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More at the Carwash

Yesterday I blogged some of the goodies available at the Carwash Cart Sale. Here are a few more .. The Cart sale is on until 9th March so plenty of time for you to go and take a look around all the vendors in both of the Car Wash sims.

SLURL’s in this section of my post will take you to the vendor carts.

These Dragon Corset and Flower Corset sets are two of the 10L items set out by Reasonable Desires on their cart

Aqua have their Just Elegant gown and their To The Nines suit in matching purple, perfect for a romantic ballroom date night!

Miss Honeypumpkin has some yummy Retro goodies on their cart, like this Betty Mae shirt and the Corina Corset in purple. The Jeans are the Danica Dickies Jeans by HellBop shown in the pictures below.

There are heaps more retro and vintage styles from HellBop Clothing‘s cart. The Danica Dickies jeans are worn with the Opal shirt in Blue in the top picture and below is the Maggie Bowling Dress in Cyan.

The Red Hibiscus Bikini and Martha Car Wash Style hair are from Rezlpsa Loc‘s cart. There are more sexy Bikini’s in other colours there too for you to choose from.

More Vintage glamour is available ifrom Ivalde‘s cart. The top dress is called Evalynne and the bottom is called Alve.

Ingenue give us some yummy retro tops to choose from among other goodies at their stalls. I love the forest green Edie sweater and the cuteness of the Judy shirt.

Lois Designs has a whole wealth of 10L items out on their cart, but this purple male and female set particularly caught my eye.

Other info
+ Cupid skin by Curio ( not free )
+ Kirsty hair by Truth ( note free )

FabFree Cupcakes!

WOOT!  Cupcakes has added a huge pack of skins, eyebrows, eyes, shape, and dress all for free at the FabFree Headquarters!  The Enchanted skin comes in apricot, cioccolato, cream, sepia, and sienna.  Each skin has a freckle version included.  The eyes come in grey, hazel, violet, and blue!  The leopard print strapless dress is also included in the gift at FabFree from Cupcakes.  Also, the Cupcakes group is currently free to join!  Join the Cupcakes group to receive updates and amazing group gifts every month!  The January Cupcakes was sent to the group today (we’ll show you soon!).

The wavy brown hair is the Burning Hearts hunt gift from ::::IrEn::::.  The Lois Blue Lace Belle dress is L$60 only today at Lois Designs.  The dress brings out the beautiful eyeshadow in the Enchanted skins!

I wanted to show some more gifts on the freebie wall at Sweeter Than Candy. Farah and I have both posted some of the goodies on the new freebie wall at Sweeter Than Candy.  You can also pick up the Tied Purple skirt and top and the blue Picking Daisies dress.

Also, pick up the Neopolitan mini dress and the pale pink Heather crisscross dress at Sweeter Than Candy.

The Sweeter Than Candy freebie wall also has the pink Flirty Plaid dress and Green Dot mini.  Farah showed us the Maika pumps from KA DESIGNS before.  The pumps come in gold, green, and violet and are in the Shoes & Accessories Hunt prize for KA DESIGNS.


*Lois Designs: Lois Blue Lace Belle (L$60)
Splendour Lyonesse ( 83/60/306 )

*Sweeter Than Candy: Mini Dresses (L$0)
Anders ( 154/63/27 )

*[KA] Designs: Maika Pumps (SAH – L$0)
KA DESIGNS ( 23/126/26 )

*Cupcakes: Enchanted Skins, Eyes, All That Glitters Dress, & Shape (not shown) (FabFree – L$0)
Cupcakes ( 102/151/22 )

*::::IrEn::::: Burning Hearts Hair (BHH – L$0)
Hi5 ( 182/210/31 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )



Xmassy yum yums

Lots of things for you to pick up today around a few stores. I’ve never known it to be so festive in SL.. which is kind of funny and sad in equal measure because it doesnt seem so festive out in the cold fleshy real world. Anyways.. on to the yum yums!

Continuing the celebrations of our turning 8000 members, Lois Designs sent out a beautiful Starry Night Gown for the girls and a yummy suit for the guys…

You also get the furry stole and the necklace seen in the picture and a hat and a pair of shoes with the outfit.

This is the male gift given out.. but it looks equally as good on a girl as you can see!

The Antlers worn in the picture are the Fa(un)tasy Xmas gift from Needful Things and can be found under their Xmas tree. I love them to pieces! The hair is the Jaime style cost 10L for a pack of 6 colours and is from Magika and is part of their second floor sale! The skin is the Happy Holidays group gift skin from Curio found in the notices for the Gala & Rita Design Announcement group.

Illusions have an adorable gift out for you of these antlers and the holly jewellery set Im wearing. Inside the package there is also a set of cute bauble earrings that Im wearing in the picture below! You can find at the following co-ordinates 200, 71, 33

The hair is the subscribo gift from Shag and comes in two the two colours with optional Christmas star decorations in two colours! How cute! The subscribo is inside the store, simply slap it and then check the notices. The t-shirt is todays Xmas gift from A:S:S and can be found under the tree.

Next is a whole load of things from Deviant Kitties

This shows the Holiday Iona hair and I love the flashing light hair accessories. The hair costs 75L but you get 4 hair colours and two sets of lights that you can wear with this hair or with any other. Rufus the Snowman cuddly toy can be found under the Xmas tree and is a freebie.

This hair is the Holiday Savanah hair and it comes in 4 hair colours and the candycane hair accessories that again you can wear with this hair or any other. Holiday Rufus cuddly toy is under the Xmas tree and is another freebie!

I do have a thing for antlers.. as you may have noticed by my previous posts! These awesome Holiday Antlers are a freebie found under the Xmas tree and come in multicoloured and red and green versions. You can also find the Rufus the Red Nosed Reindeer cuddly toy under the tree aswell!

If you go over to Fallen Gods you can get these Jester avatars for free! Simply buy the box with the Jesters hat on it at these co-ordinates 194, 135, 23. You get male and female skins that have the outfit on them and the hat and cloak. Awesomes!

There are also two lucky chairs near the front of the store. While I was there I won a little Iced Gazebo complete with fire and furnishings you see here.

It would make a beautiful decorative feature to any winter garden or maybe used as a backdrop for winter pictures.

Other info
+ Black Lamb Cardigan from Nomine ( not free – 100L )
+ Cloven Lola Boots from Lazy Places ( not free )