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Hunting at Dusk

'''lotus noir''' cruch outfit, [BedlaM] Ozstarz Chucks

Here are three outfits from the Mr. Hunter Hunt. I’m starting out with a sk8r boi look. Lotus Noir has as the Mr. Hunter gift the Cruch Outfit. I’m also wearing the green Ozstarz Chucks which is the hunt gift from [BedlaM].  My skin is also a Mr. Hunter prize. You can find the Kevin Skin at [najl designs].

My second look comes from 20.FIVE. The Male Green Jacket & Jeans can be yours if you find the pipe hunt object. I accented this outfit with the Tribal Turquoise Necklace hunt gift from [ Y ] Style.

20.FIVE - Male Green Jacket & Jeans, [ Y ] style - Tribal Turquoise Necklace

Find the Mr. Hunter Plaid Shirt, Tank, and Jeans at [Kilter]. The shirt can be worn both opened or buttoned as shown.

[Kilter] - Mr. Hunter Plaid Shirt, tank and Jeans, [ najl designs ] Kevin Skin

* Lotus Noir – Cruch Outfit ($0L)
Mr. Hunter

* 20.FIVE – Male Green Jacket & Jeans ($0L)
Mr. Hunter

* [ Y ] Style – Tribal Turquoise Necklace ($0L)
Mr. Hunter

* [Kilter] – Mr. Hunter Plaid Shirt, Tank, and Jeans ($0L)
Mr. Hunter

* [BedlaM] – Ozstarz Chucks ($0L)
Mr. Hunter

* [najl designs] – Kevin Skin ($0L)
Mr. Hunter

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free


Men Only Hunt Preview

Calling all men. We have another hunt just for us guys. Welcome to the Men Only Hunt. The hunt starts at American Bazaar and is co-sponsored by Belleza. Here is just a sample of the fabulous gifts to be found on the hunt. But don’t wait too long. The Men Only Hunt only lasts until December 17th.

The White Angel - Blue Wool Sweater, American Bazaar - Black Balzer and Jeans

The White Angel Creations – Blue Wool Sweater
American Bazaar – Black Blazer and Jeans

Belleza MOH Skin

Belleza – MOH Skin

FA CREATIONS - Cargo Pants, Sweater, Jacket, Russian Hat, Boots and Gloves

FA CREATIONS  –  Cargo Pants, Sweater, Jacket, Russian Hat, Boots and Gloves

Kennedy's - A7X Outfit

Kennedy’s – A7X Outfit

lotus noir ''' Turtle Duffle Outfit

Lotus Noir – Turtle Duffle Outfit

.DragonLady's Closet - Magnus Clan Highlands Tuxedo

DragonLady’s Closet – Magnus Clan Highlands Tuxedo

#Before Sleep# - Overalls and Red Shirt

#Before Sleep# – Overalls and Red Shirt

Stay tuned for more from the Men’s Only Hunt.

* The White Angel – Blue Wool Sweater ($0L)
Men Only Hunt

* American Bazaar – Black Blazer and Jeans ($0L)
Men Only Hunt

* Belleza – MOH Skin ($0L)
Men Only Hunt

* FA CREATIONS  – Cargo Pants, Sweater, Jacket, Russian Hat, Boots and Gloves ($0L)
Men Only Hunt

* Kennedy’s – A7X Outfit ($0L)
Men Only Hunt

* Lotus Noir – Turtle Duffle Outfit ($0L)
Men Only Hunt

* DragonLady’s Closet – Magnus Clan Highlands Tuxedo ($0L)
Men Only Hunt

* #Before Sleep# – Overalls and Red Shirt ($0L)
Men Only Hunt

* Poses – Long Awkward Pose
Not Free


Midnight Express

''lotus noir'  - hiden street outfit

After making a whirlwind trip to visit relatives, I returned to several Midnight Mania gifts I had won during my mini vacation. (Is visiting relatives actually a vacation?) The first gift is from lotus noir. The Hiden Street Outfit includes a black hoodie that can be worn down or up. The Brain Circuit Inc. Midnight Mania gift is the Brown Wastelander Boots.

'''lotus noir''' hiden street outfit Hoodie

I also received the ShhhTFU Outfit that’s on the group Midnight Mania Board at Soul Distraction. The skull tank and jeans also come with arm bands, gloves and a mouth covering. The Mogul Brown Biker Boots are on the board at Bootgasm. Now it’s time for me to STFU and go back to bed.  🙂

Soul Distraction- ShhhTFU Outfit, Bootgasm - Brown Mogul Men's Biker Boots

* lotus noir – Hiden Street Outfit ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board

* Brain Circuit Inc. – Brown Wastelander Boots ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board

* Soul Distraction – ShhhTFU Outfit ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board (Group)

* Bootgasm – Mogul Brown Biker Boots ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board

* Poses – OoO Studio
Not Free

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