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Happy Holidays From… Hunt Pt 1

After the response to my last post, there was some trepidation when I put my hunter shoes on this morning to start on the Happy Holidays From.. Hunt.  Thankfully though, the chances of running into anything that might be considered offensive was slim so I was a little more encouraged to blog.

The hunt runs from 10th December until . The starting point is at Ispachi, you are looking for a scroll and each one costs 10L to purchase. There are 95 scrolls in all and I sent out the hints and LM’s list through the FabFree group so please check the group notices.. make sure you click the Date header twice in the group notices so you arrange the notices by date so that most recent date is at the top, then scroll down until you see “Happy Holidays and With Love”, click on that to find the hint sheet in the attachment.. or you can join the “The With Love From.. Hunts” group and get the hint list from their group notices.

A little word of warning.. some stores are also participants in the With Love From.. hunt which has a similar hunt item in the scroll and those are also 10L to buy. Be sure to check by resting your cursor over the scroll before you buy it and it should say in a little pop up bubble what hunt it is from.

Amyy Dress –  Khush

Couples Cuddle Fireplace – LeeZu

Micro Mini Sweater dress – Nyte’n’Day

Uma Happy Holidays Skins – Rockberry

Berries Inc

Carmella Dress – REALE

Snowflake Sweater – Adam & Eve

Black Ice is Hazardous Skin in Cream and Caramel – Grixdale (Tyranny Designs) (two to buy here)

Cable Knit Dress – aRAWRa

Militant Scarf – Osakki

Gingerbread House – Intrigue

Cassandra Gown – Orta

Dizzy on Moonshine / Starlight on Sinatra shoesMagoa


Razorblade Jacket
+ Happy Holidays Poses by Di’s Opera 

LaGyo Potas Earrings – LG Concept

Fusion Skin – TART

Reindeer SweaterWillow

Festiva Elf Ears – iPoke Piercings

Natasja Crown (& Ring not shown) – Alienbear Designs

Glitzy Christmas Gown and Shoes – Indie Rose

Pretty Snowflake Fellini Couture
+ Happy Holiday Poses by [doll.]

Sima Set – Elymode

Snow Turtleneck – Acid & Mala Creations
+ Happy Holidays Poses by Diesel Works

Yourskin & Yourshape

Salma Knitted Dress – Purplemoon Creations

Ari Sweater – Cynful

Happy Holidays Skirt/Boots/Hat and Scarf – Boom

Romaana Skin – Atomic Bambi

There will be much more to show you but SL decided that teleports were going to crash me at every attempt so I got kind of annoyed.

+ Mima Light skin by LAQ ( not free )
+ Zoe hair by Maitraya ( not free )
+ Mena hair by Truth ( not free )
+ Wish Hair by Elikatira ( not free )
+ Frozen Eyes by Umedama ( freebies )
+ Unisex Black Jeans by AQUA ( not free )
+ Poses by Lovesick, Del May, Flowey, Marukin, Don’t Freak Out!, Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses


Have you been to Intrigue lately?  The Moo Moo boxers and shirt are free if you add Intrigue to your picks.  What better place to sit than on the moon!  The moon pose is completely free at ImpEle and comes with three different poses!

Try your luck for the chilie and Christmas boxers in the lucky chairs at Intrigue!  The white Le.Look bra from Zaara is included with the shape at the LE LOOK board.  (I needed something to cover my tatas!)  The white leather sneakers are from Duh!.  The sneakers are not free, but I think they are only L$20 or so.

The Caught hairstyle comes in chestnut and dark brown and is the gift for the ladies from Shag in the Down the Chimney Hunt.  There is also a hairstyle for the men in the box!  The Elizabeth skin is from Blowpop.  The skin is not free, but its what I normally wear!

Everyone needs a Package Handler for those precious packages!!!  MY SO definitely has someone handling his packages with lots of care!   The his and hers package shirts are included in the Snowflake hunt gift at Intrigue!

*Intrigue: MooMoo Shirt & Boxers (Pick Reward – L$0), Chili & Christmas Boxers (Lucky Chair – L$0), Package Handler Shirts (Snowflake Hunt – L$0)
Glinda ( 143/80/3004 )

*LE.LOOK: White Bra (Group – L$0)
LE LOOK ( 167/128/21 )

*Duh!: Leather Sneakers (Not Free)
Katachi ( 215/28/146 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Shag: Caught Hair (DTC Hunt – L$0)
Silent ( 199/147/36 )

*Blowpop: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Boudoir Isle ( 45/104/23 )

*ImpEle: Moon Pose & Prop (L$0)
Holland ( 98/93/25 )

*Long Awkward Pose: All Other Poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )




My Alt is A virgin PW Intrigue Co

I do not have an alt, but if I did she would totally be a Virgin… or at least I would tell everyone she was!!!  This green “My Alt is a Virgin” hoodie from Intrigue Co. is fun and sure to get everyone’s attention!  You can get this hoodie just for adding Intrigue Co. to your profile picks and clicking the sign after 24-48 hours!

The brown Muddy Tracks shirt and green Recycled shirt are in the lucky chair at Intrigue Co..  These shirts were in the folder of goodies Ms. Katharine McGinnis of Intrigue Co. sent me to show all of you!  Thank you Kat for sharing these with me!

Muddy Tracks shirtRecycled Shirt - LC

Get hungry for some Pixel Burgers in this hoodie from the midnight mania at Intrigue Co..  150 burgers to be passed out at midnight, so bring your friends!  The black Match It All slacks that are from Mischief Fashions.  These pants were sent to the Mischief Fashions sub-o group members this month.  All of the sneakers are from Duh!.  The color/texture changing sneakers are L$25 a pair and will get a lot of use!

Pixel Burger hoodie

The skins are all from the Adam n Eve booth at the Skin/Shape Expo.  Vendors participating at this expo are donating all or a portion of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen – The Cure charity.  The Susan G. Komen – The Cure foundation performs cancer research and also helps people whose lives have been affected by cancer.


*Intrigue Co.: Shirts (Lucky Chair – L$0), Pixel Hoodie (Midnight Mania – L$0), Alt Hoodie (Pick Reward – L$0)
Shade ( 209/185/4001 )

*Mischief Fashions: Match It All Slacks (Sub-o – L$0)
Mischief Isle ( 59/200/23 )

*Duh!: Sneakers (L$25)
Bellatrix ( 65/215/2001 )

*W&Y Hair: Hair (L$0)
Trapper ( 211/2/240 )

*Adam n Eve: Skins (Skin/Shape Expo – NOT FREE)
KMADD Events ( 100/152/22 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Maldita Animation: poses (Not Free)
UK Couture Island ( 146/185/24 )