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Yesterday’s Sleggs!


I bet you are tired of all these hunts…  Ever feel like you should be paid to hunt?  Well… I’ve been racking up on The Great Grid-wide Easter Egg Hunt.  I’m not gonna be able to show you many of the prizes, because most of the prizes are Lindens!  That’s right, hunt for cash!

littlegirl-dollSome places do have clothing prizes too, but the majority of the prizes are lindens.  I’m gonna warn you, many of these places are no-name iffy places that might make you wonder if you if you’r on the wrong side of the grid.  Just grab your Lindens and you never have to go back again.  The hunt is intended to boost traffic.

Now I did say there were a few clothing prizes as well.  Most are bleh and went straight to my trash, but some of them are gems!

Here’s what you do… Touch an egg, you will receive a monetary or clothing prize, then tp to the next location from the slurl in local chat.  If you get lost or stuck use the website to find a different egg.  If any of you win the daily jackpot, I’d love to know!

The dress in the top picture is the prize at Yesterday’s Closet.  The hair is part of the new release gift from House of Heart.


*The Great Grid-wide Easter Hunt: Linden Prizes (Hunt – L$0)

*Yesterday’s Closet: Dress & L$1 (Hunt – L$0)
Lion ( 168/40/33 )

*Vital: Pose & L$1 (Hunt – L$0)
Rue DAntibes ( 110/208/28 )

*LittleGirl Pets: Doll & L$1 (L$0)
Gaia Sim ( 161/64/26 )

*House of Heart: April 15th Release (L$0)
Tropical Escape ( 27/83/23 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Infinity Skin Studios: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Boudoir Isle ( 34/93/26 )