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LVS & Co Octoberpalooza

I recieved a notecard through last night about all of the festivities going on over at the LVS Drive sim, running from now until November 1st. There are lots of simwide hunts for you to take part in including a Pumpkin Hunt, a Spooky Door Hunt and a Bat Hunt. I decided to concentrate on the Rat Hunt that is going on at LVS & CO.

There are 5 little Rats hidden on the three floors of the store. Each one has a gorgeous prize inside.

Autumn Cutie Dress. You can wear this with or without the little cardigan.

Cowgirl Cutie comes with a fluffy skirt and a sexy pair of hotpants.

Hallow’s Eve lingerie set.

The Hallow Tease set comes with two tops shown here aswell as hotpants and a skirt.

This is the Burning Leaves Ren Dress and it is so beautiful. The picture really doesnt do the colour justice. It is gorgeous.

Kawaii Lil Devil Baseball Hat. It comes with the hair attached and has a ponytail, but I couldnt capture it very well.

Also if you do want to pick up the pumpkin here at LVRS&CO, which is part of the simwide pumpkin hunt that is also going on, you will get this gorgeous Pumpkin Pricess gown.

AND… If that wasnt enough, if you go to The Dollhouse and slap the Hippo Subscriber before the end of October, you will get this cute little Halloween Dolly dress!

I think we should all go and give RavenLynn a huuuuge hug for all of this gorgeousness! Also don’t forget to click the Octoberpalooza sign to find out more about the other festivities and hunts going on during the week!

Other info
+ June2 Skin by Curio ( not free )
+ Mayumi Hair by D!va ( not free )
+ Orange Witchy Blushing Booties by Nushru ( not free but cost 25L )
+ Girls Biker Boots by Redgrave ( not free )

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LVS Drive Mini-Hunt

All this week LVS Drive is celebrating its re-launch and all the shop-owners are partying Alice style.

Or is it Wonderland style?

Whichever it is, don’t miss it! There are dollarbie playing cards packed with presents, a mini-hunt, special dollarbie offerings in shops.. and oh my! Don’t be late for this one!

Card Suit Dollies from The DollHouse

Show above are two dresses from The Dollhouse, these are part of a sim-wide mini-hunt at LVS, Clubs and Diamonds. Shown below are Spades and Hearts.

Dresses from The DollHouse

To make the hunt easier, start in LVS, pick up the first clue, then follow the clues. They really do make the mini-hunt easier.

The wonderful Paw Print boots worn in these pictures are from Demontik, These unisex boots are only one of their gifts in the Twisted Hunt.

Post by Shangreloo Kuhn