADesigns)
Shoes: Fall 2009 Engineer Boot (MHOH # 151 – 7071)

Make me black

Yeah… I am all in black now.
With so many options that I got in make him over  hunt, I am all versatile. From purple to black….lol
Make Him Over Hunt will last until Nov 15th. Hunt, have fun…. the gifts are worth!




On Tarsis

Hat: Cricri-mHat03 black – (MHOH2 – gift #51 Beauty Cri-Cri)
Outfit – Demise Gile & Autumn – (MHOH2 – gift #59 Demise)
Shoes: Vassnia Andres Earth – (MHOH2 – gift #114 Vassnia)
Eyes: MADesigns Eye Autumn night – (MHOH2 – gift #1 MADesigns)
Shape & Skin: Thor Beach Tan Skin & Thor Shape – HUNK Factory – (MHOH2 – gift #172 Hunk Factory)