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Le Look turns 1 year! (updated with pictures of skin)

Firstly… please read this all the way through!

Starting today LE.LOOK are celebrating turning 1 years old in SL and as part of their celebrations they are releasing 2 entire Avatar sets – for both male and female – to their LE.LOOK! group members. The sets are the results of a combined team effort from 22 of the designers who have stores in the shopping area. They will be given away piece by piece every day on the run up to Christmas.

The packages will include everything, from skin and hair to AO’s, clothing, shoes and accessories. You will need to join the group to get each piece, but this is one group you want to be in for the next few weeks at least!

There are two big boards that will have pictures of the available items on them. One for men, one for women. There will be the shape picture shown and a smaller polaroid to the left of the shape pictures head that has the skin. Simply wear the group tag and touch the pictures, then wait for delivery.

As you can imagine the Sim is going to be hectic so please be patient and polite to others while you are waiting to get the items as it will take a while and go as de-primmed as you can. You should get an automatic group invite soon after you land – if not you can join from my profile. Simply double click the group in the list and join.

Be sure to pay attention to the notices they send as they will give you all the details you need to know and tell you when each new piece has been released.

Todays releases are a male and female shape by LE.LOOK and a Male Skin by Belleza and Female Skin by LeLutka!!! I didnt get the shapes, but here are the skins…

This is the LeLutka Female skin. You get both Dark brows and Light brows versions in the package.

This is the Thomas Belleza male skin!


These are going to be amazing and I want you guys to be a part of it. As each piece is revealed I will blog it. However I do suggest you get in on this right now on day 1 so you don’t miss out. Join the Le Look group and keep your eyes peeled!

And remember… PATIENCE is the name of the game. These amazing designers are giving us something unbelievably generous. Please respect their sim, their work and the people around you. Even though it is frustrating to have to wait for an hour or two for the pieces to be delivered because of lag… think… two hours for a Belleza skin? Really its nothing.