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FabFree Designer of the Day – Hudson’s Clothing – 3/31/2015


Hudson’s Clothing is a lot more than just clothes for men and women and accessories. There are also beautiful eyes like these “Easter Morning” eyes which are also the group gift right now.

Hudson’s Group is free to join!


**Each day, here on the FabFree Blog, we will be featuring one of our Fabulously Free in SL inworld Designers.
Photos are work of the designers.


Peasant Diva

The green belted peasant skirt and tied tank are the newest group gift for Hudson Clothing VIP group members.  The Mai hair is in the 10,000 member group gift at D!va.  The scarf and chain texture can be changed to many different options, plus the hair comes with and without bangs.


*Hudson Clothing: Belted Peasant Skirt n Tied Shirt (Group – L$0)

*D!va: Koh Hair (Lucky – L$0)

*Exodi: Sylvan Skin (Not Free)

*!Bang: Poses (L$0 – L$50)




We’re Lost In This Masquerade

I popped over to Hudson’s Clothing to grab the Steam4 Hunt gift and came away with much more. Find the golden gear and you will receive the Steam Punk Beetle Clock. The wings open to reveal the clock.

Hudson's -Steam Punk Beetle Clock

There is also an in-store hunt happening at Hudson’s. Find the 5 white boxes on the ground level (no hunting all over the store) and come away with some very cool Masquerade Masks. They are all easy to find, right Candace? 🙂


Male Three Nosed Mask


Blue Eye Mask


Silver Eye Mask


Female Porcelain Mask

(Aren’t I cute?)


Fancy Feather Mask

*Hudson’s – Steam Punk Beetle Clock ($0L)
Steam4 Hunt
*Hudsons – Masquerade Masks ($0L)
In-Store Hunt


Then my date turned into a pig…

Isn’t that how it always happens?  You’re out having a wonderful time, dancing the night away, then the damn thing turns into a wild animal!  Anyway, I saw the wild boar at Petunia I had to pose with it.  The black leather chiffon sequin gown is the newest group gift for Hudson Clothing VIP group members.  The dress includes two different lengths and even shoes!

Try your luck for the white feather wrap dress from the lucky board at Hudson Clothing.  This outfit includes the dress, bangles, pumps, hat, and ciggy.



*Hudson Clothing: Leather Chiffon Sequin Dress (Group – L$0), Feather Wrapped Dress (Lucky – L$0)
Paektu ( 48/151/94 )

*Shine: Monet Iris Eyes (L$0)

*Exile: Kendra Hair (L$0)

*Exodi:  Sylvan 2011 Skins (Group – L$0)

**hate me and eat me*: Poses (ProPoser Hunt3 – L$0)




What Women Want

I’m here for all those last minute Halloween fixes.  So for all of you who are running around the grid looking for something orange, here you go!

The shimmery orange Evening Pumpkin cocktail dress and matching pumps are the newest group gift for Hudson Clothing group members.  The Halloween bloodstained skin is a dollarbie gift at [W.w.W] What Women Wants.  The gift also includes a festive outfit for the season.  The teal body and lace lingerie is a gift in the midnight mania board at [W.w.W] What Women Wants.



*Hudson Clothing: Evening Pumpkin Dress (Group – L$0)
Paektu ( 48/151/94 )

*[W.w.W] What Women Wants: Bloodstained Skin (L$1), Body & Lace Lingerie (MM – L$0)
Bay City – Moloch ( 170/155/26 )

*EMO-tions: Chiara Hair (Group – L$0)
HAIR ONLY ( 125/131/23 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 92/154/22 )



Pirates of the Hudson

Hudson Clothing has a new group gift available for men and women!  The black leathers outfit includes shirt, dark jeans, and the belt.  The black pirate boots from Duh! are the perfect shoe for these outfits.  The pirate boots are a free gift in the second floor freebie area.  There is a version for men and women.

Also, try your luck for the moss green Sweat Pops sweater and Roped Tooth necklace from the lucky boards at Hudson Clothing.  The pretty pale HyeRim skin with the web eyeliner is a dollarbie offer at JE*REPUBLIC for the Halloween season.  I am wearing the new release Millan hair from Amacci.  I pretty much love everything about this hair, so get used to seeing it!


