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MakeOver Monday part 4

Hello hello, Fab Free! It’s that time again… MakeOver Monday! And we’ve come so far! Two full avatars for exactly ZERO lindens. And I really had to grit my teeth a few times. I’m so weak when it comes to having that “perfect’ (To me anyway) look. I really fret over poor Alistar’s hair. And I’m still looking for something better for him. I swear, if I ever become a designer or builder… I will have good free stuff for the guys. But anyway…

Let’s jump in here. SO, we have bento bodies, Mesh heads, Animation Overrides, and hair. All we need now is clothes. I don’t want to dwell on the clothing part since that’s basically what we do here at the Blog everyday. But I do want to mention a few places, I’ve found very helpful.

First is R&R Swag and their “Rookie Alley” . This is a very nice selection of things for both male and female avatars under 30 days. This outfit is a bit of a mix and match from the Rookie Alley and the past group gifts.

Alistar’s second outfit is a second set of jeans from R&R Swag’s Rookie Alley and a group gift from Asteroidbox for the L’Homme group.  L’Homme is one of the hands down best groups to join if you are looking for male clothes and accessories. The group is free to join, the designers are top notch and you have three -ish months to pick the gifts up. I highly recommend it. 

Last is a current gift for one of our own FabFree Group designers – MaxMagic. They are offering this great Trekkie hoodie for both men and women. I do love geeky stuff!

Kerydwyn’s clothes are much easier to find, go figure. But I still want to show a few choices for our newbs. The first is from BoHo Soul one of our FabFree Group designers. This is the “Impish” outfit which comes with top, pants and shoes. Which is awesome because free good shoes are hard to find. 

The second outfit is from the Cozy Fest event. This event is a bonanza for free gifts from real quality designers. Plus, for new folks… it’s just about everything you can ask for. The group is free to join and each booth has a free gift! Kerydwyn is showing the ‘Maggs’ top from Apple Blossom and the ‘Natasha’ leggings from 1313 Mockingbird lane. These events are great places to “shop” for designers landmarks as well. If you like the gift or what you see in the booth… check out their main store. They may have a free group or other gifts there. Also,

The boots in the second picture are another totally free gift from Body Cult the Marketplace. Digging through the MP can be frustrating… but worth it.


Okay that’s it for today cause it’s late and I’m tired and cranky today. ;P  But I think we have covered some ground. Our new kids are looking like real stars on the Grid now.  Take a look at a side by side!

Wow! And remember we spent exactly… ZERO monies! 

SO… next week I will talk about housing and inventory. Or “Now I got clothes… where do I unpack ’em without putting on a free show?”


Alistar ->

Mesh Body + head + skin – Altamura – TakeMYWay – Free at the eBento event until the 25th 

Hair – FireLight – Michael (Purchased with 250L gift card for new residents under 30 days)

Shirts –

Jeans + Shoes – R&R Swag – Past Free Group Gift + Free Rookie Alley

Kerydwyn ->

Ruth Body – LBD

Mesh Head – LeLutka Kaya (Free Christmas gift 2021) Remember you can pick up the “Leah” mesh head for free from Kalhene 

Hair – FireLight – past free group gift still available

Eyes – Ikon – Apex eyes – February group gift – Group is free to join

Pic #1 – BoHo Soul – Impish – Free gift for the FabFree Group

Pic #2 – CozyFest free gifts from Apple Blossom and 1313 Mockingbird Lane

Boots – Body Cult – knit Boots Cuffs – Free gift on the MarketPlace 



Fabulous Finds 11.06.21 Edition


Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join @ Zahra at the Kalhene Sim

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Good evening, Fab Readers. I hope all of you are having a wonderful beginning of September. Personally, I am looking forward to the coming Fall season and all it brings. September also brings a close to the Men only Hunt, I hope you found all the birds and their gifts. I’m still opening gifts and may well be doing so for quite a while. But we can’t forget that the latest round of gifts for the readers of the L’Homme magazine are still out and available. And, of course, a new month brings new Group gifts.

I stopped by Etham to pick up the latest gift just today. This comfortable sweat shirt fills the bill for these cooling days and nights. The “Matt Sweatshirt” also come with a HUD to choose one of twelve solid colors. It’s a welcome basic addition to any gentleman’s closet.

Sizes Included

  • Belleza Jake
  • Signature – Geralt, Gianni
  • SLink Male
  • TMP

Turning to the L’Homme gifts from the bottom up. My striking new pants are from Bakaboo. This designer never fails to give really amazing gifts with real flair! The “Dual” pants are no exception. The HUD gives you five half-and-half designs, each one is eye popping amazing.

Sizes Included

  • Belleza Jake
  • Signature Gianni

The chain necklace is also a L’Homme offering. The “Tyler Chain” from Opopop has just a little extra style than the basic men’s chain. But not so over the top to look odd with more casual outfits.

