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Quickie: Vain Inc. Group Gifts

Hello … Vienna´s calling 🙂

If you aren´t already a member of Vain Inc. group, now is your chance to join! I was waiting patiently for open enrollment since I saw a great group gift blogged on Free Second by Suri Christen. And she´s also the generous designer of my beloved S.LOVES Royal Cleopatra DayBed ! To be honest, I left a comment that I would really need this bed and couldn´t join Vain Inc. group! Suri Christen let me know that Vain Inc. soon will have open enrollment for a limited time again AND she gave me her S.Loves Royal Cleopatra DayBed as a gift! What can I say? She´s an angel 🙂 Thanks again, Suri Christen !

Well, Vain Inc. Group (go to search and use the phrase “vain inc”, it´s the first choice) is open for 3 days from today (August 18th). It´s well worth the group spot, there are always great gifts and anouncements of sales and freebies. If you want more information, please take a look at the Vain Inc. blog.

All items (not the hair!) shown in my pics are Vain Inc. group gifts from different designers. And there are much more gifts than I can show here! Go to the notices and scroll through …. maybe some items have been gone! Don´t worry about it, there will be more gifts in the future 🙂

Black Short Hair: part of free “Betty Boop Avatar” by A&K, Mephilo Tor 187, 89, 84

Blond Hair – Polly`s Piggies (not sure if it´s still for free) by Body Politik, Eventide Far East 138, 117, 44

Jacky o-Hair in black was lurking in my inventory and I have no idea from where I got it, sorry :-))

Here are the Slurls of all generous designers (shown here!) from Vain Inc:

ScarletCreative: Scarlet Creative1 170, 30, 21 – I´m sorry but “Deny access to residents with no address or payment information on file” I don´t have payment info so I can`t check back the Slurl.

J´s little Erotic Shop: Sinylor 104, 168, 79

Oops: Bury Island 182, 31, 22

Vain Inc. Boutique: Mangakino 17, 223, 29

Soft Touch Skins: Norcott Center 52, 143, 23

LessThan3: Vodou 171, 43, 33

Royal Designs: Berard 65, 239, 54

Gracies: Mangakino 224, 111, 21

Pididdle: Mangakino 37, 171, 29

S.LOVES@Vain.Inc Plaza, Mangakino 37, 171, 29