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The Heat Wave Event: Living Vintage Southern

LVS Hey Fabulouses! I am back to exhibit another fabulous display at The Wash Heat Wave Event, and let me tell you, I am feeling the heat today and so is my dog!  In this post I am showing off a few items that are available on The Living Vintage Southern display.

There are 10 items available, 9 of which are priced at 10L and one is featured at 50L.  The 50L item is the hella cute Hound Cooling off.  It includes the pup in the water bucket as well as the animated fan on the stool.  The Garden Shelf behind my puppy friend is the Garden Shelf w/ Boots which is on sale for 10L.

Another item in my photo by LVS is the Kitty In Oak Heart Crate w/ Mouse.  This set includes the sleeping kitty in the crate as well as the animated mouse.  The blanket and cat are both texture change – and again – just 10L!

See you there —-  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Wash/195/186/23

ps.  If you are interested, The Lancaster Greenhouse by M.Law that is behind the Living Vintage Southern items on display is available at this round of The Cosmo Sales Room, and includes everything inside of it for 499L.


The Stuff…

Garden House – M.Law Lancaster Greenhouse (featured @ The Cosmo Sales Room)
Garden Shelf – Living Vintage Southern Garden Shelf With Boots (10L @ The Heat Wave Event)
Dog in a Bucket – Living Vintage Southern Hound Cooling Off (50L @ The Heat Wave Event)
Cat in a Basket – Living Vintage Southern Kitty Oak Heart Crate w/ Mouse (10L @ The Heat Wave Event)

Love Name Card

We Remember

On this day let us take the time to remember what happened 10 years ago on this very day.  As we look back on the day that Pope John Paul II called “a dark day in the history of humanity.” we must unite as a community.  We must remember the over 3,000 people who perished from more than 90 countries.  The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States will forever be etched on the minds and hearts of people across the world.

Today spend time with friends and family and reflect.  Carson, Love, and I visited the 911 memorial.  The memorial is filled with pictures and names of every person who lost their lives on that dark day.


*Just In The Nick Of Time: Remember Flag (SOM – L$0)

*LVS: Remembering Hoodie (L$0)

*JustB: Frayed Jeans (L$1)

*Raspberry Aristocrat: Fae Hair (Not Free)

*bbqq*:  Light Grey Eyes (Group – L$0)

*Mons: Skin (SOM – L$0)


*Just BECAUSE* Red Tank Top (Melt in the Sun Hunt – L$0)

*Elemental Earth Designs: Remember 911 Necklace (L$0)

*Tainted Designs: Rouge Jeans & Heavy Black Boots (Past MM Gift)

*Lelutka: Seth Hair (Past SOM Gift)

*Belleza: Shawn Skin (Group/Fee – L$0)


*Ms. Artifacto:  NY 911 Shirt (FabFree Notices – L$0)

*JustB: Frayed Jeans (L$1)

*In Her Shoes: Shiny Red Flats (L$0)

*Skintimate: Elena Peach 9/11 Skin (Group – L$0)

*Ms B. Designs: American Flag (L$0)


*911 Memorial



Bingo Love

I have to show you some of these adorable Valentine’s goodies popping up all over the grid.  Bingo has the Forty Pies knit Valentine sets in navy and pink for only L$10!  All other Bingo Forty Pies sets are L$50 each for a limited time, so scoop these up!  I think these are so cute and have two different options for the skirt.  Oh and you can also wear as a shirt.  The grey knit Cozies boots with the hearts are a recent sub-o gift from Atooly.  The turquoise Heart with Love necklace and earring set is a sub-o gift from Avon+Alpha.

Also, head over to the FabFree Station the blue Margo dress and Love pants and top set from Bingo.  The Valentine tongues are from the Crunchy Roll L$5 gatcha machine at the LVS Festival of Hearts.  If you do not want to press your luck the fatpack of 8 anti candy tongues are L$35 and the valentine tongues are 9 for L$40.




