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Off to Hogwarts!

Off to Hogwarts
Good day my lovely witches and wizards! Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE all things Harry Potter? I have been a Potter-maniac since I grew up with the series as a child and this week I was able to collect a few free and on-sale goodies in SL that are HP-inspired! What a treat!

Goodies from Muggleborn

At least one store in SL that is partially inspired by the Harry Potter series is Muggleborn, although it certainly takes an adult twist on the theme. Note that Muggleborn is an Adult-rated sim and if you are not over 18 you definitely cannot visit it; there are a number of adult-only themed items sold here. Aside from that warning, however, I absolutely LOVE this store! They even have this AMAZING top, shorts and ties set on their lucky boards to play for all to win. It includes a top, shorts and a tie. There are different styling/ stripping options for the top and tie, and the shorts can be adjusted for male/trans avatars as well. The tie also has different styling options. Each item comes with an HUD to change the colour pattern to the respective four Hogwarts houses (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff). To get these items, walk towards the back of the store until you see the “muggle” lucky boards and join Muggleborn‘s free group to play and win this amazing outfit!

In addition to these amazing gifts, Muggleborn has many fantasy-themed free group gifts and free past hunt items which you can get at the front of the store. This is also a brand new Stay at Home Club gift from them, which is a wand with a colour hud! This one may take the cake from me because now I can run around SL with a wand whenever I like with this free gift!!! I am so psyched about this!

Wisteria is Perfect…

This hair is perfect for visiting Hogsmeade, or for bundling up in the winter (even if it is spring now… it’s still snowing where I come from). The hair seen in this look above is Wisteria from EscalteD. This is a past MM board prize, and you can also win it on their Lucky Boards if you join their VIP group for 99L. This hair is a full fatpack of natural and unnatural colours which allow you to change the hair to different styles, change the colour of the hat and the pom pom and the hair bows on each braided ponytail. If you have no attention span for that, every hair at EscalteD is currently on sale for 50% as part of the Let’s Stay at Home event, so anyone can buy it right now at a discounted price.

Harry Potter Skins @ Ritual

Ritual Skins Sale- A Harry Potter Skins Collection

I should also mention that these gorgeous skins I am wearing are from Ritual. They currently have a massive sale on, where all of their skins are on sale for 100L. This is an amazing deal, and although not under our 75L limit, it is a steal I thought I should mention with this post. These skins normally go for hundreds and they are just gorgeous. These are four Harry Potter-themed skins which were previously sold at the Majik event sponsored by Muggleborn. Seen in order, this is Griffin, Slyther, Raven and Huffle. The skins include two tones each and the makeup is included in the skins; they can’t be removed. These are beautiful, so I just had to mention them! The Ritual store may be downsizing, so now is the time to support this amazing skins creator.

Have a magical day, Fab Free!


Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Wand– Muggleborn Magic Wand (Free Stay at Home Gift/ No Group Needed) 
Top– Muggleborn Eclipse Top (Muggles) (Free Lucky Board Prize/Group is Free to Join)
Shorts– Muggleborn Jessie Shorts (Muggles) (Free Lucky Board Prize/Group is Free to Join)
Tie– Muggleborn Strip Tie (Muggles) (Free Lucky Board Prize/Group is Free to Join)


Skins & Makeup–
Top Left- Ritual Griffin (100 L/ Ritual Temporary Sale) Includes skin & makeup palette
Top Right- Ritual Slyther (100 L/ Ritual Temporary Sale) Includes skin & makeup palette
Bottom Left- Ritual Raven (100 L/ Ritual Temporary Sale) Includes skin & makeup palette
Bottom Right-  Ritual Huffle (100 L/ Ritual Temporary Sale) Includes skin & makeup palette
Eyes– Euphoric Hope Eyes Applier (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join) (Previously Blogged by Aline HERE)
Hair – EscalateD Wisteria (MM Board Prize or Lucky Board Prize/ Rotating/ Group is 99L to Join) Or you can purchase the hair at 50% off during the Let’s Stay at Home sale at the store. 
Mesh Body – Belleza Freya
Mesh Head – Genus Project Genus Babyface
Nails – Belleza Freya
Photo Location– Muggleborn



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It’s Just a Nerdy Day for You and Me in Paradise


Who me? Oh I’m just hanging out at the library, posing with the books, and lookin’ mighty cute while doing so! All silliness aside, the items on the Nerdy Girl cart at The Cart Sale are seriously cute, not to mention nerdy. On the Nerdy Girl cart you’ll find this “I’d Ship That” shirt, along with several other fun graphic tees. Each of the shirts includes a system layer, an omega applier, and a Slink applier. Also, I have to admit I was pretty excited to see the Harry Potter themed nail polish set. My dork side is loving it! There are several “nerd” themed nail palates, and like the t-shirts they are just 10 lindens each. Lastly, while shopping the Nerdy Girl cart you’ll also find a few well done tattoos that any true nerd would be excited to have.

