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I sense there’s something in the wind..

Lots more goodies for you to find around the grid on this beautiful October day and I am in such a wonderfully happy squeeky mood.. Halloween is marching ever closer! Can you hear the murmurs on the wind?

AZUL has a new group gift out for October in their mainstore. Perfect if you want to be a glam witchy this Halloween

Lo Momo Mainstore have two group gift outs. You will need to join the main group just near the counter and you will get this adorable Halloween Dress

To get the hat at the Lo Momo store at Petit Pas you need to join the Petit Pas group (which you can do through my profile) then click the little poster on the window just above the group of pumpkins to get the Witchy hat to complete the outfit.

There are also two more dresses you can get as old group gifts through the Lo Momo Mainstore..

Don’t forget to pick them up, they are right next to the group gift sign where you find the Halloween dress.

Hal*Hina have this gorgeous dress available at their mainstore as their group gift. You can find it just inside the door between the noticeboards.

Over by the Lucky Boards in one of the pumpkins set out for decoration you can find this Check Tunic for 1L. Don’t forget to try your luck on the Lucky Boards as they have some great gifts there. My letter didnt come up though *pouts* but I will be back to try again

The Dressing Room Blue has their new collection out.. here are some things you can pick up at bargain prices..

Skin by Dekade – 70L
Nina Dress by Mimikiri – 70L
Leah Hair by LoQ – 70L ( 4 colours included )
Sheena Jacket by Emery – 70L

Look how pretty the DeKade skin is close up. You get dark brow and light brow versions, both with hairbase options.

Kouses Sanctum has another couple of days open on their Halloween advent calender

Pumpkin Empire Gown – 50L

Sabrina Empire Gown – 75L

CMore have two 1L Halloween costumes out in their mainstore right now also..

Little Red Riding Hood – 1L

Goldilocks (comes with cuddly bear but I couldnt find a pose that would show him off very well) – 1L

Heartsick are taking part in Super Bargain Saturday with this gorgeous Elf Skin and ear set called Luna..

The ears ARE included, as is  a cute shape (which I am not wearing, this is my usual shape) and a set of hair base layers for V2. You get three cleavage and beauty mark options also! The eyes are from Umedama but are not free.

+ Frankie hair by Truth ( not free )
+ Black Ankle Boots G Field ( not free )
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses


They stole her heart and she laughed..

This post is bought to you with a random title created by my friend Claire who just happened to randomly say those words in IM today. She didnt know why.. I liked it and said “Im using it for my blog post title”.. so there you have it.

Hal*Hina have a new group gift of this little bobcut hairstyle called Haru in a fatpack of 12 colours. The shade I am wearing below is Platinum.

Simply search = Hal*Hina = in groups or check my profile and join up.. then tp to the store and touch the poster on the board just inside the entrance way. And don’t forget to pick up their Dollarbie Ribbon Socks on the table to the right of where you walk into the store.

They have been out for a while now, but always worth mentioning again because they are just so sweet.

Mohna Lisa Couture have two sexy dresses available as group gifts. Join up and click the gift bags instore to get them.

This dress is called Dolce and the one below is called Vanilla Cream which I think is just so gorgeously romantic. It also comes with a two skirt choices..

Mimi’s Choice is a little store with a collective of designers inside and if you wander its displays, you will find some awesome free gifts from these amazing creators.

Connors by Salah Axel have this Freebie dress found in a little hemp bag next to their display.

S&F Designs by swaffette Firefly has this shirt and pullover combo as their March gift infront of their display

Im wearing it with the Dark Blue Lowrise jeans you can buy at AQUA for 70L.

MEB by MariaElena Barbosa have these chocolate stilleto shoes as their freebie gift. Worn with the knee high socks from Mother Goose which are a Dollarbie fatpack of 11 pairs. The cute panties are also from a Dollarbie fatpack of 13 pairs, each with an adorable pattern on them. You can find them all in their Dollarbie shed with oodles more goodies to choose from including skins and this cable knit cardigan..

Sassy! have their Beloved mini dress/top in Violet for their group gift. Simply join up and hit the box on the counter at the front of the store to receive it.

Also don’t forget to slap the Midnight Mania board while you are there and try your hand at the Lucky Chair.

.::Delicious::. have a group gift out also, again tp to the store, join the group and click the poster just inside the door to get it..

Upstairs is a Midnight Mania Board and some Lucky Chairs stacked with more goodies aswell as a discount section.

Other Info
+ Eva skin in tone 2 by Tuli ( not free – though there is a group gift skin available in notices, there is a 250L joining fee )
+ In to my arms hair by Tiny Bird ( not free )
+ Poses by Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses (not free)


I originally TPed to Zest Town at the Horseshoe sim for this Mexican embroidered blouses from the mixxES lucky board after seeing it on the Baking Cupcakes blog.  While you’re at mixxES join the group and TP to the main store for the white ethnic feather belt.  Each store at Zest Town has a lucky board item.  The black denim mini skirt is in the Studio M’z lucky board.

