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A day at the Lvs&co Fair

I decided to take a short little break from Hair Fair to show some items found at the July 4th Lvs&co Fair. There’s lots of Summer goodness at the LVS Fair.

All Holiday Pride and Stars & Stripes swimsuits are L$10 each and here are a couple that I thought were especially cute.

The Summer Girl and A day at the Fair dresses are available in blue, green, orange, pink, and purple.  Both dresses are L$15 each per color.  All Fourth of July [Crunchy Roll] Sneakers are L$10 each at Lvs&co.

Plus, Add Bugtussle to your picks for 24 hrs and click the sign to get the red, white, and blue Stars and Stripes dress free.  This dress comes with adult and child sizes.

LaVie Skins & Shapes has two skins out for the women for the month of July.  The dark Asia skin has heavy eye makeup and streaked mascara, while the sunkissed Jolie skin has a tear streaked face.  There is a L$250 enrollment fee to join the LaVie Skins & Shapes VIP group.

The Loose hair is a new release from LeLutka only available at Hair Fair 2011.  I fell in love with this style and absolutely had to have it.  Each color comes with five shades and is L$310.  Remember, a portion of the proceeds from ALL hairs sold at Hair Fair 2011 go towards the Wigs for Kids charity.


*Lvs&co: Swimsuits (L$10), Stars & Stripes Dress (Picks – L$0), Sneakers (L$10), A Day at the Fair Dress (L$15), Summer Girl Dress (L$15)

*LaVie Skins & Shapes: Asia Skin & Jolie Skin (Group/Fee – L$0)

*LeLutka: Loose Hair (L$310)

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$100)




Playful Bunny

LaVie Skins & Shapes has sexy male and female gifts to celebrate Easter.  The female Playful Bunny gift includes the Playful Bunny Hope skin, pale pink teddy, stockings, ears, and tail!  Carson showed the male Easter gift from LaVie earlier today.  Both the male and female skins are wearable all year long.  The Hope skin is a tan skin tone with pretty pink lips.  The male skin (shown earlier today by Carson Caiben) has two small playboy bunnies, one on the chest and one on the fine firm bottom.  🙂  The LaVie Skins & Shapes is free to join until May 31st.

The umber Saartje updo is the gift from Mina for the Slegghunt.

The Easter Poses are a free gift at exposure for a limited time only.


*LaVie Skins & Shapes: Playful Bunny (Group – L$0)

*G FIeld: Lace-Up Boots (Not Free)

*MINA: Saartje Hair (Slegg Hunt – L$0)

*exposeur: Easter Poses (L$0)



22769 Pacific Crisis

Designers throughout the grid have come together to help in the Japan relief effort with the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser event.  The pink vintage ledao from 22769 is L$210 with all proceeds going towards the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser charity.

Also head to 22769 and pick up the new group gift.  The spring comfy shirt and leather jeans come in male and female sizes.  The texture changeable Leopard print heels are the march gift for the ladies at SF Design.  The Bluebird Bijoux bracelets, earrings, and necklace set is from MINA and is a promo price of L$125.

Join the new LaVie Skins & Shapes group and get the Hope skin for in normal, pale, and sunkissed.  The LaVie Skins & Shapes group is currently free to join, but there will be a L$300 fee soon so join now while it’s free!  If you’ve been wondering what happened to the Hair Solutions store, the creator has started a new store called Me.hair.  The Angelina hair is from Me.hair and is L$200.

All the poses are from the newest HUGE dollarbie group gift for Posies members.



*Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

*22769: March Gift (Group – L$0)

*SF Design: Leopard Print Heels (L$0)

*MINA: Bijoux Jewelry set (Not Free)

*LaVie Skins & Shapes: Hope Skin (Group – L$1)

*Me.hair: Angelina Hair (Not Free)

*Posies: Poses (Group – L$1)




New Group, New Gift

LaVie Andre Biker Beard Skin GG ($1L)

LaVie has created a new group and is giving out a new gift. Join the new Lavie group now for free before it costs $300L and enjoy the monthly group gifts. This month’s gift is the Andre Biker Skin. This skin comes in two tones for only $1L.

LaVie Andre Biker Beard Skin Darker GG ($1L)

The newest group gift at Amacci is the Howie Hair with Fedora. This bad boy ponytail style goes great with the Lavie skin.

Amacci Howie Hair with Fedora GG

*LaVie – Andre Biker Beard Skin ($1L)
Group Gift

*Amacci – Howie Hair w/ Fedora ($0L)
Group Gift

*Poses – BeScene Poses


The Sounds of a Switchblade and a Motorbike

LaVie Savon Skin

Saturday night is alright for fighting, or for that matter, any night is in the Savon Skin, the latest group gift from LaVie Skins. The skin comes in two tones and has several cuts and bruises. You will have that fresh from Fight Club look in this skin. The Lavie group has a fee to join, but the gifts are well worth the lindens.