*Bingo: Forty Pies Tunic Skirt & Mini Skirt Sets (L$10)

*Atooly: Grey GG Knit Cozies (SOM – L$0)

*Avon+Alpha: Heart with Love Necklace & Earrings (SOM – L$0)

*Crunchy Roll: Valentine Tongues (Gatcha – L$5)

*Amacci: Silje Hair (Not Free)

*Exodi:  Sylvan 2011 Skins (Group – L$0)

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)



The D!va

Yay!  I’ve been out of my skybox today and picked up a few things to show you!  The Lace Hanky top was sent to the Graffitiwear sub-o members a few days ago to celebrate the designer’s RL birthday.  The gift is in the history, plus there is a welcome gift for joining.  Go show her some love and join the sub-o.  The Special Edition Take Flight jeans were sent to the GryphonWings sub-o members after the group hit 500 members.  The sub-o terminal does not have a redelivery option, but join the group because it doesnt take up a spot and I can’t wait to get the 1000 member gift!  The flats are a group gift at Tram.  There are four colors to chose from.  Also there is a bag of poses near the flats, but I haven’t opened them yet!

The OoEas! store moved… slightly!  It’s on the same sim and everything, just over a bit.  To celebrate there is a cherry bustier in the window.

I also raced over to Phoenix Rising for the L$10 Summer Winds dress this evening.  The dress can be worn with or without the black vest.

Farah showed you the adorable pajama party we had the other day.  Well I went back and scooped up several of the bikinis from Pink, because they are just as awesome!  Everything at Pink is… Pink!!!

I showed you the Chiharu hair which is the 5000 member gift for D!va members.  There are TONS of gifts on the second floor.  The Chiharu hair comes with several color shades to choose from.  I think I’m saving the Citrine color.  (I’m sorta nipping out there… sorry!)

I also picked up the past group gifts on the second floor of D!va.  I’ve shown the Akane group hair before, but thouht it would be nice to show this style again since it is still available free for D!va group members.  This ponytail hairstyle has three different ways to wear and includes many shades to choose from.

I also picked up the Haruka hair which I love!  This style also comes in a fatpack of colors and is a past group gift for D!va members.

I spent about 30 minutes standing around D!va sorting my inventory and I won 3 different styles from the lucky boards.  There are many more hairs to win from the boards.  I believe all the prizes are in the auburn/red shades.  Each of these styles come with different options for the bangs, but I’m just showing one.  I have my eye on one of the lucky board prizes, so you may see me stalking the boards until I win it!  So far I’ve won the Chika, Futaba, and Mayumi styles.


*Graffitiwear: Lace Hanky Top (SOM – L$0)
La Jolla Village ( 102/106/38 )

*OoEas!: Cherry Bustier (L$0)
Arylissa ( 188/91/27 )

*GryphonWings: Flight Jeans (SOM – L$0)
Marshmellow ( 171/38/28 )

*Phoenix Rising: Summer Winds Dress (L$10)
Ashoka ( 131/150/28 )

*Pink: Bikinis (L$10)
Kaseo ( 22/206/23 )

*Tram: Flats (Group – L$0)
Osaka ( 225/180/21 )

*D!va: Chiharu Hair (Group – L$0)
CalanDiva ( 194/135/35 )

*Blowpop: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Boudoir Isle ( 45/104/23 )

*ImpEle: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Holland ( 95/101/25 )



LVS Drive Mini-Hunt

All this week LVS Drive is celebrating its re-launch and all the shop-owners are partying Alice style.

Or is it Wonderland style?

Whichever it is, don’t miss it! There are dollarbie playing cards packed with presents, a mini-hunt, special dollarbie offerings in shops.. and oh my! Don’t be late for this one!

Card Suit Dollies from The DollHouse

Show above are two dresses from The Dollhouse, these are part of a sim-wide mini-hunt at LVS, Clubs and Diamonds. Shown below are Spades and Hearts.

Dresses from The DollHouse

To make the hunt easier, start in LVS, pick up the first clue, then follow the clues. They really do make the mini-hunt easier.

The wonderful Paw Print boots worn in these pictures are from Demontik, These unisex boots are only one of their gifts in the Twisted Hunt.

Post by Shangreloo Kuhn

Candy Vday Lingerie!

