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This is a Story About a Girl…

This is a story about a girl...

This is a story about a girl…
a girl who loved books
a girl who loved books so much that she gave her very soul to them.

For she exists in a place between time and space
Her mind forever in a dimension of far away lands
where the lines of reality blur.

Travel with me now to this place,
where the rarely spoken about dark side of books is found….
in… the Twilight Grid

Hey gang!

Have you been to the creepy crawly Crypt Crawl Hunt?  I went this morning and oh!  It was a marvelous time!  Things were hidden in the most delicious of places, places I might have hid them, and I do love playing hide and seek with other warped minds who think like me.  Especially so when all the prizes are absolutely free!

The Library of the Damned….

Ok maybe not, but the thing that drove me there was wanting to find this amazing library skybox, because it was right up my alley.  Just lock me away with lots of books and journals and pens and I may never ever want to come out.  Dreamy…..

Where was I?  Oh yes, the hunt, there are many merchants with goodies hidden, with lots of fun deceiving names too!  This skybox is a freebie from Dragon Magick Wares and I love it.  Oh but if you want to go inside you will have to change the object from a convex hull to a prim.  I got bumped back out a couple of times before I sorted that out.  Otherwise the spirits will not welcome you.

All items are 0L, no group required, just show up and have fun hunting, and be sure to search low *and* high.  That’s the only advice I am giving you.  You are searching for a lit candle and there are a lot of really fun creative hiding places.  I have to say this is one of my favorite hunts because of that!

Now it only runs until the 6th so if you want to hunt, best hurry over!

Arielle is looking fabulous in…


Dress – 1313 Mockingbird Lane Commitment Issues Dress
Boots – 1313 Mockingbird Lane Commitment Issues Boots


Mesh Body – Maitreya  Lara
Mesh Head –Lelutka Nova EvoX
Skin – Enfer Sombre Madison Cream EvoX
Eyes – Lotus Generation Eyes
Hair – Exile Erin
Eyes – SKBW Rune Witch Eyeshadow
Lips – Dazed. Tartcake lipsticks

Backdrop – Dragon Magick Wares Magic Library Skybox (free at the Crypt Crawl Hunt)

Return To The Library ~ Part 4

This is the final post of the newest library items. It’s been fun discovering all of the avatars that were already in my inventory that I knew nothing about… robots, vehitars, furries, and more human avatars! I saved the human avatars for my last post because it not only includes the newer ones but also some of the ones from Renee’s library post incase you missed them.

From left to right are the female and male versions of the: Average avatar, Bollywood avatar, Student avatar, and rocker avatar.
female avatar collage 1
male collage 1

The second set, from left to right on both the male and female collages include: Party avatar, Goth avatar, Fantasy avatar, and Cyborg avatar.
female avatar collage 2
male collage 2

The final collage includes: Cosplay avatar, City avatar, Designer avatar, and Action avatar.
female avatar collage 3
male collage 3

I hope you enjoyed discovering all of the new library items along with me! Sometimes we lose the things we knew were in our Inventories and sometimes we miss the the things that are right under our noses. 😛

Remember that all avatars need to be moved into a new folder outside of your Library to be worn.

You can hide your Library by going to advanced (ctrl+Atl+D) then debug settings, then type in noinventoryLibrary and set it to true.

Previous Library posts:
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Returning To The Library ~ Part 3

In my last two posts, I posted about two different categories of avatars found in the library of your very own inventory, furry avatars and vehicle avatars (vehitars) – ones you may or may not have known about. I’ll post a link to the previous posts at the bottom incase you missed them. 😛

Today I’m going to be posting the robots! Along with the vehitars that I posted yesterday, I am impressed with the detail and all of the different styles! You can be a light bulb robot, a video cam robot or even a fembot and there are a lot more options than that!

There’s the Titan, Sani, PD, or Jim robot.

The Glubsch Invader which I thought was really cute, or the Camy or Bulby bot that might make you take a second look at house-hold items, and Bionicus.
robot collage 3

Or there’s the Ladybot Pilot which is controlled by a little creature if you look close enough, the Fem Bot with a bright pink feminine dress, the Key robot which has a little key in the back and reminds me the toys you wind up and watch them walk across the table before falling on the floor, or the Grid Monkey robot holding a wrench which probably isn’t a good thing for a monkey to have. 😛
robot collage 2

All of these robots are free because they’re already yours! Simply go into the Library folder of your Inventory, click on the Clothing folder and then open the Initial Clothing folder to find folders containing these and other avatars. To wear, open a new window of Inventory (recommended so that you don’t need to scroll) and drag into a new folder.