*Hudson Clothing: Black Leathers (Group – L$0), Poe Escaped Necklace (Lucky – L$0),
Paektu ( 48/173/94 )

*Duh!: Pirate Boots (L$0)
Elliott ( 23/205/24 )

*JE*REPUBLIC: HyeRim Skin (L$1)
Judith ( 87/15/23 )

*Amacci: Millan Hair (Not Free)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 92/154/22 )



Retro Boom!

Yesterday I went to BOOM to grab the rainbow Ion earrings that are free for sub-o members.  While there I couldn’t resist picking up the other discounted items in the area.  The slate Why Not dress is only L$25!  I love this look with the Citron Vintage Rose heels from the midnight mania board at Ingenue.

I picked up the blue BOOM Girl mini dress for only L$5.  The Miami Nights outfit is in the #1 grab bag for free!  These make perfect little retro swimsuits.

In the BOOM grab bag #2 you’ll find the unisex lucky hoody for only L$10 and in bag #4 the unisex Gettin pants at L$10.  I’m betting these look pretty awesome on men!

There is also a “Fast, Easy, Fun!” halter top on the top shelf for free.  The pink Aion Addict t-shirt is only a dollarbie on the top shelf.  There is a blue version made for the men.

The Golden Antique Floral dress and heels are the newest gift for Hudson Clothing group members.  Again a perfect dress for this hair and skin combo!  Speaking of which, the classic Beach Pale skin was sent to the Mango, Mango sub-o members recently.  This skin has a very retro look to me… or maybe it’s the combination with the hair.  The Serena updo is a 3636 sub-o gift and comes with the honey, midnite, sunkissed, and sunrise shades.

I also picked up the Kiss This Hunt gift from GryphonWings while tping around.  I adore the hand-drawn GryphonWings clothing so this was a welcome addition to my inventory!  There is a male and female red dusk Arum Tunic included in the gift.  While you’re there pick up the other hunt gifts and join the sub-o!


*BOOM: Clothing & Accessories (L$0 – L$25)
Existence ( 162/34/21 )

*Hudson Clothing: Golden Antique Floral Dress & Heels (Group – L$0)
Paektu ( 48/151/94 )

*GryphonWings: Arum Tunic (KTH – L$0)
Marshmellow ( 171/38/28 )

*Ingenue: Citron Vintage Rose Heels (MM – L$0)
Lo Lo ( 213/77/22 )

*3636: Serena Hair (SOM – L$0)
Cstar ( 210/108/21 )

*Mango, Mango: Morgane Tan Skin (SOM – L$0)
Bad Blood ( 62/163/19 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 92/154/22 )



More 15k gifts

Here’s a few more gifts that can be found in the Fabulously Free in SL group notices and at the designer’s stores for group members.

The hot pink t-shirt, black sporty shorts, and thigh high socks are a Fabulously Free in SL group gift located at SOMER.  Be sure to wear your group tag to get this outfit for free!  The Schmexxxy Roller Skates are from Shoe Fly Shoes and can be found in the Fabulously Free in SL group notices.

The skin and RAWR shorteralls were sent from TeaLane.  This skin comes in the berndine and skye skin tones.  The dark Dollie eyes were sent from Skinthesis.  The brown braided ponytail hair was sent from Angelwing.

Vibrant Skins also sent skins to the Fabulously Free in SL group.  The Nightingale skin comes in dark tan, pale, and SK.

Tayla’s Creations sent the group the blue Alexis dress.  The silver peace sign necklace and earrings were sent to the Fabulously Free in SL group from Hudson Clothing.  I had to show the Ooops from Baby Monkey.  Yes these shoes have a paper trail!  Baby Monkey actually sent the group 3 pair of shoes, including one for the men that Carson showed!


*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



Night out at the Hudson

Hudson Clothing is celebrating 1000 members with this stunning black Evening Shimmer Gown.   I absolutely love the trim of the skirting and the sleeves!!!


*Hudson Clothing: Evening Shimmer Gown (Group – L$0)
Paektu ( 48/151/94 )

*Heart & Sole: Royalty Heels (MM – L$0)
Heart and Sole ( 47/131/24 )

*Hair Solutions: Sydney Hair (Not Free)
Elite Castle Island ( 193/210/25 )

*ORTA: Lola LeLutka Skin (SOM – L$0)
Heartless City ( 195/91/45 )

*ImpEle: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Holland ( 95/101/25 )




What’s Your Second Style?

