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Let the NoobyDoo’s eat TeaLane’s CupCakes!

Nooby Doo’s is a store with almost everything! And the amazing thing is… they are all freebies or dollarbies… amazing! You can find anything from skins, shapes, dresses, pj’s to fairy outfits.. and a whole lot more! Not only items for women.. but also for men!! Nooby Doo’s is from the same designers from TeaLane (Teagan Blackthorne and Laynie Link: ty for your generousity!!^^) I know Shang and Renee both blogged on Nooby Doo’s earlier but I just couldn’t resist bloggin them again….. (forgive me!! ^^)

Farah for FabFree


*TeaLane – cupcakes (1L/each); gateau chapeau hat (2L) other items shown not free but fabulous: Charis top, Charis tutu, leggins, cupcake-earrings(clickable with menu!! cute!!) *

*NoobyDoo’s – astra hair; easter skin – 1L*

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree


Now I know.. someone talked about a poodle skirt in the FabFree group-chat a while ago.. and I didn’t knew what it was… it seemed to be just a skirt with a poodle on it!! LOL! But the most addorable thing are those socks with lace!!! <3<3<3 them!!Farah for FabFree* Nooby Doo’s – all outfits shown above 0L or 1L*


Farah for FabFree

 * relay for life outfits – all donations are for the American Cancer Society – left (2L); right (50L); these are on the outside wall at TeaLane*



Nooby Doo’s

Poses by KSCreations



xxx Farah


Great Looks.. Great Gifts! <3

Great gifts… great look! Enjoy… ❤

[C&H] – Blond Ponytail – 0l (30 minutes-camping)

Ruffian – Julia Shape – 1l; Black Baroque bangles – 1l; Silver Bangles – 1l; Mirada Black Boots – 1l

Lazolli Skin – Julia Skin – 1l

Pig – Masculine GingHam Shirt Blue/White – groupgift (I ❤ the Starlust Group, gift in notices)

Heart Cupcakes– White Jeans – 0l

Magi take shop – Grey Cardigan – 5l

coco – Black Belt – 0l ( groupgift)

Mai Body Shop –  eyes pack – ol

Sky Everett – Eyelashes pack – 0L (also blogged earlier here)

KSCreations – Poses – 5l (per pose pack.. they are really cute!)

Not Free:

Armidi – Foscini Bag – Black Leather

Reminder FabFree Flickr Contest:

New at FabFree is the Monthly Flickr Contest: create your own free look with one required item.. and win one moment of fame:  A complete blogpost on the FabFree blog with your winning picture and description!

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xxx Farah