LaVie Savon Skin Dark

*LaVie – Savon Skin ($1L)
-Group Gift-   (Fee to Join)

*Poses – BeScene Poses


Echo the Dragon

LaVie Skins & Shapes has released a new group gift to the members. the Echo the Dragon Skin comes in three tones, Pale, Normal and Dark. This dollarbie skin will be available until the release of the full line of this skin.

LaVie Echo the Dragon Tattoo Pale Group Gift

LaVie Echo the Dragon Tattoo  Normal Group Gift

LaVie Echo the Dragon Tattoo  Dark Group Gift


At Umedama Holic, you can find both the End of Summer Eyes and…

Umedama Holic Tauya Eyes Autumn Wind

…the Autumn Wind Eyes.

Umedama Holic Frozen Eyes End of Summer

*LaVie Echo the Dragon Skin -Group Gift- ($1L)
LaVie Skins & Shapes, LaVie (126, 127, 23)

*UH Autumn Wind Eyes ($0L)
*UH End of Summer Eyes ($0L)
Umedama Holic, Elderflower (61, 124, 22)

*Poses, Glitterati, -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)



Born on the 4th of July

It’s red, white and blue all over Second Life today as America celebrates Independence Day. LaVie has for its members the Independence Day 2010 Male Skin and Outfit. This dollarbie is only available to members, and it is currently free to join the group. This skin comes with blonde hair in a bandana, two cut-off tanks, and cutoff jeans.

LaVie Independence Day 2010 male $1L

Hell Bop has as a holiday gift. the Madden 4th Shirt. The white rockabilly shirt, trimmed in blue and red, will show off your patriotic spirit today.

HB - Madden 4th

Wilson’s Designs has two freebies today. The 4th  Long-Sleeved Shirts come in both white and blue.

Wilson's - free 4th in white

Wilson's -  Free 4th in blue

And there is a blue 4th of July USA Tee in the sub-o at Prim & Pixel Paradise. This unisex shirt comes in two different neck styles.

Prim & Pixel Paradise 4th of july USA Tee

22769 also has an Independence Day Outfit. This unisex shirt and jeans are just $5L. I donned my Christmas Red Sneakers from In Her Shoes for the long pants.

22769 independance day outfit

I’m liking the blonde look. I may keep it.

*LaVie Independence Day 2010 Male Skin and Outfit -Group Gift- ($1L)
LaVie Skins & Shapes, LaVie (216, 105, 24)

*HB Madden 4th Shirt ($0L)
Hell Bop Clothing, The Wash (90, 73, 22)

*Wilson’s – Free 4th in White Long-Sleeved Shirt ($0L)
*Wilson’s – Free 4th in Blue Long-Sleeved Shirt ($0L)
Wilson’s Designs for Men, Banquo (55, 198, 21)

*Prim & Pixel Paradise 4th of July USA Tee -sub-o- ($0L)
Prim & Pixel Paradise, Rebels Haven (182, 192, 29)

*22769 Independence Day Unisex Outfit ($5L)
22769, Sunny Island (110, 31, 22)

*IHS Christmas Red Sneakers ($0L)
In Her Shoes, Vignette (124, 101, 55)

*Poses, Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)


A Carousel of Freebies

To add a little color to my spring wardrobe I found this brightly colored Pegasus Sweater at Inga Wind Clothing. It also came with a bag full of goodies I’ll show you in a minute. I found the Black Jeans hanging on the wall at LeVie marked at $0L.

IW Pegasus Sweater Male Damiani  Black  Jeans @LeVie

Also in the Inga Wind bag was the Blue Proxima Sweater. It’s still a bit cool for t-shirts right now so this sweater is a nice find. Back at LeVie, there were two more jeans on the wall. The Blue Ripped and Black Ripped Jeans were also marked at $0L. I’m not sure how long these will be free, so hurry down and grab them.

IW Proxima Male Damiani  Blue Ripped Jeans @LeVie

              IW Proxima Male Damiani  Black Ripped Jeans @LeVie


Inga Wind also had this cool Carousel in the bag of freebies. This four seater has two male and two females sitting poses.

IW Carousel

My last freebie of the day comes from Elite Couture Designs. If you join the sub-o conveniently placed next to this Wicker Set, it can be yours for free. This set comes with two chairs, a table, a wicker planter and a pink laptop.

ECD Wicker set

Time to get back on the carousel. -waves-


*Damiani Black Jeans ($0L)
*Damiani Ripped Blue Jeans ($0L)
*Damiani Ripped Black Jeans ($0L)
LaVie Skins & Shapes, LaVie (144, 37, 24)

*IW Pegasus Sweater ($0L)
*IW Proxima Sweater ($0L)
*IW Carousel ($0L)
*IW* Inga Wind Clothing, Pitreavie (133, 213, 39)

*ECD Wicker Set ($0L)
Elite Couture Designs, Steerboot (247, 54, 85)