PanJen has some awesome prizes stuffed inside their two lucky chairs.  I won three skins and three outfits while there. The peach and gold eye makeup on the June will accent most outfits.  The pink petal skin gives the skin a very feminine touch.  The Aquashimmer skin is dreamy with tiny stars around the eyes.  This lucky chair changes quickly, so you will have all three in no time!


Want to see some of the outfits you could win at PanJen?  This stripe pants and layered shirt outfit is in several colors.  I am wearing this outfit in grey, maroon, and blue.


valentine-heelswoolleysThe red Valentine heels are free until February 15th.  You can pick these up at Woolley’s.

The red and black Vday Leg Belt is normally L$100 at Trixxy’s Shop.  But you can get this free!  Ms. Trixxy Oh sent this gift to all the Fabulously Free in SL group members!  There is also a Midnight Mania board and Lucky chair in the store, so head over there and check it out.

red-leather-mini-dress-stcShang showed you the awesome boots you can get from the from the subscribe-o-matic at Sweeter Than Candy.  This gift also included this little leather mini dress, red heart choker, and Candy Heart Valentine Edition heels.  Love the detail on these pumps!  To get this gift touch the subscribe-o-matic and look in the history for the second gift.  Yesterday, Candace Morgwain gave her sub-o group a L$250 gift card!  She’s so awesome!


There is also a free gift bag at Sweeter Than Candy.  This gift has lavender Cupid babydoll lingerie and a pair of cupid boxers for the men.  I’ve told you about the male skin before from Xtreme Reality Skins.  There are four skin tones with 15 skins in each, so 60 free male skins.  The shape is called Jared.  I personally made the shape and you can pick up a modifiable version for L$5 at Shapes by Renee.


The Harvey dreads worn on the male was free from the Discord Designs subscribe-o-matic group.  I have been told that this hair will be available until the end of the month, so go and grab it!  Ladies it would look nice on you as well!  This hair comes in every color imaginable and comes plain or decorated with jewels.  The long messy ponytail hair is from the lucky poster at White Well.


The new picks reward is out at LVS&Co. and it is so adorable!  Add LVS&Co. to your picks and you get this red lingerie set, striped pj bottoms, and red slippers.  The pj bottoms can be worn for women or men, so ladies drag your men down there with you!



*PanJen:  Skins, Striped Pants Outfits (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Absence ( 115/126/35 )

*Sweeter Than Candy: Sub-o gifts & Candy Lingerie (subscribe-o-matic – L$0)
Arrakis ( 93/202/32 )

*Woolley’s: Valentine Heels (L$0)
Magellan Kinvara ( 195/87/22 )

*LVS&CO: Red Lingerie & PJ bottoms (Pick Reward – L$0)
LVS Drive ( 119/150/23 )

*Trixxy’s Shop: Vday Leg Belt (L$0)
Kon Tiki North ( 39/222/22 )

*White Well: Ponytail Hair (Lucky Board – L$0)
ECS ( 81/107/22 )

*Discord Designs:  Harvey Dreads (subscribe-o-matic – L$0)
Synchronicity ( 184/112/27 )

*Shape by Renee: Jared Male Shape (L$5)
Yimmu ( 225/209/42 )

*Xtreme Reality Skins: 4 male skin packs (L$0)
Mystical Island ( 104/102/31 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )



LVS Christmas Countdown

If you’ve been busy, like a lot of us are at this time of year, Ravenlynn Templar has made it super easy for us by putting her Christmas gifts to us where they’re easy to find: under the LVS Christmas tree of course!

You’ll find several cool items, each for 1L$ — a give-away considering the high quality of Ravenlynn’s work. I picked up a few holiday themed prezzies, it will be sad to have to pack these away till next Christmas after the holidays.

hmm.. Christmas in July party anyone?

lvs1I’m wearing the  Holly Jolly outfit in red (comes in several colours) and  the My Dead Kitty Christmas Combat boots. Hair and cute doe ears are from eat rice. Antlers (so not free) are from Illusions. Note: Illusions has some great dollarbie packs of masks and hats on the table in the shop.

The neko in me also had to have the Santa Claws Paws because.. omg, just look at those cute little candy cane nails.


LVS:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/LVS%20Drive/123/126/23

eat rice:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Satori%20Island/125/108/59

Illusions:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Carnivale/209/94/33