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The Jerky Turkey Hunt

The Jerky Turkey Hunt begins November 15th and continues until December 15th.  There are wearable prizes as well as home furnishings to find.  For a list of participants please see The Jerky Turkey Blog.  Find the feathers o find the jerky turkey and end up with a gobbling gaggle of end sponsor prizes!

Classy~Fied – Unisex High Waist Jeans & Brown Cozy Sweater

[Moxie] – Cozy Turkey Boots

*Epic* – Kawaii Kandy Korn Tongue Thing!

Anatomy – Male/Female Shape

..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS – Thanksgiving backgrounds

Cupcake Clothing – Unisex Plaid Sweaters in 3 colors

B!ASTA – Wild Turkey Chain Necklace

Retro’ – TJTH t-shirt

Blanche’s Boutique – Chaqueta Lana Greta Jacket

Fashion Emergency – Rainbow Glasses

riddlebox – Loki piercing

Top Katz – Feather Necklace

[Eat Paste] – Merci Dress & Stuffing Skin

Cheeky Baby – Autumn Leaves Choker

*Lil’ Bitz* – Turkey Fight T-Shirt, Jeans, & Turkey

Darkonista Designs – Holly Necklace

Naughty Naughty – Jazz Purple Evening Gown

*Epic* – Mini Manga Chibi Wings (end sponsor prize)

Sacred Fantasy – Floating Runes

Retro’ – Purple Ruffle Top

Soul Distraction – Autumn Bridge

vMotional Animations – Leaf Fall Pose with Props

Finishing Touches – Hay Bales (Contains Single & Couple Poses) & Eat More Chicken Turkey

The Crossing – Wheelbarrow (Pose Prop)

La Flat – “Lovely Warmth” Mod Deco Fireplace

PDN’s Poypourri – Curio Shelf

Cobble Rose – Wreath & Hanging Candle (Sponsor Prize)

GRUMBLE – Pose Pillow

chat’teigne – Back to School Shirt & Skirt

Sugar – Cookies & Table Decoration (Sponsor Gift)

Shadow Moon – Thanksgiving Table (seats 6)

Dreamscapes Art Gallery – *Wintertime* Deco Set


*The Jerky Turkey Hunt: Start Point

*Facepalm Designs: Kai-lan II Hair (SOM – L$0)

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$100)




Decorating On a Budget

La Flat - Canary Screen and Pillows  Unknown ONE Hunt

Do you need some items for your house or skybox and not much lindens to do it with? Look no further than La Flat for some free and cheap decorating ideas. La Flat is taking part in the Unknown ONE Hunt and the hunt prize is a Canary Screen and two Pillows. These items are part of the same collection I showed in the post, Nesting, back in August.

La Flat - Record Create, Pillow and Art  $1L Mini Hunt

There are also some items marked down in the store to $1L. They are not advertised, but you have to mouse over the items to find the dollarbies. The items are a Record Create, a Pillow and one selected piece of Wall Art.

Upstairs you will also find a Halloween Sofa also marked $1L . This sofa is loaded with both single and couple poses.

La Flat - Halloween Sofa  $1L

The group gift for members is a set of Halloween Record Crates.

La Flat - Halloween Record Crates  GG

And finally, La Flat also has a Facebook gift. Click the Like button on their Facebook page and receive instructions on how to find the Strip and Click Set.

La Flat - Strip and Click Set

* La Flat – Canary Screen and Pillows ($0L)
The Unknown ONE Hunt
* La Flat – Halloween Record Crates ($0L)
Group Gift
* La Flat – Strip and Click Set ($0L)
Facebook Gift
* La Flat – Record Create, Pillow and Wall Art ($1L)
* La Flat – Halloween Sofa ($1L)

Fab Carson




As I previously mentioned, I’ve been on the hunt for housing since my landlord went missing in action and all the renters have been locked out of the sim. I stopped by La Flat for the In-Store Hunt that is taking place through September 15th for some new furnishings for my temporarily homeless self.

I took a look at the Marcello House which is half price during the hunt. It’s marked at $500L and has beautiful stained glass windows and a pond on the veranda, with rippling water and soothing sounds.

La Flat - Marcello House

On to the hunt items. the “Chre Collection” Hunt has ten pillows to find, each with cute furnishings for $10L each.

La Flat - Hunt Gifts

The hunt gifts are a Window Sunbeam, Owl Pillow, Blue and Cream Floral Rug, Canary Ottoman,  Canary Coffee Table, Gypsy Pillow, English Pigeon Mirror, Conure Armoir, Vinnie & Maddie Portrait, and Bluebirds for your Window .

La Flat - Birds for your Window

La Flat – Window Sunbeam ($10L)
La Flat – Owl Pillow ($10L)
La Flat – Blue and Cream Floral Rug ($10L)
La Flat – Canary Ottoman ($10L)
La Flat – Canary Coffee Table ($10L)
La Flat – Gypsy Pillow ($10L)
La Flat – English Pigeon Mirror ($10L)
La Flat – Conure Armoir ($10L)
La Flat – Vinnie & Maddie Portrait ($10L)
La Flat – Bluebirds for your Window ($10L)
La Flat – La Flat In-Store Hunt

Marcello House (Not Free $500L)

Fab Carson

I Live in .::La Flat::.

Check out the new “Daelia English Garden” Skybox from La Flat.  It’s country living at it’s finest!  This little skyloft is only 22 prims, great for those who are prim conscious.  Wear your .::La Flat::. group tag to purchase this dollarbie skybox.

The Daelia English Garden Skybox (La Flat)

Don’t forget to find the hidden slipper in the Cinderella Lost Slipper Grid Hunt.  The Modern Day Princess Skyloft is the hidden Cinderella Lost Slipper prize from La Flat.  This skyloft is only 27 prim and has a balcony view of the city.   The walls are pink and purple.  One wall even has modern day animated art.

The Modern Day Princess Skyloft (La Flat)


*La Flat: Modern Day Princess Skyloft (Hunt – L$0)
Yaboop Island ( 229/157/500 )



Liberty and Fireworks!

The 4th of July is coming up fast, and to celebrate there are two fantastic gifts out for you.

First up is a costume from Krist Tenk, who has a little shop at Costumes Unlimited. This is absolutely the best version of the Statue of Liberty I have seen on SL. Amazing work.

This will be free through the 4th of July.


To further help us in celebrating, .::La Flat::. has put out a free gift that is perfect for your 4th of July party. This sky platform has a backdrop of fireworks, and includes two dance pose balls.


Sparklers are included, and are transferable too, so all your friends can celebrate with you.