If LL keeps adding more avatars to the Library, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next! See Renee’s post about Library items on April 4th, 2010.

Returning To The Library Part 1
Returning To The Library Part 2


Return To The Library ~ Part 2

Yesterday I posted all of the furry avatars found in the Library section of your inventory, but as I said, there are a lot more avatars than that! Probably my favorite avatars, and the most exciting are the robot avatars and the vehitars (vehicle avatars).

Today I will cover the vehicle avatars and save the robots for later, along with human avatars that may or may not be familiar.

As I said in my previous post, the avatars found in the library of your inventory cannot be worn. However, they can be dragged into a new folder and worn that way. I would suggest opening a new window of your inventory before dragging so that, for people like me with horribly unorganized inventories, don’t have to scroll through a world of folders.

If you are interested in hiding the library of your Inventory, see my last post to learn how.

I really liked the detail of the vehitars. I think we’ve come a long way from Ruth and this is a modern step in the right direction. If you can’t own the vehicle of your dreams, you can be it instead and run your friends over, over and over again instead of just pushing them. 😛

Fly away with the Sebastian or Warthog vehitars and you’re sure to soar above the rest…
vehitar collage 1

Or “drive” around with a cute Stacey vehitar or the Casey vehitar.
vehitar collage 2

Or you can feel cool with the Ballista, Luca, Otomo, or Jackson vehitar and cruise around in style.
vehitar collage 3

Or you can also be cool in the Silus, Fox, or Clark vehitars.
vehitar collage 4

Or if you grew up watching The Magic School Bus, there’s a perfect vehitar for you: the Harvey vehitar.

Returning To The Library ~ Part 1

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Returning To The Library ~ Part 1

If you’re anything like me, your inventory is kind of like Narnia and you don’t really know what’s in there and it seems like a long journey in order to find the things you know you bought. But what about the things that were built in? A lot of people don’t know it, but there is a world of avatars in your very inventory! I’m sure you remember when you signed up for SecondLife and there were a few avatars to choose from as your base – but what you may not know, is that they’ve been getting better! About a year ago, Renee did a post about some of the new avatars at the time and I’m going to show you some of those a long with a lot of new ones!

Today I’m going to cover furry avatars! I was surprised at how many different animals there were to choose from. Lion, tiger, panda, dragon… even a unicorn!

Library items can be found by visiting the Library folder in your inventory then the clothing folder and in the clothing folder you’ll find “Initial Outfits” which has all of the folders for the full avatars that I will show in this post and the next few posts.

Picnik collage2

Picnik collage1

Picnik collage3

All of these avatars are completely free and already yours! While you can’t put on outfits from the Library, you can open a new window of inventory, create a new folder, and then click+shift and drag all the content in the folder to the new folder.

For those of you who don’t like your library to show, there is a way to hide it that Renee told me about, “You go to advanced (ctrl+Atl+D) then debug settings, then type in noinventoryLibrary and set to true.”

I hope you enjoy discovering new avatars already in your inventory and look out for a couple more posts on other categories such as humans and even robots and vehitars (vehicle avatars… I think they’re really cool)!


*hidden treasures*

Did you know about these hidden treasures inside your inventory?! Me either… until today! Different Great hairstyles that is! And of course some cute other great gift treasure finds!! Keep reading, enjoy xxx ^^.

Farah for FabFree

hair – (see picture below) – oL
skin – *YS & YS* Andrea 06 Sweet Breast (not free)
top – ::SUGARCUBE – raku-gaki-tank new! – 1L
skirt – DemiDemi hip skirt (denim black) package – 30L (tp upstairs with arrows)
boots – Eva – Free Easter Bunny Boots! – oL
necklace and earrings –[chuculet] – i heart u – jewelry – cherry – 10L

Farah for FabFree

hair -(see picture below) – oL
skin –*YS & YS* Andrea Ice (not free)
outfit – Rihanna CoutureoL (groupgift in store)(from tp, walk around the doors, then find the stairs and walk down to find the Rihanna Couture store)
balletflats grey –BabyMonkey – classic ballet flats – oL (color pack)

hairstyles from your inventory

You’ll find female and male hairstyles in all different colors! Only the female hairstyles shown below. Some of these hairstyles are from the famous SL designer Truth Hawks, from Truth and Sachi Vixen from Adam n Eve! They come in all different colors from blonde to black!

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

Go to your Library Folder in your inventory > Accessorries folder > Hair Designs Options (Color & Styles)!


xxx Farah