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Dr. Pixel Coming Atchya on FabFree!

Good evening Fabulous readers!  I have news of yet another addition to our blogging team… Although this is a little different than our usual additions!  After reading our Fab Advice questions, Dr. Pixel (Jacob Forsythe), asked if he could be assistance to us for the more technical stuff we can’t answer for you, like our recent questions on alpha layers and machinema.  Dr. Pixel will be here, posting Wednesdays with SL tips, tutorials and issue fixes!  Below is a personal message from Dr.Pixel himself.

Dr. Pixel Coming Atcha On FabFree!
Hello peeps!

Dr. Pixel coming atchya….

First let me say, thank you to Love, for allowing me to help out here on FabFree and I hope that I don’t step on her toes to hard. 🙂
I have been reading FabFree for about 6 years now and always found that they -do- try to get players the best things for the lowest cost.
As for why I am here:
I look forward to trying to help players of Second Life in any way that I may be able to help. I have done many things in SL as most have, and have also taught classes to several that dealt with just about anything. I also like learning and being taught something that I do not know, so that works both ways :).

I like challenges and learning things that deal with the game of SL. I know, to some, it is not a game and I respect that, but I see it as a game and enjoy all the talent that comes from within SL,  which makes it even better, we get to see all types of talents and ideas that people come up with and how their imaginations are so exciting and expressive.

I believe that if one knows something that they can share with others, that is a good thing, they can share that with someone else down the line with someone else that they help.

I may not know the right way to do something, but I do know what works for me and that it may help you as well. “Sharing is caring”, in this case, knowledge.

I will do some helpful hint type things to hopefully help people out with what I know or learned over the years.
What works for me, may not work for you.
A  little about my av in case you see me wondering about in world:
As any game, one can be what ever they want to be, and with SL, we can be that Dragon from D&D that we always wanted to be, or Tanthalas from Dragonlance that we may have admired so much.

Or we can even be the opposite sex from our real lives. Which leads me to my AV. I do use all sort of avatars for my character in SL just as others may use a Mermaid or a Centaur. So don’t be afraid to say hi if you see me out and about in world bumping into walls or walking off into the ocean somewhere. I’d probably be fiddling around with trying to get unstuck or trying not to land on your head 🙂
Okay! That’s about it for now. I will see you inworld some where.

Again, thanks to Love and all of you FabFree readers for allowing me to be here! Without you, FabFree wouldn’t be here.

Be safe, and, “Be kind 2 one another.” (Ellen Degeneres)