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Moulin Rouge

Every girl has a trick or two up her sleeve.. or maybe tucked away in her garter.

But trust me, in this latest gift from Ho Wear they won’t be watching your hands, honey, so you feel free to pull the wool down over their eyes.

Moulin Rouge, from HoWearYou can pick this up for free at HoWear until 8:00 pm SLT today.

Post by Shangreloo Kuhn

Mystic Dolls and HoWear

HoWear has a new main store, but the outfits are just as fabulous as always, and HiediHo Huet’s generosity has taken root in the HoWear’s new location.

Yesterday I picked up the full drow avatar, Mystic of the Realm. All I had to supply were some shoes (the wonderful Valarian shoes in Bloodstone, from Enkythings) and hair (free from Black Maria).

Mystic of the Realm, from HoWear

Today I picked up the wonderful Broken Doll avatar, which was (again) a complete avatar except for shoes and hair.

Broken Doll, from HoWear

The necklace shown in the picture above is from TeaLane, and you might have noticed that it matches the Broken Doll outfit perfectly. Well, if you remember the cool Oria hairstyle that TeaLane had in the Hair Fair, shown here, had colour change pieces so that it was very customisable. The Rough Rocks necklace shown above has customisable stones — each can be individually changed! So cool!

Broken Doll, from HoWear

The free gifts from HoWear are only out until 8:00 pm SLT each day. HeidiHo Huet asks that we not ask her for a freebie if we’ve missed it. I mean, seriously, if you can’t take the time to get to the shop to pick up the freebie, don’t ask the designer to take time out of her busy day to personally deliver the outfit to you — she’s busy designing more great outfits for us!

The hairstyles I’m wearing in the bottom two pictures are dollarbies from Simply Britnee.

Post by Shangreloo Kuhn

Wow! Great Gifts from HoWear!

I have to admit, I have ambivalent feelings about the name “Ho Wear”, but I love the clothes there! Ho Wear gives out a gift every day, and every day it’s a different gift.

The following gifts are great fantasy/apocalyptic role play outfits. With some mixing and matching, the parts can be used for Gorean role play too.


Desert Dweller (shown above) is an all-out primfest, and not for sims pre-disposed to lag. The great skin you see here is included.


Renegade projects it’s name well, I can see this used as elven wear in a high fantasy role play sim. Again, very prim heavy. Boots, skin, and hair not included.

Since a different gift is offered every day, you may not get these particular gifts.. or you might. It’s all up to the whim of the designer/shop owner, HeidiHo Huet.