Nerdy Girl Cart 1
Nerdy Girl Close

Here are the details, Enjoy!

Hair – *Besom~ Zim *Essentials*

Skin – Lumae :: Adore – Nightshade

Head – Lelutka – Aria

Shirt – Nerdy Girl – )*NG*( I’d Ship That Tee – 10L @The Nerdy Girl Cart

Manicure – Nerdy Girl – )*NG*( Nerdy Nails – The Wizard School – 10L @The Nerdy Girl Cart

Hands – Slink

Pants – Petite Mort– Abergine Jagger flare

Body – Maitreya – Lara

* Poses by Kirin

* Location – Rockcliffe Library

Dressed Like a Wizard


It’s just another day at Hogwarts, being chased by a dragon during a Quidditch match. With the last Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 being released, I thought I’d do my own nod to all things Harry Potter. Being a muggle, I turned to Serendipity Lecker (just don’t call her a mudblood) from Dressed Like a Wizard to gear me up wizard style. The Practice Broom I’m riding is a gift from the World of Hogwarts Roleplay sim.

Also at the World of Hogwarts, is the Gryffindor Quidditch Team Uniform. You have to be dressed right to catch the Golden Snitch after all. Also in the welcome package are applications if you are wizardly enough to attend Hogwarts.

WoH - Gryffindor Quidditch Team Package


To give me the signature look, Asael Timeless created the Lightning Bolt Scar which she also made available to the Dressed Like a Wizard group. You can find the Harry Potter Glasses at Skip to my Lou. While shopping at Diagon Alley, I came across a Gryffindor Pendant at Odds ‘n’ Ends. There are pendants for each house, even those vile Slytherins.

DLaW - Ligntning Bolt Scar   Skip to my Lou - Potter Glasses   Odds 'n' Ends Gryffindor Pendant


And no wizard could be complete without his very own wand. This Wizard’s Wand at Skip to my Lou was also in the package with the glasses.

Skip to My Lou - Wand


Last year, Renee and I did a post found here in Classroom Uniforms from Luna’s Boutique. It is still available, but tricky to find. Find the Classroom vendor at Luna’s and teleport to the holodeck and rez the classroom. At the back of the classroom there are free classroom uniforms for both guys and gals.

Lunas boutique - Classroom Male Uniform


There is a mini hunt starting at Diagon Alley. Find some cool wizard items on the All Hallows Hunt. Lewellen’s Fine Tailoring is offering the Black Mandarin Robe as a hunt prize. This might look good on Lucius Malfoy.

Lewellen's Fine Tailoring -  Black Mandarin Robe


Also to be found on the All Hallows Hunt at b[ELLEissima! are the Argyle Brown Warm Boots.

_b[ELLE] - Warm Boots - Argyle Brown


I also found some wizardly T-Shirts in the Dressed Like a Wizard group notices. Support your favorite house in the House T-Shirts. These come in grey, white, and black for each house.

DLaW - House T-Shirts

Also in the notices is the Pigfarts T-Shirt. Anyone attending Hogwarts knows what Pigfarts refers to. If you don’t know, just ask any first year.

DLaW - Pigfarts T-Shirt


And, when I’m not riding my broom I may be seen on my hippogryph. My Other Ride is… T-shirt is also available in the Dressed Like a Wizard group notices.

DLaW - My Other Ride...  T-Shirt


I’m off to find Hermione and Ron for a glass of Butterbeer, but don’t tell Hagrid. 🙂

*World of Hogwarts – Gryffindor Quidditch Team Package ($0L)
*World of Hogwarts – Practice Broom ($0L)

*Dressed Like a Wizard – Ligntning Bolt Scar ($0L)
Group Gift (In Notices)
*Dressed Like a Wizard – House T-Shirts ($0L)
Group Gift (In Notices)
*Dressed Like a Wizard – Pigfarts T-Shirt ($0L)
Group Gift (In Notices)
*Dressed Like a Wizard – My Other Ride… T-Shirt ($0L)
Group Gift (In Notices)

*Skip to my Lou – Potter Glasses ($0L)
Skip to My Lou – Wizard’s Wand ($0L)

*Odds ‘n’ Ends – Gryffindor Pendant ($0L)

*Luna’s Boutique – Classroom Male Uniform ($0L)

*Lewellen’s Fine Tailoring – Black Mandarin Robe ($0L)
All Hallows Hunt

*b[ELLE]issima!– Argyle Brown Warm Boots ($0L)
All Hallows Hunt

*Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free


Harry Potter, Part VI


Pididdle sent these Harry Potter style glasses and the wand  to subscribo members.. pose is included.


Clothes are from Four Yip (from the Charlie Chaplin Cinema), hair is a past gift from Simply Britnee. Skin is from the [42] Goth series (past gift).

Now I’m in the HP mood, and all set to go see the latest movie!