White - Mexican embroidered Blouse (mixxES)

The summery cafe brown retro print dress is in the lucky board at ><s+H><.   The adorable cassis brown Kate hair is in the lucky board at Hal*Hina .

s+H retro onep cafebrown

This adorable pink t-shirt dress is in the lucky board at pop feel.  The burgundy hemp Lil Abby wedges are in the lucky chairs at Shoe Fly Shoes.  The lucky board at Canalgrande has a pretty red and white belted skirt.  The skirt comes in 3 sizes so you can fit it to your unique shape.  The white tunic shirt is from ><s+H><.

pop feel - t-shirt dress(CanalGrande) Demel(ver.Gift)

The white dress is from the lucky board at Vitamin Girl.  The sky blue heels are from =F=Odeko.

(VG)Fllufy-one pice-White Your lucky!!!

The Candy House lucky board has the Rosery undie set.  The red and white Xmas lingerie is in the lucky board at J.J.Poodle Metis.  The Zest First skin is from another lucky board in the same area.

Candy house Underwear RoseryJ.J.Poodle_Metis_105_Xmas_Set

All the items shown are from the lucky boards at Zest Town on the Horseshoe sim, with the exception of the Lil Abby Wedges from the Shoe Fly Shoes lucky chairs.


*Zest: All Clothing & Shoes (Lucky Board – L$0)
Horseshoe ( 107/35/127 )

*Shoe Fly Shoes: Lil Abby wedges (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Greystone ( 199/216/92 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0 – L$50)
Harlow ( 79/205/34 )



*crazy bewbies babe*

As you might have noticed.. i’m totally in love with my new sandallettes… still can’t take them off… RL or SL… loolll… xxx. Big bewbs ahead.. don’t look if u can’t handle it… lol.. xxx

 Farah for FabFree

Salon Asri/AFO – Rene Fuschia Dress – 1L

Djunk – scarf and ‘sleazy’ bag – oL (3 colors scarfs; colorchange bag!)

other items shown: HOC industries – glasses female (50L); chuculet – sandallettes pila – 1L; exile – laynie hair; poses by elisa.

 Farah for FabFree

Djunk – funny hat,  big boobs (also in natural skin color), knee pads, hentai voodoo doll bag – oL/each (amazing!! more crazy funny amazing items!! all free!!)

other items shown: HOC industries – glasses female (50L); chuculet – sandallettes pila – 1L; shorts from starlust sim – used to be free; poses by elisa.

 Farah for FabFree

reale – cristallina dress pink – 0L (groupgift in notices)

other items shownchuculet – sandallettes pila – 1L; ModdG. – watermelon mouth (free from summer slice hunt/watermelon hunt); hairaccessory from halhina (old groupgift); skin – enchanted by cupcakes; hair from maitreya; poses by elisa.


xxx Farah

character style!

Everyone has it… their own character style… a statement of who you are, what you are about, what’s important to you etc….. there are … ‘so many styles’ to show off your own character style… what’s yours? ^^ xxx


Farah for FabFree

*character style!*

Farah for FabFree

1st pic:

so many styles – tartan shirt and skirt and bag – 0L (groupgifts in notices)

[chuculet]   – chloe shape – 1L; sarah ballet flats – 1L; necklace – 1L (bangles – 1L on xstreet)

cupcakes – seduction skin – (from previous easter egg hunt)

halhina – hair accessory- 0L (groupgift)

Junwave – Pop’n girl Gold – not free

 2nd pic:

chaoslotus – jewelry rainbow – oL (subscribogift in history)

rockberry – character skin – 0L (groupgift)


xxx Farah

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Monday Freebiesss…

There is a hunt going on at EverGlow Designs…. of course it’s an Easter hunt! There are some great gifts to collect! Thank you Fanny Willis!

Now I usually am very picky about my shape…. and always wear it…  but for this occasion I decided to.. yess take it off.. and show u the shapes that can be found at Everglow! They are fabulous! You can find a bikini, 5 shapes, 2 poses, and jewelry at Everglow Desings… all shown below! It doesn’t really show that i’m wearing different shapes, but I am.. lol! (look closely.. ;))

Farah for FabFree



Everglow Designs – Easter hunt – 15 eggs (1l$ each)

halhina  – Priscilla Hair – oL (bunny hop hunt gift)

BabyDoll – Free Carrot with eating-ao! (verry funny)

SWIM – Bunny Ears Free

Farah for FabFree


*adorable evening gown from ZIF*

Thank you Zifra Tuqiri for telling me about it!

ZIF – evening gown – 0L



And last but not least… SD Wears…. cute freebies to collect..  thank you Desdemona Young… see below for the pictures! You have to grab these… I ❤ it when clothing is very well detailed.. and these are!!

Farah for FabFree

 *from left to right: bunny hop gift- desingers hunt gift – groupgift from SD wears*

Other items shown:

CupCakes – Seduction Skin Cameo – easter egg hunt – blogged by Renee here

All hair is L$1 from ETD, yes ETD is open again! The freebies are in a seperate area.. use the teleport-board to get there! Also it seems that my old LM’s don’t work.. soo search for ETD and teleport over there!

Hair accessory is from halhina  (groupgift)

Poses by LAP





xxx Farah


Farah for FabFree

runoruno – petal dress – 0L (also other freebies in store)

halhina – hair accessories – 0L (color change; groupgift)

fascino – hair – 0L (groupgift) (link to grouppage; find the store at LeLook Sim)

cupcakes – secudtion skin – egg hunt; blogged by Renee here

pose by Striking Poses



xxx Farah