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More Great Gifts from Discord

I just can’t say enough about the Discord sim shops: the prices are great, there are a good number of freebies and dollarbies that change frequently, there are lots of lucky chairs, and Orange Meili gives out some of the best group gifts ever!


  • Hunt items: female (left), male  (right)

There are two  outfits in hiding, and Orange Meili always includes two hunt prizes: one for males and one for females. In searching for the hunt items, I also ran across two cute freebies, and hit the lucky chair for a couple items. Then, after I had finished the hunt, I camped for another wonderful gift. All this gifty goodness.. for free?


  • Above Left: Girls Style (freebie)/ Shoes are a Discord lucky chair prize
  • Above Right:  Girls Style  (dollarbie)/ Shoes are a dilly Dolls midnight mania prize


  • Above left: Lucky Chair prize.
  • Above Right:  Camp-for item (30 minutes)/ Shoes are Dilly Dolls midnight mania prize

Yep! This is one of the reasons I actually spend L$ in Discord (besides the outstanding quality of the clothes) — because the sim owner and the shop owners are so generous to their customers.

How much did I spend on all of this great stuff?  Only 1L$.

pssst.. need to know where the Discord hunt hearts are located? Check here.

Discord:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Discord/38/109/18

~ Shang

Glam Couture

Glam Couture has a new store, and has graciously set out a dollarbie that will help us make it through these last few chilly days of winter. This brown jacket (as blogged by Renee here) is complete with a fur collar to help keep the cold kiss of winter at bay.

glamcoutureBut don’t just grab the jacket and run! Take a walk across the street to the line of lucky chairs. The letters on these change frequently, and there is some nice stuff here, including.. ~insert collective gasp here~… L$! I was lucky enough to walk away with a little extra spending money, a mermaid tail complete with ao (so pretty!), and a nicely detailed red gown (just in time for Valentine’s Day!).

Dark hair on left and right is one of the free hairstyles from House of RFyre. Hair shown in the center is a midnight mania gift from HBD, you can find the MM board upstairs in the shop.

Glam Couture:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tampa%20Bay/109/151/23

RFyre:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Isle%20RFyre/97/164/23

HBD:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Soul%20Reaper/220/187/24

~ Shang


My Strawberry Dream by katatOnik & Dakota Lubitsch

I hate Mondays. But I love strawberries … the color, the taste … and how they smell! Sooo … I tend to like Mondays a bit more when I can wear an adorable cute “Strawberry Dream” dress by katatOnik 🙂 This dress can be yours, too, if you are lucky and your letter comes up on the Lucky Chair.
I can`t stop staring at the dress … all those lovely details as bows and laces … and strawberries, of course! The texture is very well done!  Gloves and fishnet stockings are parts of your price, so all you need is a pair of matching shoes. I didn´t search for a long time because there are my beloved Loli*Sweet shoes by MAc. They go so well with this kind of dresses.

A dollarbie skin is slumbering in my inventory for a long time, and I´m sure this skin was dreaming of strawberries, too. Look at the lip color – strawberry lips 🙂 This ElohMod skin is simply called “1 LD skin by Dakota Lubitsch”. You find it as a pic on the wall at Dakota Lubitsch`s store.
My hair is not free, it´s just one of my favorites styles, no matter it´s a male style. “Michikan” by Bryce Designs, worn here in brunette-black, is 200 Linden (3 shades/pack).



I´m Cute AND Cool – No sh** :-))

Hi there!

Guess what … I `ve found freebies :-))

Look at the first pic … AM I cute and cool? *grins* However, the funny “I´m Cute No Sh** tee” (I´m not sure if I can write the bad, bad term in a post  … don´t want people to be upset again …) is my Lucky Chair prize from Kawaii Style.

The “Police Shades Black” are a subscribe-o-matic gift from Savvy Avvy Fashion & Shape – just click the subscribo at the entrance, or in-store, and find them in your object folder. Cool shades 🙂 Ooh, and there`s a discount section for both men and women with stuff “for as little as 10 Linden” – good deal, I think.

Inimitably Designs offers “Black Cat Jeans” (worn in all pics) for having the store in your profile picks. Tp over, there´s a sign with detailled instructions. I for myself can´t have enough jeans, and this pair comes with cuffs … cool, huh? :-)))

If you aren´t already a member of “Pig`s Kick Closet Group” join now! Rin Paine is such a generous designer, and there´s no store to grab her cute clothes! Worn here is “Panel Dot Cami pink” (also comes in blue and yellow, as usual on several layers). It´s the latest group gift “No 62 PanelDotDCA” but there are a more gifts still available. Use the phrase “pigs” in search (or make it easy and look at my profile), Pig`s Kick Closet Group is open enrollment, and free to join.

Lady Beetle gives away another cute (or is it cool? *grins*) freebie – the dotted “Mizutama Parker”. It´s that cosy! 🙂 You get both male and female version in one folder, for free. NOTICE: Right now I checked back the Slurl and it doesn´t work … I´m not sure if this depends on the server updates, or if the place has gone … confusing … hope it will work again!

Hair Exile avant-garde vermillion rust worn in all pics is a hunt gift from Exile Birthday Hunt – Syler blogged it here . What a cute style! (or if its a male style … what a cool style!)

Last but not least, let me show you one of my favorite skins by SYD Style Your Destiny 🙂 Join our group Fabulously Free in SL, and you will get 2 cu.. – uhm – lovely  “Bubblegum skins” by Teagan Blackthorne for totally free (it´s the notice dated 9/23 .. subject “2Free SYD Skins …”). There is “Rosepetal Skin Bubblegum Make up – no face moles”, which I wear in the pics, as well as “Wheat Skin Bubblegum Make up”.

Chucks Flowers are by ::LiNe::  – a former group gift, not longer available –  but don´t worry, there are always co…  –  *hm hm* – great gifts as Renee posted here.

Now me is that cool and runs off for a cute RL hair cut *grins*


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LD Couture

I stopped in to LD Couture earlier today, and was lucky enough to hit it just right to pick up a cute outfit from a lucky chair. I was thrilled! Does anyone else with an “S” name think that “S” seldom comes up? Anyway.. LD Couture has six lucky chairs.. all with different prizes. Outside the main entrance, LD Couture has four gifts available:

LD Couture: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Trancika/172/96/25
Happy hunting!