The white sale ended yesterday but there are still quite a few googies to pick up!  I grabbed the Faking Innocence dress from Sn@tch.  The dress is quite lovely and does make me look innocent, right?  The Feathers skin is available at Heartsick for only L$50.  The skin is available in many skin tones, I am wearing the Reverie tone.  The Mei Ying hair has a very innocent look so I had to wear it.  The hair is not free, but available at Hair Solutions.

I also found the black Mourning Flower dress at Soleil for only L$1!  The Cassie hair is another not free, but fabulous hair from Hair Solutions.  The Prisma Blood earrings, necklace, and ring set are the grand opening gift at Morrisey Jewels.

I picked up the purple sequin bikini at Aqua.  There are also male swim trunks in the box next to the bikini.  Also, I know Whisper has blogged this before, but the True Romance dress is a gift at Aqua.  The dress includes the long length and a mini skirt option.

I won the yellow Pammy babydoll dress in the lucky chair at Cupcakes.  There are tons of other prizes to win, so try your luck!  I blogged the white Prelude XtremeHeels yesterday.  The heels are a group gift at N-core and will be available throughout the summer.

Hudson Clothing has a new VIP group gift available.  The Watermelon Beach bikini comes with the matching skirt wrap.  The multicolor ankle boots are a past group gift from N-core.  The boots have been blogged several times before, but they are great and still available!

The Too Black lace dress is a dollarbie at Elemiah Design.  The dress is available for 48 hours, so dom’t miss out!

The green leaf print top and brown skirt were sent to the Kunglers Fashion Design group members for July.   There is a L$50 one time enrollment fee to join the Kunglers Fashion Design group.  The red beaded necklace was sent to the *evie* sub-o members this morning and comes with the triple and single strand necklace.

The newest gift for ezura group members is the slim fitting white dress.

If you feel like splurging pick up the Pandora gown at ezura.  This gown is a new release and has many options available, including matching lingerie!

Also the Limited Edition FF Gothic Gown is available to the higher bidder at ezura.  Only 25 of these gowns are available and I have one of them, perhaps you can get one too!  The proceeds from the sale of this gown will be donated to Relay for Life

There’s also an unfurnished Studio Skybox at Designer Prims.  The skybox has a skylight window and includes a few accessories in the gift.  Plus, it’s only 22 prims!!!  I think I have a ghost in the center area…


*Sn@tch: Faking Innocence Dress (L$0)
Second Style Island ( 35/189/22 )

*Soleil: Mourning Flower Dress (L$1)
Second Style Island ( 82/23/22 )

*Aqua: Bikini & True Romance Dress (L$0)
Second Style Island ( 224/100/21 )

*Cupcakes: Pammy Dress (Lucky – L$0)
Cupcakes ( 68/196/22 )

*Hudson Clothing: Watermelon Beach Bikini & Skirt Wrap (Group – L$0)
Paektu ( 48/151/94 )

*Elemiah Design: Too Black Dress (L$1)
Av Champs Elysees ( 57/196/32 )

*Kunglers Fashion Design: Brown Skirt & Green Top (Group – L$0)
Fashionate Island ( 189/190/22 )

*Ezura: White VIP Dress (VIP – L$0)
Vardimorg ( 184/232/90 )

*Morrisey Jewels: Prisma Blood Jewelry Set (L$0)
Second Style Island ( 61/232/22 )

*evie*: Red Beaded Necklace (SOM – L$0)
Trenza CAFE ( 105/203/23 )

*N-core: Prelude XtremeHeels (Group – L$0)
Heels ( 166/116/26 )

*Hair Solutions: Mei Ying & Cassie Hair (Not Free)
Elite Castle Island ( 193/210/25 )

*Heartsick: Feather Skin (L$50)
Second Style Island ( 231/182/22 )

*aDORKable Poses: Poses (L$0-L$50)
The Deck ( 124/192/22 )

*Designer Prims: Studio Skybox 22 (L$0)
Second Style Island ( 193/28/22 )