Lastly, I have a new set of stylish glasses. The “Slimglass Glasses” are from Since 1975 and are the L’Homme gift as well. They are both copy and modify so you can adjust them to your shape easily. The HUD comes with five choses of either wildly colored hardware and lenses or the more sedate simple black pair I’m wearing.

All of the L’Homme gifts are scheduled to remain on the floor until October so you do have plenty of time to collect them. You won’t be sorry you did.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gabriel is wearing

  • Mesh Head – LeLutka – Andrea
  • Mesh Body & Hands – Belleza – Jake
  • Skin –StrayDog – Breno for LeLutka Andrea, Tone 6
  • Eyes –Avi Glam – Lucent Eyes in Pine
  • Exile – Knox
  • Shoes – MenStuff Black Leather Boots

Glasses – Since 1975 – Slimglass Glasses – FREE/0L – Free gift for the L’Homme Group – Group is free to Join

Necklace – Opopop – Tyler chain – FREE/0L – Free gift for the L’Homme Group – Group is free to Join

Top – Etham – Matt Sweatshirt – FREE/0L – Free gift for the Etham Group – The group is free to join

Pants – Bakaboo – Dual Pants – FREE/0L – Free gift for the L’Homme Group – Group is free to Join

Photo Location – The Grove Country Club Estates

Wasted beats

Wasted beats

Lions sit in solemn lines
Drinking gin and dropping lines

Wasting beats in this heart of mine
Until the morning comes around

~ “Sinners” by Barns Courtney

Good afternoon, FabFree readers. Today I am happy to wish the amazing L’Homme eMagazine a very happy 7th anniversary. If you haven’t become aware of this publication, I urge you to discover it. The photography is beyond compare and always inspires. If you want to keep up with the cutting edge men’s designers… this is the place for you.

Each issue includes new completely free gifts for the members of the free readers group. In fact, over the next few days, I will be showing a few of the best gifts here on our blog. The first and certainly one of the best gifts available is the “Theo Suit” from AsteroidBox. I can’t thank this designer enough for the spectacular gift. The suit is marvelously styled with a modern edge. The faint print of the skeleton bones on the fabric gives it an almost menacing look while being so sleek. Yes, I guess you can say I like this suit!

To join the L’Homme group simply click the sign above any of the gifts and join up for free. Then help yourself to an array of gifts fit for the discerning gentleman.

Sizes Included

  • Belleza Jake
  • Legacy
  • Signature Gianni

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gabriel is wearing

  • Mesh Head – LeLutka – Andrea
  • Mesh Body & Hands – Belleza – Jake
  • Skin –StrayDog – Breno for LeLutka Andrea, Tone 6
  • Eyes –Avi Glam – Lucent Eyes in Pine
  • Exile – Knox
  • Glasses – Linden Labs – Student glasses – Free in your Inventory

Full Suit – AsteroidBox – Theo Suit – FREE/0L – Free gift for the L’Homme Group – Group is free to join

Photo Location – Private SIM


After Work Gift Run


I just got in from a long day at work and had to figure my way home through snow up to my waist. I thought it would be a good day to create something nice and sunny and go for a shirtless run through the city to work up a sweat. Also to show everyone out there my first FabFree post. As the newest member of the team I have to be on my A-game and keep up with all of the amazing bloggers on this site.

First off, Kartel is currently featuring this amazing Fat Pack of shorts via a gift from joining the L’Homme Magazine group which can lead you to many other free gifts. . These Mechanical shorts come with Multiple colors for the shorts themselves as well as the strap material. They come in sizes for Geralt, Gianni, Jake and Legacy. You can pick them up as well as join the L’Homme group at the following location.

Next are these awesome socks and shoes by Semller. The basic sock pack is free and comes fit for Males in Jake, Gianni and Legacy as well as multiple female fits. The great thing about these socks is that they come with a style and color Hud in which you can change the socks from slouchy or short to calf high as well as the color. Certain areas of the socks can be alpha’d to fit many different shoe brands. This brings me to shoes. This is a fat pack of shoes that you can get by joining the group for only 30L. These shoes come in both Male and Female sizes just as the socks above. The best part is they are completely customizable with a color and glow Hud to suit your tastes for the moment. You can pick up both the Socks and the Shoes at the Semller & Hiemal Main Stores.

Shorts Sizes Included

  • Gianni
  • Jake
  • Legacy

Socks and Shoes Sizes Included

  • Geralt
  • Gianni
  • Jake
  • Legacy
  • (Female Sizes included also)

Thanks everyone and I hope you enjoy my first post with more to come.


Damien is wearing…


Kartel-Denis Mechanical Shorts ( L’Homme group) (free group gift/L’Homme group is free to join)
Semller- Basic Socks Vol 1  (free gift/no group join required)
Semller- Megalodeon Sneakers Fat Pack. (free group gift/gift is 30L to join)